Hawks Bay Private Residence Investigation By Core Paranormal NZ Investigations
21 Of May 2011Clients Privacy Being Observed
Resting Readings                                                 EMF                     Temp 

Behind shed                                                           0-1mg                   14.8c

Mid-back lawn                                                     0.0mg                    13c

Left side back lawn                                             0-1mg                    10c

EMF spikes between 2-6 near
garden in back lawn.  Pond 0.                       2.0-6.0mg                   10c                   

Wash house                                                           0.0mg                   17.8c

Kitchen                                                           0.0-2.0mg                   22c

Microwave giving EMF reading
of 10. While going                                        0.0-10.0mg            No record

Hallway                                                          0.0-1.0mg                   21c

Wall mounted hallway heater
giving EMF reading of 6.                             0.0-6.0mg              No record

Toilet                                                              0.0-3.0mg                    19c

Bathroom                                                       0.0-1.0mg                    17.2c

J’s room                                                               0.0mg                     17.8c

Picture on hallway wall                              0.0-1.0mg               No Record

Spare bedroom                                              0.0-1,0mg                     18.6c

Op-shop suit in wardrobe-spare room         7.0-9.0mg                    18.1c

Main bedroom                                              0.0-9.0mg                    20c

Main bedroom wardrobe                          0.0-14.0mg                No Record

Closet near door main bedroom                 0.0-9.0mg                 No Record

Lounge Fire going                                     0.0-1.0mg                      25c  
Internal & external Investigation
Equipment Used:

1 x 8 Channel DVR Plus 19" Monitor

2 x 100mtr HD IR CCD Cam

1 x 50mtr HD IR CCD Cam

5 x 30mtr HD IR CCD Cam

2 x Full Spectrum Video Cams

1 x Thermal Imaging Cam

2 x Night Shots

3 x Full Spectrum stand alone Illuminators

5 x IR Stand Alone Illuminators

2 x Ultra Violet Stand Alone Illuminators

2 x Laser Grids

2 x Still Digital Cameras

12 Assorted Tripods

2 x Digital Audio Recorders

4 x EMF Meters Analog & Digital

1 x Parabolic Ear (Big Ear)

2 x Walkie Talkie's

8 x Video / Power / Audio Leeds

1 x Passive IR Motion Detector
Crew Present:



1 x Crew Member

Both Owners of the property
This is a thermal image  and it looks like some one standing near the  property boundary, but there was no one to be seen
This is one of four digital
stills that caught this ecto style mist, we tried to recreate this but to no avail, we could not see it forming in front of us, it was also caught on DVR and on review of the footage, it moved very quickly as there was no wind and the night was still, it had to have its own enargy to move.
This is another shot of the ecto style mist, it is not a good quality shot, backed up by DVR  what is interesting about this shot is, the mist was traveling in the opposite direction to our first ecot style mist shot, and the night remained still all throughout the investigation
On the right side of this shot just above the car there seems to be an orb following Crissy, we have caught what seems to be the same orb anomaly all through the investigation
This is George using the thermal imaging camera, this shot does not do justice to the orb anomaly that is above him and to the left, we are of the opinion that it is the same one that was following Crissy earlyer in the evening
George took this shot of the ecto style mist as it went past him, his camera was in zoom so he was not close to the night shot when he took the shot, it was still moving at a quick rate of speed
This is a second shot taken only  moments after the ecto mist was captured going passed George and the night shot
This shot has been added to show the ecto style mist at the top right

Cam 01: Behind shed, facing corner garden

Cam 02:
Mid garden, diagonally facing corner garden

Cam 03:
Left hand side of rear section, facing garden Hallway

Cam 04: facing front door

Cam 05:
Spare bedroom

Cam 06:
Main bedroom

Cam 07:
Diagonally across lounge

Cam 08:
Lounge from dining area

Full Spectrum: used in lounge

Full Spectrum:

