2 Crew Members

Guests Harley and Vicki from The Quantum Foundation

Lou and staff from the Tavistock
Tavistock Hotel Waipukurau On going Investigation 16th of April 2011
Baseline Readings:     10.45pm
                                                    EMF  0 mg      TEMP deg C
Store room                                            0                 26
Kitchen (average)                                 0*               21    
Breakers Bar                                         0                 22
Toilet alleyway                                     0                 22
Ladies toilet                                         0                 21
Men's toilet                                          0                 19
Gromit play area                                  0                 23
Upstairs northern hallway                   0                 20
Top of stairs hallway                           0                 21
Ma's hallway                                       0                 22
Ma's room                                            0/3             24
Equipment Used:

1 x 16 Channel DVR & 22" LCD Screen

1 x 4 Channel DVR' With LCD Screen

6 x 100 mtr HD IR CCD Cams

4 x 50mtr HD IR CCD Cams

12 x Assorted 30mtr HD IR CCD Cams
changed out at different times

3 x Full Spectrum Video Cams

4 x Night Shots

1 x Thermal Imaging Cam

3 x still Digital Cams

35 x Assorted Tripods

6 x 150mtr Video Power Audio Leeds

12 x 50mtr Video power Audio Leeds

6 x 30mtr Video Power Audio Leeds

3 x microphones

3 x Digital Audio Recorders

1 x Analog Audio Recorder

2 x Passive IR Motion Detectors

2 x IR Thermometers

1 x parabolic Ear (Big Ear)

12 x Stand Alone IR Illuminators

4 x Stand Alone Full Spectrum Illuminators

3 x Stand Alone Ultra Violet Illuminators

2x Tri-Torches For IR Sensitivity

4 x Walkie Talkie's
This is stationary equipment Placements at the start of the investigation, which were added  to, and positions were changed at times more than once through out the evening
Stationary IR DVR Cameras:

Both dinning areas
Top of stairs hallway
Staff room toilet
Staff room
Upstairs northern hallway
Ma's hallway
Other upstairs hallways
Cookers in kitchen
Toilet alleyway
Gromit play area
Both Bar Areas
Out side bar area
Internal &external Investigation
Recent Paranormal History

During the investigation some time was taken to catch up with Lou and other staff members, to discuss any recent paranormal experiences they may have experienced since Core was last at the Tavistock.  There have been changes in staff since we were here last, and with those who are now there and those who have left, Lou was able to give more insight into the types of occurrences that happen at the site.

Lou explained to all the investigators present, that while most current staff members have experienced at least something strange that they can not understand, by no means had all of them had paranormal experiences.  However she and her two daughters continue to have strange experiences along with some other staff, and while she isn't scared by what happens to her both at work and home, she does wonder what exactly the spirits want from her, and her family and friends.

Recently one of Lou’s daughters encountered a clear disembodied voice, while collecting wine for the restaurant from the storeroom by the staff room.  She was collecting what she needed when she was clearly told to ‘Get out’ by a male voice.  She checked to make sure she was alone, which she was and went back to the restaurant with her stock, later relating her experience to her co-workers.

Another of Lou’s daughters, who opens up the restaurant most days, also had a strong paranormal experience.  She remembers the sudden change in temperature one morning, before hearing a voice ask ‘How’s it going?’  She checked the entire restaurant and office areas for a potential source of the male voice, but as she suspected, she was completely alone.

Two weeks prior to the investigation date another staff member, who was with Lou at the time, also had a memorable experience.  They were on their breaks near the front of the building, when the staff member thought they saw a customer approach the bar, so the staff member went to serve them.  They returned "gob smacked " and asked Lou if she had seen the customer approach the bar, as no one was at the bar waiting for service at all.  Lou replied that she hadn’t seen anyone, however when the staff member was able to describe the potential patron to her as follows.

The patron had been described to Lou as: An older lady, with short grey hair and wearing a blue sweater and paler slacks. Lou said it sounded like Ma Bartram, and she had probably  just sighted her in the bar.

As already learned by core paranormal NZ investigators, there are potentially as few as four ghosts at the Tavistock Hotel and adjoining businesses , including Ma Bartram and a male, who is thought to mostly be encountered in or near the Breakers kitchen and staff room areas. The male has also been sighted at the Breakers bar by other customers, The man, described as wearing a dark suit and hat, has not been encountered as much of late, however Lou believes she still feels him around.  He seems to have backed off after being told by the business owner to ‘F-k off!’.

