1 x Crew Member
4 x Family Members

Equipment Used
1 x 8 Channel DVR
6 x 30mtr HD IR CCD Cams
1 x 50mtr HD IR CCD Cam
2 x Still digital cameras
1 x Thermal Imaging camera
2 x Digital Voice recorders
1 x Parabolic Ear
2 x Laser Grids
2 x Sony night shot camera
2 x Full Spectrum camera
3 x EMF meters
8 x Assorted Tripods
5 x 30mtr Video Audio Power Leeds
2 x 50mtr Video Audio Power Leeds

Camera Layout
Camera#1: Bedroom (former recording studio technical room)

Camera#2: Games room, lounge end facing stairs
(former stage for recording studio)

Camera#3: Front door facing up stairs

Camera#4: Top of the stairs facing down over pool table

Camera#5: Upstairs hallway facing games room

Camera#6: R’s bedroom wardrobe

Camera#7: Main bathroom upstairs

Resting ReadingsEMFTEMP
Bedroom/technical studiospikes up to 1822.6 C
Lounge-end games roomspikes up to 622.8
Stage-end games roomspikes up to 821.4
Pool tablespikes up to 114
Stairsspikes up to 1021.8
Upstairs hallwayspikes up to 922.1
R’s roomspikes up to 623.2
Main bathroomspikes up to 2220.6

Known Property History
From initial conversations with daughter S, whom is no longer living at the address but grow up there, and
preceding the investigation, and from talking to parents J and K and other family members on the day of the investigation, the team was able to gather quite good information about the known history of the property and of the family’s experiences. Even visitors witnessed some of the unexplainable events that happen in their home.

The property has quite an unusual layout for a private residence, and it appears to have been purpose built in split level, as the lower level was used as a recording studio and stage.  It has a long history with local religious groups and was used by Church choirs to record music, but was originally built for monks to do there choir practice. Features include the large singing/choir recording room which is now used as a lounge/games room.  This large area has a somewhat unusual shape, presumably to aid with acoustics; it also has a slightly elevated ‘stage’ area at the stairway end of the room.  At the opposite end of the large room was the small technical recording room, which was originally separated by a large glass window in the wall. These days the window has been removed and is walled in, The final unusual feature of the home is the double-lined walls, with about a foot of space between them.  This runs from the floor to the attic and may have been to help acoustics also, or to help with any machining or wiring that may have been necessary to install at future dates.

The family has in their possession a religious groups record album that was made on the premises, although the date of the recorded is not on the album or cover it appears that it may have been the late 1960’s or early 1970’s.  The album cover features the various members of the singing group posing on the stairs that remain in the games room today.

All of the family members have experienced strange noises or seen things they equate to the paranormal at some time or another in the home during their time there.  For the most part they are not uncomfortable and are not bothered or afraid of what they experience.  J also shared with investigators that she had previously
lived in a home where a woman in white would make her way up and down a hallway.
This is a  Partail Report: A Private Home with a historic Past In The North Island
The Investigation Date Was November The 16th 2011By Core Paranormal NZ, Clients Privacy Being Observed
Core Paranormal NZ thanks the family for their interest in having them investigate and for their hospitality on the night.  The team looks forward to ongoing contact with them in the future.
This picture was taken in daylight hours at the beginning of the investigation, in the upper mid  left, one of the orbs seen on this investigation
This thermal image is taken in gray scale by George, the signature looks like a child size torso and with maybe baggie pants, it was taken while the stare way after had not been used for a while, it seems to be about 80 percent formed, this ties in with some of the activity the family and  some of there friends are experiencing in the home
Below: This is a couple of DVR slide snap of some of the activity recorded on the investigation, we got lots of good interesting footage and we were able to cross reference with some of our other equipment
Above slide snap shots, this orb comes into shot and dose an upward u-turn and out of shot again, this is typical of some of the footage recorded in certain areas of the home.
Below: George looking for the source of some intermittent high EMF readings in the old recording studio, on viewing the footage this Orb like anomaly was caught approaching George at the same time as the EMF was being recorded, anomaly lower left moving right
The Investigation

During the evening of the investigation it proved to be pretty quiet.  At the beginning visually and audibly not much of note happened live to either the crew member or George, nor was anything of note reported by the family members present.

