8pm to 2.30am, Saturday 12 June 2010

Team Present
1 staff member
2 crew
3 visiters

No resting readings were taken before the investigation started, this got overlooked due to a late start and some technical issue, but it was noted that the temperature in the building felt warm and comfortable, and the night was still and clear with no wind or rain out side. 

The Hastings opera house is well known for its paranormal activity, with at least two generally recognized spirits onsite, the Red Lady and Cedric, a former manager.  The Red Lady is said to haunt mainly the left hand side of the building as you go in, the downstairs hallway, both levels of staircase and opera boxes on that side.  While manager, Cedric lived in a small apartment behind where the projection booth is located, where the air conditioning is now situated.  He is said to make his presence known by the smell of his cigars.

At the time of the investigation work was being done to repair leak damage to the ceiling of the building.  Scaffolding covered in clear plastic extends from the front of the stage of the bottom level right up to the ceiling, obscuring all stage views for the second the top seating floors.  Due to the generally accepted view that renovations can stir up paranormal activity this is important to keep in mind with any results found.

For the purpose of this report we used the following equipment; 4 DVR cameras, a Sony Night shot, EMF and temp meters, voice recorders and still digital cameras.  The 4 DVR cameras were located as follows: In the orchestra pit under the stage, in the left hand corridor, in the 3rd floor stairwell wing (where orb activity had previously been caught on still camera) and in the second floor foyer.  A night shot camera was also set up in the basement under the stage.

For the first half of the night things remained unusually quiet for a place with so much history.  Both still and video footage showed more dust orb activity, which is to be expected with renovations underway.  Veritable dust 'storms' were experienced particularly in the orchestra pit and seating proper areas, especially when doors were opened and closed.

At one point during the evening George smelled what he identified as cigar smoke, as he was alone up stares at the time he contacted the others by radio, by the time the other crew members arrived the odor had subsided.  Accession was made to the fact that the area was brick work which was cold due to the season and that damp was present in the building due to the roof leak which may have affected the sense of smell, one would think that that odor would have been noticeable when we first arrived, but no one did notice it, George claims it was a definite cigar smoke odor.

Towards midnight things started to pick up markedly:
20.55.29 and again at 21.57.49 a blinking orb was recorded on DVR in the left hand bottom corridor.  Both orbs were recorded traveling towards the stage end, with the first taking a slightly lower path than the second.  The blinking occurred at the same frequency in both orbs.
22.19.10 On the wall of  the second floor foyer is a portrait of the former manager Cedric.  At the time above the DVR camera set in this area seems to catch an orb materialise through the wall directly below the picture, as well as the orb disappearing out of shot right.
22.34.40 The DVR camera in the orchestra pit picks up dark object the shoots straight across the camera right to left, in the direction of the under floor of the seating.  Camera roll and interference have generally been ruled out, as the object did not obscure the entire screen and the background was visible behind the object as it moved, and both above and below it.
00.01.48  Twin orbs were recorded on the DVR camera in the 3rd floor left hand stairwell foyer.  These appeared both the same size and brightness, and maintained a uniform distance between them as they traveled the same path across the camera.
00.35.00  The team was seated in the downstairs entrance foyer watching the DVR recordings when George thought he heard footsteps on the right hand stairway, and another member also thought he saw a shadow.  Both members took alternate routes to investigate further but saw and heard nothing more.  Nothing was recorded on the camera which would have had to have been passed to make it down the stairway either.

Also the time is not recorded about this event but it was later in the evening, the lady's toilets on the up stares foyer held a lot of mystery and caution to one of our crew members from the beginning of the investigation, one crew member did not like the feeling while in there, and later when it was investigated with most of the team present, all our meters and torches started to fluctuate to a point it got quite frenzyed at the same time, the temperature dropped very dramatically, this lasted for about three minutes. Also later as George and another crew member were standing outside the lady's toilets discussing the investigation so far, they heard what sounded like one of the wash hand basin tape's started to run, when they went in to investigate one of the cold taps on one of the basin's war running at a good flow, there was some spike readings on one EMF meter for a few seconds then nothing. This was the highlight of the hole investigation, to quote George " what a buzz ".     

Undoubtedly the Hastings Opera House has proven itself to hold more than a few paranormal mysteries.  It regularly experiences temperature fluctuations, unexplained aromas, orb activity and more.  However, regardless of that it is a beautiful building with a lot of history and undoubtedly over time will just gather more.

The team would like to thank the council and the staff member for letting the crew in and investigate this grant old duilding

These are pic's of the front of the opera house, but they were not taken on the night.
We were not able to get a picture of the stage when we were there doing our investigation because of construction going on at the time. We included this one to show what this grand old building holds.
This was taken on the night, this is near the area where George got the sigar odor, it is the entrance to an unused toilet it is elevated by a short stairway and is the upper most part of the opera house.
This cam was set up at the side left hand entrance to the top circle, also the entrance to the top most toilet where the sigar odor was noticed, at the start this cam gave us the run around and would not give pic's, I pulled everything apart but could find nothing wrong, it eventually started up by its self, probably just coinsadence
These pic's were taken on the night
This is part of the basement, we had a night shot set up on this barrier pole, and it was filming an area that a psychic had previously said that there was a portal there, we got nothing unusual on this camera
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