Sony Night Shot:
used for interview and vigil in back garden

Sony Night Shot: Mobile
Site Background

Currently the property is occupied by S and B, their son and boarder.  They also have a large pet dog.  They have lived at the residence for a little over two years.
For around the first year no paranormal activity was noted on the property, however while working on building a garden in the back of the section many photographs were taken.  While these pictures were transferred to computer, B started noticing unexplainable lights in shots.  After their interest was ignited, both S and B and their son also on occasion started to notice more anomalous lights, and started to also notice them with the naked eye.  Eventually these lights were being seen both inside and outside of the house
While all those who live in the home have noticed strange lights and shadows, including the boarder,   also the dog has acted very calm and fussed about the strange activity.  The property owners do say though, that on occasion they have noticed him seemingly staring intently at nothing.
The house was fairly run down when purchased by the family, and has since been built back up to a comfortable home.  Formerly the local area was all swampy, with pockets of solid land.  There is no distinct known history about the site which might help explain any haunted history, however it is said that a young boy drowned in the rear garden area, which must have happened back when it was less developed and swampy.
The family is active in the local Spiritualist Church, and has therefore had access to people who have been able to attend the scene and give their readings, feelings and impressions on what is occurring at the property.  This has lead to a general understanding of a ley line running diagonally through the section, from the right hand side at the front and through to the garden in the left hand side read corner of the back lawn.  Approximately central and seemingly on the middle of the line sits the washing line
S and B have actively begun trying to investigate the activity since experiences have become almost a daily occurrence.  They use an infra-red camera to document visual activity, and have also started to experience audible activity, and say of late auras seem to be becoming more obvious in the orbs they manage to capture on film.  They accept and list two spirits they believe share the house with them, ‘Chef’ - who seems to make clicking type noises from the kitchen area.  There is also a lady in the same area, they have been told often puts the kettle on to make a cuppa.
All the family members are comfortable with the status quo of their situation, and say as long as the spirits are benign and happy they are welcome to stay put.  They have never felt uncomfortable or threatened by the activity on their property and are happy for it to continue.
We think this is our anomaly friend again, as there seems to be more than one paranormal visitor, this might be a different one but if thats the case they are identical
Investigation: Crissy, George and a crew member arrived at the investigation around 4.15, and began  with taking baseline readings of the property and house, we then interviewed the family and boarder about their experiences, we got permission to recorded the interview and that is what we did, we also took time to  review some of the footage previously recorded by the family onsite.
Early in the evening a vigil was held in the corner garden on the back lawn, using two audio recorders and Sony night shot.  Unfortunately and annoyingly one of the recorders malfunctioned and nothing was recorded, however it’s doubtful that what was recorded by the second audio recorder and night shot would have been any different. On reviewing what we were able to record had too much background noise, and would have made it too difficult to take any results from the malfunctioning main recorder.  Another vigil was also held in the main bedroom by and George and the crew member later in the night, and although an audio recorder was used, attempted analysis of this also showed it to have malfunctioned and recorded nothing, while at the time it appeared to be working properly.
Later in the evening another vigil was held in the lounge, including the participation of B and S.  While the crew member lead the vigil, George used the parabolic ear close by, and particularly in the main bedroom and wardrobes.  The high EMF collected there made it a focal point for further investigation.  A standard question the crew member asked into the recorder she was holding was ‘Is there anyone here who would like to communicate with us, would they like to make a noise or come forward and tell us their name?’  Very shortly after this George informed the group he had captured an EVP and played it back for us.  It was recorded directly out of the main bedroom closet, and consisted of 5 clear main tapping noises: tap tap tap - pause - taptap
On further analysis of this EVP on computer, after a pause of approximately 3 seconds past the tapping, a clear male voice is heard saying ‘Watch’.  Before this very clear EVP was recorded George had recorded a first sound from the same wardrobe that sounded to him and others very much like a low toned groan in a male voice.  Unfortunately this recording was not able to be saved as the big ear can only retain one recording at a time, this made it obvious to us that we need to connect a separate recorder to the ear in future, and the obvious EVP was preferred.
The thermal camera was also used for a good period of time during the evening.  This was particularly so in the back garden, we did this to help document the strange divided readings of temperatures across the back lawn.  In such a small space, the wide variation of temperatures from one side to the other of the lawn would not normally be expected, and the difference of 4.8 degrees was not readily explainable.
Using the grey scale setting of the thermal camera, George was able to collect an array of interesting shots, mainly from the middle and left hand side of the back lawn.  During the first vigil, George took shots of Crissy and crew member, they clearly show masses of temperature change close to their backs and over their shoulders.  At one point crew member felt very cold, her temperature dropping from 15 to 12 degrees.  Crissy’s shoulder closest to the crew member read 17 degrees, however her other shoulder read 19 degrees.
The thermal shots taken by George down the left hand fence are fascinating.  One shot clearly shows the profile outline of a human shape, perhaps male and wearing a longer style coat.  A similar shot to this, although not as clear and from a front on angle may have captured this figure in front of the garden in the left rear corner of the lawn.  Other shots taken down this left hand fence line appear to show the same shape in various shots of motion.
Both crew member and George’s digital cameras were also proven very handy during the night.  In the back garden a number of pictures were captured featuring ecto style mist, or the wispy foggy looking indication that spirits may be presence.  These were taken in many different spots, and no indication of the presence of the mist was ever seen by either investigator with their naked eyes.  At one point a crew member and George take a picture of each other at the same time and a huge mass of fogginess shows up between them, neither was aware of it before or after the shot was taken.
Being the first instance of the crew member and George taking ectoplasm shots, there were a few attempts made to fake them with their breath.  It was found to be trickier than anticipated, the timing of clicking and breathing having to be right, and the results showed a less dense, less swirling type of mist.  And while the weather was damp, there was no obvious indicator to this being the cause of the 10 or so ectoplasm shots that we feel are genuine.
The final notable occurrence during the evening happened shortly after the vigil involving everyone present in the lounge.  Crissy was sitting in the rocking chair in the corner during conversation, when she announced she suddenly felt someone was expressing for her to ‘Get the f… out!’  She explained she did not feel this directed at her in an overly aggressive manner, and was unsure as to whether it meant for her to get out of the chair or out of the house in general.  She did feel uncomfortable enough to move from the rocking chair however and conversation continued.  A relatively short time later she indicated that she was developing a thumping headache and was feeling drained and tired.  These feelings are not unlike those previously experienced by Core Investigators after having come into contact with spirits.
DVR Analysis

