Private Museum 4th December 2010  Core Paranormal NZ have had the privilege and the honor, of investigating one of New Zealands best private museums. We will not publish a full report or disclose the local of the museum, these are the owners wishes,  Notes only.
The experience of undertaking this investigation greatly exceeded the expectations of our investigators, who expected a somewhat quieter result.  What they found included the following:

* catching movement and lights out of the corner of their eyes

* layers of light shining through corrugated plastic wall material from an adjoining inside area, when no investigators were present in that area, these were backed up later on the DVR footage

* distinct feelings of being watched to the point that one would turn around  expecting to see one of the crew, but no one is there

* consistently high EMF readings, repeatedly going off the scale throughout the investigation
and most of the time we had to chase it

* no more than a few seconds after George had the distinct feeling someone was standing right 'in his face', the walkie-talkie radio he was holding was swatted from his hand and scattered across the floor, the nearest crew member was 5 meters away at the time, this is also backed up by DVR footage

* a red slash was captured  by Crissy on her digital still camera, while reflection has been counted out the investigators remain unsure what could have caused it

* A crew memeb and Crissy being left feeling unsettled while encountering something while in the same place the radio was knocked out of George's hand.  The crew member felt heat on the side of her neck, that travelled down the length of her body and both she and Crissy were left feeling ill and lethargic for two days.

For the ongoing safety of the collection, and peace of mind of the owners, Core Paranormal NZ will respect the owners wished and keep the location of this investigation closed and confidential
Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009
This red splodge (orb) ?, was taken in By Crissy in an area that we had recorded some very high EMF readings during the evening, and each time we had to chase it, the EMF seemed to travel at a slow jogging speed,  these readings were going off the scale 40mg plus. There are lots more Pictures with other Orbs and anomalies that seem to follow the investigators,. At a height  well over there heads but we can not publish them. The whole night was full on, even during pack up time things were happening, Core NZ will be returning for a follow up investigations.
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