Wednesday 26th May 2010, 7pm to 12am.

Cool and Clear
Temperature @10 deg C, dipping to 7 deg C at wrap up.
Wind breezing, picking up to medium strong at wrap up
with rain threatening.

Team Present
2 other crew

4x night DVR cameras
1x hand held night video recorder
2x hand held radios
2x EMF readers
2x digital still cameras
2x voice recorders

History/Possible Activity
Its speculated that the spirit of I.L., former owner/operator of the site and radio studios may have returned after his death. Its thought he may linger in the radio broadcast studios he loved so much and may be calling out to his son W. current operator/owner.

There may also be the spirit of an unknown woman attached to one of the double decked buses on site. Details such as how or when the woman may have perished are not known, however it could be from as long ago as the 1960’s and in London where the bus came from.

George arrived first, and with W’s help set about setting up the four mounted cameras, relaying them back to the screen and recorder in the van. The other two crew arrived around 6.30pm.
The property is large but full, containing several buildings and perhaps as many as 10 buses and other sundry vehicles, two of the buses being red double deckers along with two old ambulances.

Approximately 5 buses, included one of the double deckers, are inside the large work men shed, in differing stages of rebuild and repair. The other double Decker is at the front of the shed, with another bus and a further three or four parked alongside the shed. The radio studios are on the far side of those buses from the shed, with a home behind and in front of the studios.

Camera #1
Is set up on a high tripod facing down a long aisle between buses. At the far end of this aisle is a work area where W has been located when he has hear what he believes to be his fathers voice talking to him, asking him what he is up to. From here he also reports to having heard footsteps on the gravel outside the shed, but has found no one on investigation.
Camera #2 This camera was set up on the top level of the double decker bus in the shed. Resting readings with an EMF reader taken here prior to the investigation resulting in some strong fluctuations.
Camera #3 Set up in a single level bus. Filming from the back in of the bus facing forwards.
Camera #4 This was the only camera set up in a broadcasting studio. Studio #3 was where I.L. spent much of his time interviewing guests and broadcasting radio. This camera, along with the other three was left recording for the duration of the investigation.

As our first investigation together as a team, and all coming from different paranormal backgrounds, some of the time on this investigation was spent talking and familiarizing ourselves with the equipment. We also used two other techniques at different parts of the evening, including using a trigger object in one of the buses and talking to I.L. in an attempt to get some form of reaction from him, or whoever else may have wanted to make their presence known.

Our trigger object was somewhat improvised, a small piece of wood with its outline traced on a piece of paper and left in the bus that had shown the fluctuating resting readings. Talking to any present spirits was employed in the radio studio, with part of the team watching the DVR recorder to see if any reactions were noted that those in the studio may not have seen.

Due to the location of the investigation, the features involved and our relative newness as a group and using some of the equipment, we knew to expect some teething issues. None of them were daming, and its expected with time and experience they will be overcome.

The site in itself was a hurdle, part of the investigation being in two buildings, unattached and both leading to the outside. This tended to stir up dust and insect life with our coming and going, and the security light at the main entrance to the work she helped attract moths by the bucketfuls. Also, the fact of being surrounded by so much metal, the shed, buses - overhead trolley bus wiring had potential to interfere with some of our equipment, even with most of the power turned off we had to consider any residuals.

Equipment-wise the EMF meters were our main source of consternation. While most of the night the reading levels were low to none-existent, in certain places the readings were phenomenal, however nothing else was immediately noticed to link it to a paranormal cause. And again, any residual electromagnets could not be completely discounted due to location.

From all the data analyzed thus far, it is very evident that dust and moths/bugs caused the majority of orb activity that was recorded. In fact, in all still photos that show orb activity, they can almost all be immediately ruled out as having earthly causes. Only picture below deserves a second look, although it does not fit strict ‘paranormal orb’ guidelines, it certainly does not match other orbs in pictures from the night.

Of all the DVR footage, one five minute period in particular stands out. The period runs from 21.20pm to 21.25pm, and shows several different orb phenomena, in themselves different from the usual bug and dust activity. Most of this activity takes place Camera #2, in the top level of the Double Decker bus inside the shed, with some happening inside the broadcasting studio, Camera #4.

Later in the evening George also believes he saw a dark shadow at the far end of the aisle between buses inside the shed. It moved from left to right and in a purposeful manner.
The outcomes of our investigation make it too hard to call as to whether I.L., or anyone else for that matter, is haunting site. Although there may well be enough interesting results to warrant a second investigation in the future, there are some issues to overcome and some technical aspects to consider. For now, the evenings endeavors are best left with an open outcome.

Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009
Private Museum
This is the cab of one of the double decker buses, this one is suspected of having the spirit of a lady that may have passed away on the top deck, there are reports of at least one passenger seeing the lady blocking the way up to the top deck, when the conductor checked there was no one up there

The top deck from the rear facing forward, this is the same position where the lady was perporably seen
This is part of the radio studio, where it is suspected the spirit of the passed owner may visit.
This is when were holding a vigil in the studio, we got some strange sounds on our digital audio recorders during the vigil, all the power was cut of in the studio for the investigation, but one can not exclude residual effects from the radio transmitter equipment
Inside one of the busses we discovered this gem, he is made out of wood and ad's to the atmosphere.
This is the lower deck of one of the buses, we had one of our High Def cam's in there, this is the model CCD we chose to use on this investigation
These buses are steeped in history and have a story or two to tell I'm sure, we hope to help find them.
This is one of the radio studios on the same property, this is where reports of the deceased owner has been felt and possably heard
This is one of the older buses, one can feel the atmosphere while passing through this grand old bus
Internal & external Investigation