During the investigation the passive motion detectors were repeatedly and often activated, mostly on cameras #2 and #3 from the back garden.  No obvious causes for this movement was seen at the time with the bare eye. Analysis of these cameras has shown a mind blowing amount of movement anomalies, too many to get into any real depth on this report.For the sake or reading ease, each camera and the noted activity are bullet pointed from this stage:
Cam 1:
Light anomalies recorded, not necessarily orbs but of more defined shapes. Squares and rectangles
Movement concentrated and appearing to move from and to a defined spot near the corner apex corner of the fence lines:

Orb anomalies, thus called as they do not fit ‘traditional’ descriptions of orbs.While dust, moisture and other terrestrial causes are eliminated, they move slowly for the most part but appear to follow defined pathways of movement.  Some of these appear to be close to the size of a soccer ball.

7.20 For comparisons sake a bug is recorded flying on the lower right hand side of the screen:

A very clear rod or ‘flying fish’ anomaly is caught on the right hand side of the screen, What the team call the ‘matchbox’ flying light anomaly makes itself known.  It is called this due to its shape remaining in basically a small rectangle during its entire recorded flight:
Camera 2:
Rectangular anomalies, maintaining their shape travel quickly through this camera shot on several occasions.

At 6.58 a classic rod or ‘sky fish’ is recorded travelling across the top of the shot.  Several more of these are sighted during the evening.  None were seen with the naked eye:

Around 7.02pm major anomalous movement is recorded on the camera and interference affects the illuminators.  The infra-red is wiped out causing the shot to go pinky-red, and then signal is lost to the camera totally.  This sort of affect is more common with battery operated stand alone cameras, and is not expected from those wired to mains power, Specially if there was no power surge at the time, this happens several times to this camera:

Small light anomalies also permeate this camera, both orb and un-orb like:

Non-classic orb activity is frequently captured.  These move both quickly and slowly and do not hold classic orb specifications - ie: their own light source.  They do move purposefully and appear to gravitate to the left hand side fence, and the apex corner of the fence lines.  Dust and moisture are eliminated as the potential source of these:

Much activity is recorded going up and down the left hand fence line, these orb anomalies include many different sizes and strengths of hue:

Also at 7.02 pm a mass on the left hand side of the camera seems to hold the image of a face for 2/10th of a second.  This may be only pareidolia, but is worth taking note:

At both 9.46 and 9.47pm moth activity has been recorded on the left hand side of the camera shot, for comparison means again:
Cam 3
Early in the night, around 7.00pm an orb with a brighter nucleus is observed over the fence line:

