Private Residence lower north Island 2nd of April 2011 Follow up Investigation
Owners Privacy Being Observed Notes Only
Equipment Used:

1 X 8 Channel DVR plus 22"Lcd screen

1 x 4 Channel DVR LCD Screen

6 x 100 mtr IR  cams

2 x 50 mtr IR cams

4 x  30 mtr IR cams

8 x 50 mtr Video/Audio/Power Leads

4 x 30 mtr  Video/Audio/Power Leads

3 x Full Spectrum Video Cameras

3 x  Sony Night shots

Assorted Custom Mounts & Brackets

4 x EMF Meters

2 x Temperature Gun

3 x Still Digital Cameras

16 x  Assorted Tri-Pods

2 x Digital Audio Recorder
Crew Present



1 x Crew Member
Internal &external Investigation
As Before a Brief Property History: This remodeled villa was originally built in 1908, Totara clad and one of the first buildings in its area.  At that time the layout consisted of a centralized hob and fireplace, surrounded by three bedrooms, living and dining and kitchen with a small hallway.  On the property nearby were also a small two roomed out-building and a long drop toilet.

So far as known occupational history goes, there have been one death and at least one birth in the home, however no details beyond that are known.
Resting Readings:

Weather Still and warm with scattered cloud, with the cloud
clearing as the evening went on, clearing completely around 9.30pm
and staying that way for the rest of the investigation:

                                                                            EMF                       TEMP Deg C

Lounge                                                                                                                 EMF spiked at the far left corner to as before    0.0   

Inside Front Door                                                 0.0                                 26.0c

Sighting Spot                                                                                        Meter box located near above head height  a reading of 0.4 - standard for some home power meter boxs                                                0.0                                 27.5c

Main Bedroom                                                                                                                        
(As Before Above sweep of room did see
meter flicking to 0.2 on occasion)                        0.0                                26.4c
Single Bedroom                                                     2.4                                26.8c
Office                                                                     0.0                               26.2c
Kitchen readings near microwave oven not
in use spiked to 0.3, this is not uncommon           0.3                               27.1c

Deck                                                                      0.0                                 26.9c
Average out side Temp at 7.30pm 25.0 Some EMF spikes 1.5 around un powered detached Car Port
As Before Paranormal History brief Notes: Of late there has been little of paranormal activity noted on the property.  The owner currently has no children living there - however the strongest paranormal event did happen to the youngest daughter KA, when she still lived at home in 1995.

KA believes she encountered the spirit of her grandmother, in the spot we have called ‘Sighting Spot’ in our resting records details.  This is the area at the top end of the hallway, where it opens into the dining area on one side, and a doorway into her mother’s bedroom on the other.  One night, about three months after the death of the grandmother who had lived with them the last ten or so years of her life, KA believes she encountered her spirit while it was there to say goodbye.
Investigation Notes: This time around did not disappoint the investigators either, in face the property revealed even more of it past to us all. As we can only give notes about the investigation I will bullet point some of our recorded findings, Some of the recorded findings were also seen by eye, on the night by all the investigators.
Notes Bullet Pointed:

Recorded DVR: On viewing the footage of the large un-powered detached car port, a mist forms in one area only, at the left rear of the car port, this mist evolves 3 time during our recording time, this mist was not visible to the investigators at the time.

Recorded DVR: The Orb Activity as before we recorded again, passing through solid glass windows, one in particular in the lounge looks like an Orb highway going in and out, some of the Orbs seemed to sweep some of the investigators, and also some EMF spikes (0.0mg to 4.2mg) in the lounge.

Recorded Full Spectrum & Night Shot: At around 11.0 pm we used stationary and hand held  Full Spectrum and Night Shots to record an Orb circling the property, it looked to be about the size of a soft ball, and flying around 20 mtrs high, the Orb seemed to take around  one minute to compleat each circle, when we noticed the orb it lasted for 7 laps before we lost sight of it, so we don't know how long it had been circling for.
Conclusion in Brief:This investigation left us all in no doubt, there is unexplainable activity happening all over this property, both side the building and out side in the grounds. As in the previous investigation we caught on DVR, the biggest Orb any of us have ever seen. And the continuing unexplainable EMF readings, both stationary, and moving EMF, where there is nothing but grounds and open spaces.
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