Private Residence lower north Island 19th of February 2011Owners Privacy Being Observed Notes Only  
Camera Placements:

DVR set up  In office

Cam1: Office end dining room facing lounge room, Main Road end

Cam2: Dining facing diagonally towards main bedroom

Cam3: On top of TV in main bedroom

Cam4: Outside facing utility shed, later oak tree

Full Spectrum No1:   -   Stationary Front door facing up Hallway

Full Spectrum No 2:  -  Tri-pod Mounted & Mobile

Sony Night shot:        -   Tri-Pod Mounted & Mobile

Sony Night Shot        -    Stationary
Internal &external Investigation
Equipment Used:

1 x 4 Channel DVR LCD Screen

4 x  30 mtr IR cams

4 x 50 mtr Video/Audio/Power Leads

2 x Full Spectrum Video Cameras

2 x  Sony Night shots

Assorted Custom Mounts & Brackets

2 x EMF Meters

1 x Temperature Gun

2 x Still Digital Cameras

6 x  Assorted Tri-Pods

1 x Digital Audio Recorder
Resting Readings:                                                                                 

TEMP Deg C                                                      EMF

Lounge                                                                 0.0                                          26.4
(Above at the far left corner EMF spiked to 0.8)       

Inside Front Door                                             0.0                                          24.8

KA Sighting Spot                                               0.0                                          26.0

(Meter box located near above held a reading of 0.4 - standard for a meter box)

Main Bedroom                                                  0.0                                          25.2

(Above sweep of room did see meter flicking to 0.2 on occasion)

Single Bedroom                                                                0.0                                          25.2

Office                                                                    0.0                                          26.2

Kitchen                                                                 0.0                                          25.7
(Kitchen readings near microwave oven spiked to 0.3, as to be expected)

Deck                                                                      0.0                                          26.0
A Brief Property History: This remodeled villa was originally built in 1908, Totara clad and one of the first buildings in its area.  At that time the layout consisted of a centralized hob and fireplace, surrounded by three bedrooms, living and dining and kitchen with a small hallway.  On the property nearby were also a small two roomed out-building and a long drop toilet.

So far as known occupational history goes, there have been one death and at least one birth in the home, however no details beyond that are known.
Paranormal History brief Notes: Of late there has been little of paranormal activity noted on the property.  The owner currently has no children living there - however the strongest paranormal event did happen to the youngest daughter KA, when she still lived at home in 1995.

KA believes she encountered the spirit of her grandmother, in the spot we have called ‘Sighting Spot’ in our resting records details.  This is the area at the top end of the hallway, where it opens into the dining area on one side, and a doorway into her mother’s bedroom on the other.  One night, about three months after the death of the grandmother who had lived with them the last ten or so years of her life, KA believes she encountered her spirit while it was there to say goodbye.

Some Equipment results:

Still camera footage and the footage from the four DVR cameras were the first outcomes analyzed by the group.  Still camera pictures appeared to show some of the following:

orb/light anomalies in areas both inside and outside the house.

a very good and obvious capture of a moth (good for comparison work)

what appears to be an ecto/mist up in the oak tree

some coloured light phenomena in the lounge and outside near the washing line.

(photographs of these provided for the property owners).


The investigation at this private residence has raised questions and produced footage that has caused the investigators to have to do more research into what some of the activity occurring here could actually be.  The appearance of what clearly resembles rod or skyfish activity was not expected at any time by any of the team.  Rods first came into the public eye in the early 1990s after being publicised when encountered during an American documentary film.  For the majority of people, the general consensus of late is that they are simply insects that are caught on film, and their odd appearance is caused by the speed by which their wings are caught on film.

However, this has never been encountered by Core Paranormal NZ before - and for that reason alone is worthy of mention in the report and feedback to the client.  Stills have been isolated from the film footage of the evening that seems to show two different types of rods, inside and outside and of various sizes.  Never before has snapshot footage of our film been taken, of any insects or orb phenomena - that has resulted in the shots we got from this location.  Team members from this group prefer to keep an open mind about rod phenomena, tending to accept that it is a paranormal phenomenon of some type, or perhaps a cryptid insect that is yet to be identified.
Crew Statement: We all came to the same conclusion, that this property held in the investigation for us, the largest brightest Orb any of us have ever seen, we recorded it on DVR cam 4, and the amount of orb activity was quite spectakular through out the evening.
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