Calm, cool night - 7pm to 4am

Team Attending
George, 2 other crew members
Lou and Ma (Tavistock Hotel, Waipukurau)

Equipment set up:
DVR Cam#1:  Cafe/1918's deck
DVR Cam#2:  Stage Hall Central
DVR Cam#3:  Ruataniwha hallway
DR Cam#4:   Middle ward hallway, sth-est of pool
Voice recorders x2
Emf meters, digital cameras, voice recorders and night shot cameras

Pukeora sits atop a 250m high hill, looking over the Takapau Plains, sited to take full advantage of the Central Hawkes Bay sunshine and fresh air.  Although its origins were completely different, today the complex offers the public budget accommodation, functions, cafe and winery, and serves as the home of Kate, Max and family.

At the end of WW1 the Pukeora Sanatorium was proposed to provide care for those soldiers returning from the trenches with respiratory injury or illness.  Built during 1918/19 the hospital offered care for patients suffering ailments from Mustard Gas inhalation to respiratory and bronchial complaints, such as TB.

Soon after this period, and as demand increased, the hospital was opened to the general public specifying in the treatment of TB.  At the time a great deal of the treatment for TB involved the patient being in the fresh open air, and the original ward with its deck is still present at the complex, as part of the cafe and wine tasting area.

Overall, the sanatorium has been added to twice more over its occupied lifetime.  The types of patients catered to and the treatments offered also changed.  In 1957 the extended hospital opened as a home for the physically disabled.  It catered for all their needs, offering among other things occupational therapy, education, movie screenings and various outdoor activities.

The last changes were implemented in the late 1960's and early 1970's, when the facility began to move into the care of people also suffering from head injury.  At the peak of treatment Pukeora catered to 80 long-term patients, some who stayed onsite for as long as 20 years.  Eventually treatment and therapy for people with such ailments moved towards a more community based scheme and the hospital was finally closed in 1998.

The property was purchased by the current owners in 2000, and they continue to manage and develop the property for its current uses.

The Investigation:
During the 9 or so hours of recording, the DVR cameras picked up very little.  Surprisingly very few dust orbs were even caught on film, however insect activity was fairly common, especially on Cam#4. 

Unusual electromagnetic readings were recorded in the area of the Ruataniwha Function Room both during the night and when taking resting readings the next morning.  In the wide entrance way into the hall both the KII and 701 meters read very high in the same area. The effect seemed to flicker in and out somewhat, but maintained a general area about one meter off the floor, about a meter wide and two meters in length.  After checking the surrounding walls, floor and any obvious wiring not immediate cause for these readings could be found. 

Similar readings were recorded in the first small room directly left when you walk into the Ruataniwha Hall.  The room was empty bar a wooden cot and some cabinetry attached to the wall and floor.  High readings were taken from the area immediately inside the cot, however when the cot was moved the readings remained in the original spot.  There was no obvious source from the walls, floor or exposed wiring here also.

There was a result in the main hallway between wards just before midnight, Lou and Ma thought they cought an odor, they explained it was a sweet smell of flowers, this was at the same time that some of the EMF high readings were being recorded,

While we were not able to gain access to the basement, we were aware before the investigation started that the area was being used for wine brewing and bottling purposes.  On further discussion with the owners the day following the investigation we found that below the general area of the high EMF readings was a large electrical switchboard for the complex.  Itís impossible at this point to discount that this may have been affecting the EMF readings.

Interesting to note that at different times, about an hour apart but in the same area as the Ruataniwha Function Room entrance, that two crew members digital camera batteries went flat.  There is no apparent explanation for this, as neither camera appears to have any faults, both had new batteries inserted at the beginning of the evening and nor were they used excessively.

Temperature readings in the hospital building were another interesting feature of the night, although not unusual enough in themselves to be listed as paranormal. The outside temperature at 11pm was 4.6 deg C, it didnít drop much further than that.  Being very still, breath hung in the air obviously.

Inside temperatures were different, depending on the size or the room or hallway and its structural features, which is to be expected.  However, in even some of the warmer rooms - which bottomed out at 9.2 deg C, exhaled breath was just as obvious as it was outside.  In colder rooms, which bottomed out at 7.6 deg C, the effect of exhaled breath was exactly the same.  Cold spots and breezes that came from areas of not noticeable cause were also noted.

While the entire investigation and overnight stay at the Pukeora complex was interesting and enjoyable, there is no real evidence gathered to indicate that any ethereal beings are there.  And while the odd 'ditty' about guests feelings and interpretations have been relayed to the owners, no real 'ghost stories' permeate the hospital grounds.

While the entire experience may garner very different results should it be repeated, and the opportunity if offered would certainly not be turned down.  Manawatu Paranormal, now Core Paranormal NZ is eternally greatfull to owners Kate and Max for the opportunity and hospitality they extended us.  We would love to return one day.

Pukeora estate today

Pukeora translated from Maori means "Hill of Health".
Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009
Pukeors in the 1950's open air and rest was some of the treatment prescribed of the day
This is the old nurses quarters, as the size of the building shows there was a large staff when it was a hopital.
This shows the EMF meter with zero reading in the cot room, I swept the room a dozen times over the evening and nothing,
but intermittent up and down the length and width of the cot my EMF meter would go of the scale, this at times lasted for 10 second bursts.
This shows the EMF meter reacting to the area where the cot is, this happened all night long, I chased the EMF out to the hallway twice over the evening like it was playing with us.We tried moving the cot later but the hole room was dead as far as EMF goe's.
Below are DVR pictures
This is what we called the cot
room, it was in the hospital room by it's self.  
This is part of the hallway, that the EMF trail led us to, when it moved it moved very quickly, we had to have our wits about us
Internal &external Investigation
Pukeora Estate 26/06/10