At 7.07 a very bright and capsule shaped orb is recorded against the fence on the left hand side, it moves incredibly quickly:

The ectoplasm caught on digital camera, and is caught here too coming in from the top right hand corner of the camera and moving in until disappearing completely further into the shot:

Like the activity caught in cameras#1 and #2 this angle also captures the ‘matchbox’, various movement anomalies, orb activity and light pillars:

At 7.21 pm a distinct light pillar comes down over the folded sun umbrella near center shot:
Cam 4
This camera faces down the hallway towards the front door.  It has captured many movement anomalies like the outside cameras, some more distinct than others - but moving in all directions toward and away from the camera.  The majority of movement distinctly travelled in and out of the main bedroom, across the hallway and into the lounge - and vice versa.

At 7.48 an orb phenomena is captured against the lower edge of the front door.  This capture was made at the same time by a crew member with a digital camera.  Immediately after this an orb anomaly approaches the camera and seems to ‘investigate’ around it.  Nothing was seen by the crew member who was there at the time.

Just after 8.00 pm an orb is captured quiet clearly coming through the lowest pane of glass in the front door.

At 12.32 am a bright orb is captured in the hallway at the corner of the camera.  This is the only orb captured on film during the course of the investigation that fits the typical criteria of a classic orb, with purposeful movement and its own intense light source.
Cam 5
The camera is set panning diagonally across the guest bedroom inside.  To a lesser degree it reinforces the anomalous movement that has been recorded elsewhere on the property.  While in general a lot less movement is recorded in this room, a lot does seem to originate from and move towards the curtain/window in the room:
Cam 6
This camera is set up in the main double bedroom, pointing diagonally across the room toward the door.  It shows the door across the hall open into the lounge and some of the
activity occurring  there:

This room shows considerable movement anomalies, of all sizes and levels of brightness.  The EVP taken in this room was from the closet not shown in camera shot, so there is no record of orb anomalies entering or exiting from that area, but a vast amount of movement is gravitated around the closet behind the entrance door:

The majority of movement on this camera travels between the bedroom and the lounge - in both directions:

At 9.48 an orb is recorded  moving in a roller coaster fashion up and down, in and out across the main bedroom door, heading into the room.  This carries on across the closet door behind the main door, and then changes direction and heads back the other way:

At 11.05pm an anomaly is buzzed by a purposeful orb, while the anomaly is stationary beside the bed.  The orb seems to make it to the bedside lamp (not turned on ) before disappearing:
Cam 7
This camera is the first of two set in the lounge.  It is aimed diagonally across, showing the TV screen:

Again, the data collected here reinforces the large amount of movement anomalies already recorded elsewhere on the property.  There was some previously not noted activity recorded as well:

S seemed to have most of the activity in this room following him; indeed there was a notable drop in movement when he would leave the room:

Most movement in this area was of substantial size, and again variable in brightness.  Here is seen the first of the ‘half-moon’ anomalies; orb-like in appearance, however a portion of the arc on their perimeter is lighter and more solid in appearance than the rest:

In this camera we also see ‘donut’ anomalies for the first time.  These orb phenomena are of variable size and brightness; however all have a ‘hole’ in their center giving the donut appearance.  This open center remains constant regardless of the size, speed or trajectory of the anomaly:

At 7.15pm a rod or ‘sky-fish’ is recorded in the room.  The lounge is the only area inside the house these rods are filmed:

At 8.01pm a ‘capsule’ anomaly is caught on film.  This is very similar to what was captured on video outside:

The capsule anomaly is again caught on film at 8.47, above the bookcase.  At the same time another appears in front of the TV screen with a reddish tinge.  From the footage its not obvious whether that is in fact two of the same anomaly, or a reflection of one.  A reflection would seem to suggest a level of solidity not expected in the capsule phenomena:

At 8.47.14pm a very clear ‘donut’ anomaly is captured in front of the TV screen, it changes direction before disappearing:
Cam 8
This final camera is also set up in the lounge, facing across and covers the door into the hallway and seeing into the open door of the double bedroom.  Again it captures a lot of the motion activity caught on the other cameras:

At 7.12.47 both rod movement and anomalies are recorded together near center shot.  At 7.13.26 the rod revisits the shot:

At 7.13.50 a clear large rod moving very quickly is caught in 1/10th of a second motion:

