Historic Homestead lower North Island    Followup 7th December 2010
Notes Only: We have had the honor of doing a follow up investigation of this grand old homestead with equally impressive grounds. And as before, unfortunately we are not allowed to divulge the name or the location of this investigation, but we are allowed to mention we have done a paranormal investigation on this date, and some notes on the out come of the investigation
Crew Attending:


1 Crew Member
Equipment Used:

1 x 16 Channel DVR Plus 22" LCD Monitor

2 x  4 Channel DVR plus LCD Monitors

12 x 100 mtr  HD IR  CCD Cams

10 x 50 mtr  HD IR CCD Cams

14 x 30 mtr  HD IR CCD Cams

Assorted 200 mtr, 100 mtr,50 mtr, 30mter,
video / power audio leads with 1K baluns

4 walkie Talkie's

4 x EMF Meters

2 x IR Thermometers

3 x Digital Audio Recorders

2 x Analog Audio Recorder

2 x Passive IR Motion Detectors

3 x passive Motion LED lights

8 x Night Shots

4 x Full Spectrum Video Cams

6 x full Spectrum Illuminators

14 x IR Illuminators

2 x tri Troches

3 x Digital Sill Cameras

Assorted Tri-Pods And Custom Brakets and fittings
As in Previous Notes A Brief Haunting History: I can only touch a little on the haunting history, but several times visitors to the property have heard children playing upstairs in the main house, and upon investigation at the time they find out there is no one up there, and there is no children with the visitors or on the property. This activity has been reported to the owners by many visitors in other building on the property as well, at different times.  Also owners catching glimpses of movement, and upon checking can find no one there, and the over whelming feeling that one of the owners have, that they are not alone, being followed while doing day to day things. The owners have stated to us that:
          "They do not feel threatened by the presence or the activity on there property, Also they do not want any of it moved on."
Upon our arrival we caught up with the owners and we had a discussion about any new activity that might have happened, we found out that things were the same as always, the activity with catching glimpses of movement, and the over whelming feeling of being followed was just as strong. As it was only a month since our last investigation there were no new reports of sounds of children playing in any of the buildings, its interesting to mention that these reports about sounds of children playing, have been reported to have taken place, at the wee hours of the morning, in fact any time of the day or night as well as all the other activity.
The EMF was still present at times around one of the owners as well, we were getting 2 mg to 5 mg at times and peeking at 9.8 mg at one part of the evening, this was the highest EMF reading we got from the owner this time around.
Set Up As we had a large area and a lot of buildings to cover, we set to and eventually got everything set up, on powering up all the equipment it became very clear to all of us, that one building (empty except furniture) in particular had a lot going on inside it, this was unseen to the naked eye, but on the screen and through the infrared there was no mistaking it, and plenty of it,we have hours of it all recorded. I have never in my life seen anything like this before, and I don't know if I ever will again. Without getting into the footage to deeply in these investigation notes, while watching all of these entities moving around, and even up and down a stair way that is on the footage, they look to be in a semi solid gray form, one starts to recognize some of them from early on in the footage, as if they are performing daily tasks, right down to the walking motions also adult size and child size The child size entities two in particular seem to be playing hide and seek with each other, and with one of our stationary  IR Cams. It looks like we fluked in on an active portal with our equipment, as the owners had no idea activity at this level was happening on there property, they are as gob smacked as we are, but very happy about there guests.
It was hard to concentrate on the rest of the investigation with the knowledge of what was going on in one of the buildings, but we were not disappointed, we observed high EMF spikes in other buildings at times, some of these spikes 5.0 mg to m9.5 ish  seemed to lead us on a wild goose chase in what seemed to be in particular direction, and different speeds at times. We held vigils in several buildings and on listening to the audio after wards, we hard a reasonably clear male voice calling out as if calling out to a farm dog, in fact at times there may be more than one male voice calling out, and this makes it hard to determine what is being called out, but they are definitely a male voices, it surprised us to have on the same vigil audio a very clear dog barking echoing in the hall ways of this other building, as there was no dogs in any of the buildings with us, we can only think it is in response to the male voice calling out, we could not find any other males or any dogs on the property that could have made these noises.
Other recorded events in the hallways mentioned above and others were large and small Orbs, some of these Orbs were moving faster than others . and some very fast, traveling at different speeds and heights, some of these Orbs do a "u-turn" and charge back up the hallways the way they came from. One golf ball sized Orb in particular, is recorded passing through a solid glass door, as one of our IR Cams was in the perfect place and angle  to record the event, in fact it became obvious to all of us after viewing all of the footage,  it would not have mattered where we placed any of the Cams in any of the buildings, owing to the amount of activity on the property we  were sure to get something.
The activity we recorded on this follow up investigation is to say the least "was impressive", and it has left all of us investigators and the owners "shell shocked,", and we look forward to future follow up investigation in the years to come. We thank the owner for letting Core Paranormal NZ investigate there home.
Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009
Weather conditions on the night were as follows: 7.30pm On start of setup rain was threatening but came to nothing, around 9.00pm the sky cleared and the light warm breeze that was present when we arrived had also disappeared, the weather stayed this way all through the rest of the investigation. The temperature at 9.00 was recorded at 16.00deg. Pack up started at 2.00am.