Historic Homestead Lower North Island
7th November 2010
Notes Only: We have had the honor of investigating this grand old homestead with equally impressive grounds. Unfortunately we are not allowed to divulge the name or the location of this investigation, but we are allowed to mention we have done a paranormal investigation on this date.

Crew Attending:


2 Crew Members 1 leaving early:
Equipment Used:

1 x 16 Channel DVR Plus 22" LCD Monitor

8 x 100 mtr IR  CCD Cams

4 x 50 mtr IR CCD Cams

4 x 30 mtr IR CCD Cams

Assorted 100 mtr and 50 mtr video / audio leads with 1K baluns

4 walkie Talkie's

2 x IR Thermometer

3 x EMF Meters

2 x Digital Audio Recorders

1 x Analong Audio Recorder

2 x Passive IR Motion Detectors

5 x Night Shots

3 x Full Spectrum Video Cams

4 x full Spectrum Illuminators

8 x IR Illuminators

2 x tri Troches

3 x Digital Sill Cameras
Some Investigation Notes:  Upon arrival we were all in awe of our surroundings,as it was still daylight hours we were able to soak it all in before doing our resting readings.

We found that when one of the owners of the property was close by when we were doing resting readings, our EMF meters would spike, both digital and analog meters. We moved about the property with the owner I have mentioned keeping an eye on our meters, this seemed to make no difference as our EMF meters still reacted to the owners presence, the highest spike being 27.0 mg, at times this would last up to 3 minutes at a time but differing each time.

The same owner did tell us when we arrived, that when  they  are doing there day to day things around the property, that they fell that they are not alone, even though they are the only one home, even when the owner is driving there car ,the owner will look at the back seat expecting to see someone sitting there. This could account for the high EMF readings we were getting  when she was close by.
We did ask the obvious about having anything electrical on her person, or a medical implant of some sort, the answer was "no and also shed doesn't even ware a watch".

Dew to the size of the property and the amount of buildings this investigation has, were realized we should have bring more equipment, but we got on with the investigation on the main homestead building. I can say that we had some good EVP response recordings from two of our vigils, and some very good Orb  footage from one of the Full Spectrum cams, one of these Orbs in particular as large and bright as can be, passes through Crissy's hair, on the footage her hair at the time seemed to move at the same time, even though this event was not noticed at the time, all of us through the evening and wee hours of the morning, felt at one time or another that we could feel an unseen someone touching us.

We did get a lot more data from this investigation but I can't go into it, all I can say is WOO!

As it is our aim to document every thing that happens on all of our investigations, regardless of how small or insignificant it my seem, it might mean something to our client, and we produce the footage and data of interest to our clients regardless of investigation size.

We were able to secure a follow up investigation date, and  we will return with a lot more equipment as there is so much more to investigate, as we only scraped the surface this time around.
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A Brief Haunting History: I can only touch a little on the haunting history, but several times visitors to the property have heard children playing upstairs in the main house, and upon investigation at the time they find out there is no one up there, and there is no children with the visitors or on the property. This activity has been reported to the owners by many visitors in other building on the property as well, at different times.  Also owners catching glimpses of movement, and upon checking can find no one there, and the over whelming feeling that one of the owners have, that they are not alone, being followed while doing day to day things. The owners have stated to us that:
     " The owners do not feel threatened by the presence or the activity on there property, Also they do not want any of it moved on."
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