And 1 crew member

#1:  Upstairs green bus
#2:  Downstairs green bus
#3:  Between buses looking towards rear of workshop
#4:  Rear of workshop inside
#5:  Top of red double decker bus outside
#6:  Radio broadcast room
Full Spectrum:  Inside bus where previous anomalous
pole movement was recorded

Baseline Readings:     Time:  7.18pm
Outside double decker          EMF  0          TEMP  14 deg C
Double decker green                      0/1                  14.4
Workshop doorway                        0                     16.5
Yellow bus                                     0/1                   17
Red bus                                         0/1                  19.3
Workshop area                              0/1                  15.8

The aim of this second investigation was two-fold; to try to find more potential evidence if I.L or some other presence might still be on the premises, and also to see if any more anomalous activity could be captured in the vehicle shed. Also to see if Staff and family at the site have recorded any more incidences of feeling like they are being watched or hearing voices, and to see their overall impression is that things have stayed the same or calmed down. We were informed upon arrival, some go as far to say the atmosphere is completely different and they feel that, if it were I.L. haunting the premises then he may have moved on.

During the investigation the team present noticed that it did seem to be much quieter at the site.  The DVR recorder that was deliberately trained on the pole that had previously showed movement with no obvious influence recorded nothing during the evening.  Only three notable things happening during the investigation:

At 9.03pm all the investigators present on site heard a loud bang originating in the vehicle workshop.  George who was in the shed at the time explained, that it sounded like someone slapping the side of one of the vehicles with an open hand, he also reported the noise had come from very close to him in the darkness.  On investigation there was no obvious reason for the noise, nor did anything seem displaced and everyone was accounted for at the time.

At 9.30pm an audio vigil was held in the top of the double decker where a woman is believed to have passed away.  On analysis nothing of note was recorded during the sitting. Earlier in the evening George spent half an hour up on the top deck by him self with a audio recorder running "a lone vigil " he felt a shiver more than once while trying to communicate with any spiritual presence that might be there, he is not one for being affected in this way as he is very open minded as are the rest of the crew.

At  both 11.19pm and 11.26pm huge EMF spikes  were experienced in the recording studio.  Although this may be expected in a cramped area filled with so much electrical equipment, all equipment had been long turned off.  It also seemed that the spikes were closely localized to the spot someone would occupy when using the broadcast equipment. There are 3 radio studios on the property and the EMF spikes were coming from I. L 's favourite studio.  There appeared to be no obvious reason why the EMF would spike like that - however this alone is not enough to make the occurrence paranormal.

Findings On analyzing the DVR footage: The crew were unaware at around 7.45pm cam 3 had picked up and recorded what looks like a Vortex, this lasted for nearly 5 minutes. It looked to be about 1 meter in diameter judging by the width of the ally it appeared  in, and it was spinning clock wise, the recorded spiral pattern does not look smooth or even in distribution, this was not obvious to any of the investigators by eye at the time, and it was not recorded in the previous investigation, even though we had a cam set in the same place the first time. This is the first encounter we have had with anything like this.

Conclusion: Overall this time around investigators felt the atmosphere was calmer, as the first investigation had a very different atmosphere, in the previous investigation crew members felt there was something happening around them.

We can relate to what the staff have told us about the atmosphere in the Museum since then being calmer, As an investigative group we don't know if I.L has moved on for sure, or if it is I.L, or maybe some other presence, as the DVR has sown us something that we interpret as a Vortex  or a Gate way, and  the fact we were still chasing EMF bursts around the building, in some very strange places.

We would like to return to the museum in the future and see how things around going, As we feel this warrants further investigation

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One can feel the presence of all the past history that these buses have seen in there day
EMF leading us up and down these narrow allays between vehicles that have been parked up for years
Even though the buildging are large  there is not a lot of room for one to move
We have a lot of respect for these
old vehicles, it was a pleasure to be able to return.
One of the cash box holders, nothing special but it is showing the scars of time and use that these buses have been put through.
Not a good shot of our KII, but it had just gone of in one of many bursts around  these busses, they have not carried power for years. We checked each one from top to bottom
Internal &external Investigation
Follow up to 1st Investigation Of Private Museum 20th of October 2010