Since then the male ghost has taken somewhat a lesser role in the haunting of the property. His legacy is still there however, with Lou feeling as cold and uncomfortable in the staff room as she ever has, the same goes for some of the other staff members as well, including the newer ones, they are aware of the strange feeling that are conected to that side of the building.
Being the second investigation at the site, the investigators had an ideal where they wanted to focus, putting cameras upstairs to cover the accommodation quarters where Ma Bartram is said to still roam, and in the kitchen and staff room areas where a lot of anomalous incidents occur, we kept in mind that some of the other parts of the building that seemed quiet on our last visit, may produce some results this time as well.
During the evening the investigation seemed rather slow, with not much happening at the time.  The investigators worked in mixed groups of up to four, and some time was spent on and off monitoring the DVR cameras.  During part of this time at the DVR base, some movement was noted on the screens, particularly upstairs, at the same time upstairs at the same area, Harley and George noted a large drop in temperature and radioed the DVR station to document the temp change which was " 20deg C down to 9deg C, the sudden temp change sent a shiver through both investigators and the change lasted for a few minutes,   however both investigators reported seeing nothing nothing in the area.
Six main incidences of note happened during the evening Firstly: substantial temperature fluctuations were recorded around Lou, particularly when she joined investigators in the upstairs hallway in which Ma’s room is located.  Lou was feeling uncomfortable and cold standing in just the hallway, she was not game enough to enter Ma’s room itself very often.  She constantly ‘felt’ there was someone in Ma’s room and the rooms next to it.  At 1.07am the largest fluctuation in the temperature recordings around Lou was made, with a variation of 8 deg C within the space of minutes.
Second: Before midnight a Crew member and George took the thermal camera and parabolic ear up to Ma Bartram’s room to take some readings.  On entering the room George was able to get a heat reading off one of the single beds in the room, the thermal print was the shape of as if some one had been laying there.on the bed moments before the investigators entered, although this wasn’t the case.  A comparison thermal snap shot taken minutes later, shows the heat signature dissipating, as expected.
Third: Moments later, while getting ready to leave the room, the crew member and George were standing in the doorway, George had the parabolic and had the dish of the ear panning around, both the crew member and George clearly heard a gruff-sounding woman’s voice state ‘Get out!’ at the same time.  The voice came from inside the room and appeared to be louder and clearer to George through the big ear, but both investigators are in no doubt at what they had heard.
Fourth: The Breakers toilets hallway also provided some very interesting results.  At 1.22am a bright light anomaly appears to come out from one of the toilet doors from and low point and enter the hallway.  It then climbs upwards, gets brighter and suddenly disappears.  What is interesting about this capture is the speed at which the anomaly moves.  Frame snap shots have been taken at the speed of 1/10th of a second, and the light shows up in only a few frames, so it appears and is gone inside of a second.  While many of the upstairs anomalies are also travelling quickly, this was the most fast of the captures.
Fifth: There is a second capture in the toilet hallway, and it was a very clear manifestation attempt on the right hand side of the hallway, and there is a bench seat located near the right side rear of the hallway,Frame shots clearly show a human shaped form appear, not to full form but enough to recognize it as human in shape in shadow form - and the shadow then moves off further down the hallway against the rear wall.  While the snap shots are impressive for this event, in real time it occurs in only two seconds.
Sixth: At 2am the crew member and George held a vigil in the staff room.  For a short period of time the crew member is left alone in the room while George checks something on the DVR monitors.   During most of the vigil two distinctly different anomalies are seen in the room with the investigator. One appears to be a very bright light anomaly, which buzzes around the crew member several times.  It flies around the crew members head and the IR camera that it is captured on, these are clearly not insects of any kind, and  either the crew member or George noticed any insects or moths in the room with them during the time of the vigil at all.

The second anomaly seems to enter through the covered window, by this time George has returned to the staff room, the anomaly seems to travel behind George and buzzes around them both, however seems to mostly stay on the side of the staff room nearest the bathroom.  This anomaly closely resembles the movement anomalies captured upstairs, although stronger and more persistent. Other movement is also recorded in the staff room when there is no investigators present, but when a member of the Tavistock staff stops in there for a few minutes.
Partial conclusion of On going Investigation:During the process of data analysis from the investigation, it became obvious that more was happening at the Tavistock Hotel and adjoining businesses while the investigators were present, than what was noticed by them at the time. The upstairs hallways all showed faint but distinct movement, some stronger than others also taking different paths and some traveling in opposing directions. While the anomalies do not show the ‘typical’ attributes of paranormal orbs, they maintain definite paths of travel and height, some coming through closed doors traveling down hallways, and also turning corners.  And while they don’t appear to fit our paranormal norm in description, they also do not display the typical attributes of dust orbs, moisture, lint or insects or pollen. In fact most do not seem to contain any solid cell or centre at all.

The recorded audio is also strong from Ma's room, there are only a few other EVP's that Core NZ have in our archives that match this one, as it had body and pitch to it. As there are a lot more recorded events from this investigation that are out of the norm for most.
So we can not exclude the possibility of paranormal influences being the causes behind the strange activity at the Tavistock Hotel. 
Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009
Below:This is some snap shots of one of the Orbs we caught on DVR upstairs
Below:These snap shots don't do this next capture justice, using a 30mtr HD IR CCD cam mounted on a mine tripod near floor level, they lose a bit of there woow factor when in snap shot form, it is a shadow captured  down stairs at the Breakers alleyway to the rest rooms, it moves down the ally towards the back wall and vanishes, there is other movement near floor level in the snaps as well, as the shadow is disappearing, there is an anomaly heading towards the same position and it disappears as well at the same time
We have recorded many anomaly's at the Tavistock Hotel and adjoining  businesses so far, to date we have completed  two investigation through out the hole building, as we have only posted two of our recent captures these are only a small tast of what we recorded, and some of the data and captures we have gathered are very impressive, we haven't posted them on this page, but in the future we may be able to