S is in the room at 7.46.53 and various ‘donut’ anomalies seem to hang around him, buzzing him.  They appear to following him around more so than anyone else:

At 7.54.03 a large ‘donut’ is captured at the top left of the screen:

Later in the evening, while George is using the parabolic ear, all people present are continuously buzzed.  Some of these anomalies are brighter than most:

At 10.53.37 a classic, bright ‘donut’ anomaly is recorded:
This thermal image of the back yard was taken at the height of orb activity, the image looks like it has been taken some where else, we are all having trouble placing the signatures around the clients back yard, I tried to recreate this image but I could not
Mid right of this shot, between the house and the fence there is an Orb, using the distance and the wheel size of the car it is closest to,  we estimate it to be about soccer ball in size, we also think it the same one as in other shots through the night, as some posted above , an orb on a mission I think
Top right anomaly movement near the fence line. we are hoping posting shots like this one do not loose to much definition
Here George is using the big ear, All of the EVP's we got on this investigation was with  the big ear
This is another shot that does not do the subject justice, and we apologize for the poor quality, in the upper left just below the guttering, this orbs own light source is very bright, we have no way of knowing if it is the same one as mentioned before

Overall there was far more gained from the investigation than what could have been expected. The very clear EVP, the still pictures of ectoplasmic mist, the ectoplasm caught on DVR camera, the movement anomalies of newer types, the thermal camera captures and the ‘typical’ orb capture in the hallway all leave no doubt that regular paranormal activity occurs at the property.  What S and B experience regularly was documented and more.

Generally the amount of recorded and experienced movement anomalies on the property exceeded the expectations of the investigators.  While most does not fit into the ‘typical’ orb recognition parameters, there are not obvious explanations for what might be causing it.  All maintained ‘intelligent’ movement of some degree, although the size and brightness was a huge variable.  The ‘half-moon’ and ‘donut’ shaped phenomena is a new experience for Core investigators, although they have been documented by investigators in other areas of the world.  While these phenomena cannot be discounted completely as non-paranormal, there is nothing to count out the possibility it may be related to the other paranormal activity on the property.

The amounts of movement anomalies are such that over 10 000 shots are presented on the disks in the form of a slide show for the client.  This however is not the total amount of movement that could be documented from the DVR footage; it simply became un-practical to document every occurrence.  The strongest and best images have been presented, while all the raw footage has been retained uncut.

Another interesting occurrence from the investigation was the affect on camera 2 just after 7.00pm. While its generally accepted that paranormal activity can ‘tap into’ power provided by investigators to help their own energy levels, Core investigators have not experienced this happening with hard wired electrical gear.  Its not unheard of for digital cameras, voice recorders and other hand-held equipment to have the batteries drained, the DVR cameras are mains powered and therefore should theoretically not show the drainage of power experienced on camera 2.  The camera in question has been used in subsequent investigations and shows no signs of being faulty.

Areas of ongoing interest for re-investigation of the property would appear to be the main double bedroom and lounge inside the property, and the left fence line and left corner rear garden. The property provided more than enough results to make the claim of paranormal activity occurring, as is being continually experienced by B and S, and the team at Core thank them for the invitation to investigate
This shot is captured by Crissy, it is of the same orb as the shot above, it is on the move downward and away from the house, Crissy is at the fence line rear side of the house good capture
This shot was taken soon after Crissy felt that some unseen force was trying to move her, she was unsure if it wanted her to move of the chair, or move out of the house, she soon  afterwards got a major head ache
This is a shot of Crissy tuning into the surroundings, we think she must have tuned in to well, as the incident while she was sitting in the lounge rocking chair may have been conected
Mid left in this shot is a rod or it other name is sky fish, we captured this a few time on DVR, I am not sure if you will be able to see it clearly after uploading this shot
We have captured this anomaly  seen mid top in this shot, we have captured it a few times, we don't know what to call it  "An Ore or a Flying Matchbox", it is nearly a perfect rectangle corners and all. It has a very straight and smooth flight path. 
This orb shows all the signs of what we all know as the classic Orb, when seen on the DVR footage it shines with a very bright center, emitting its own light, its flight path is very smooth and level, when it is viewed on seen one to one, it is spectacular to say the leest
Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009
Below: Are some thermal images and digital still pictures with a brief description about each one, these are from the nights investigation, the whole night kept us all on our toes.