On the 30th of October 2011 Core Paranormal NZ have had the privilege and the honor, of doing a 2nd follow up investigating on one of New Zealands best private museums. We will not publish a report or disclose the local of the museum,these are the owners wishes,  Notes only.
Crew Present:
& another Crew MemberCrew Member that left early
Equipment Used:
1 x 16 channel DVR
1 x 8 Channel DVR
1 x 4 Channel DVR
12 x 100mtr IR  HDCCD Cams
10 x 50 mtr IR  HDCCD Cams
28 x Assorted 100mtr & 50mtr & 30mtr Video Leeds
3 x Night Shots
3 x Full Spectrum Video Cams
2 x Still Digital Cameras
36 x Assorted Tri-pods
2 EMF Meters Analog & Digital
1 x Digital Audio Recorder
12 x 50mtr IR Lamps
1 x 100 mtr IR Lamp
4 x Full Spectrum Illuminators
8 x IR Illuminators
6 x Ultra Violet Illuminators
2 x Tri-torch's
1 Thermal Imaging Camera
3 x  Microphones hooked up to 8 channel DVR
2 x Hand held Laser Grids
4 x walKie Talkies
Luke: here he is manning the 16 channel DVR,, although he is new to this it did not show. He did great at this investigation, as it was a busy night for all the investigators
Jade: Also is new to the investigation side of the paranormal, Jade also is a very promising investigator.
Both Jade and Luke handled the gear set up and the investigation like vetrans
George: Here he is chasing after High EMF readings that seem to be on the move, it lead all the investigators on a chase several time through the night, this High EMF on the move we had encountered on the property  on previous visits, but each time not in the same areas
This Bright Orb whizzed past all of us at a fast rate, Luke managed to get this pic on the move, he also got most of the interesting still shots on the night, and we have caught this sort of anomaly before on this property, I have cropped the original  to protect the owners identity
This picture of George looking upward was taken when the group was chasing high EMF readings that was on the move, and at this time there was a noise loud enough to catch all our attention that seemed to no apparent cause. Everyone started to take pictures, and Jade was able to get this picture of this Orb which was in the direction of the noise we all heard. 
Investigation Notes:

was 4 of us at the start to set up all of the gear, about an hour and a half later near the end of the set up, one of the cew members left dew to health reasons. Investigators left were,
George, Jade, Luke.
The night for the three of us was flat out, we encountered very high EMF readings that had us on the run at different times through the night, and it did not seem to have a pattern, and rarely following the same path, and some times it seemed to return to near by when first noticed,  it is hard to nail the readings down to a particular ceiling number ,but the EMF hit as high as 17mgs a couple of times but it would fluctuate.   
Resting Reading and Weather conditions
There are several large areas to record the resting readings, so I will give a general out line.
All the areas before set up were zero EMF, that is understandable as the main building only has power to a small section, the rest of the main building is dead as far as power goes. The temperature was average 20c - 24c. The Night was calm and clear with no wind 
and no rain.
The only noticeable temperature difference on the night was recorded near Jade several times, so it is hard to say if it had just be heat contamination from body heat, or maybe paranormal in cause.
There was a lot of very good video and stills recorded on this investigation, we had found  similar data on earlier investigations of this property. The big bonus is the Orb sittings by all of us, in fact at the same time after wards,  everyone was rubbing there eyes in awe at what we had just witnessed .
Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009
The whole investigative night went very smoothly for us, there were no technical problems with the gear, and even though Jade and Luke were new to the investigation side of the paranormal, It did not show as they both handled everything that the night had in store for us, and both were as keen as mustard.

All three of us were able to gather some very impressive still shots, as well as that of all the DVR's picked up. As always this site is a wealth of paranormal activity and it is a pleasure and a privilege to be able to investigate it.
Core Paranormal NZ thanks the owners  and look forward to returning in the future
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