There was a few things of interest in the investigation that featured through the evening that occurred during the evening, there was the unusually high and spiking electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) readings, in particular the readings from the upstairs bathroom and from the pool table itself, this influenced the choices made by the investigators; although others taken on the night are some of the highest the team have ever recorded.

Both J and K had excessively high EMF recorded around them, at different times of the night and in different areas of the property.  EMF around J spiked to over 11 at approximately 8.15pm in the games room. Earlier in the day and outside, EMF readings spiked to over 120 around K near the carport.  While readings around the pair did not reach those levels again during the evening, they remained unusually high across the property.

Several interesting thermal imaging captures were also made during the investigation by George with the thermal camera.  A few shots contained definite temperature variant pictures, most were not recognizable as anything specific; George did capture what appears to be the thermal image of a child on the staircase.  While the image does not show the entire body of the child it does clearly contain a head and torso, with the upper part of the legs. One could go so far as to describe the child as wearing long baggy shorts.

The final tangible constant noticed by the crew member and George was the difference in temperature between the lounge area of the games room and the bedroom off to one side of the games room.  The door between the two rooms remained open during the investigation and there were no open windows or doors allowing ventilation in either area.  Temperature rechecks were made constantly throughout the night, the variance between the rooms in the space of no more than three meters remained up to 3 degrees C difference.

Data Analysis

During the investigation nothing much of note in the way of movement, light anomalies or even insect activity was reported by the investigators or present family members with the naked eye.  There was some movement noted while the DVR was watched, and on analysis more movement and anomalies were revealed in the viewing of the DVR footage afterwards

While it is fair to say some dust and insect movement was present on the DVR recordings, there was not a lot that could strictly be labeled as such by the investigators.  Some of this ‘false’ activity has been included in the visual results for the homeowners, as reference material for them.

Other visual results from the DVR cameras include:


8.16pm/8.17pm -
Interference with this camera only.  An unusual occurrence with hardwired camera; a red haze is noticeable as the camera image clears up again.
8.52.46pm - A bright orb anomaly occurs after George and crew member leave the room.  It starts at ceiling height, following a defined path, but moving so slowly that shots are taken only every 3rd frame.
8.59.37pm - After the investigators leave the shot, an orb anomaly rises at a steep angle then descends to behind the mirror.   At the same time George captures the anomaly signature on the thermal camera.
9.02.14pm - Crew Member and George are investigating the closet.  Movement is captured behind George at the same time he thinks he hears an unidentifiable noise from the closet.
9.03.11pm - Crew Member is in the room and several orb anomalies appear to ‘buzz’ the member, the activity carries on after the member leaves the room.
9.11.19pm - Orb activity seems to be prevalent around the mirror corner of the room.  A rod also appears in the room at this time.
9.25.529m - While Crew Member is doing an audio vigil in the room, an orb anomaly comes out from behind the mirror area.
10.20.12pm - After George does an update with the full spectrum camera and leaves the room, a ‘donut’ (orb anomaly with a hollow center) appears against the wall to the left and moves very slowly towards the right.
10.47.25pm - a small rod follows Crew Member around the room.


8.13.36pm - Crew Member and George are preparing the DVR and while it is still daylight a movement anomaly passes them both

8.08.00pm - Crew Member is at the DVR and a rod-like anomaly passes by very quickly in front of the member, and then overhead.  This is while it is still daylight and is very clear on the footage.

8.20.25/8.26.45pm - George is showing thermal images to the family while movement is occurring around them.

8.41.09pm - A bright and fast orb anomaly passes the camera, appearing to head towards the bedroom.

9.58.56pm - Again the Crew Member is buzzed by a bright orb anomaly, that appears to do a U-turn but does not enter the shot frame completely.

10.12.54pm - A capture of an insect.  It clearly shows their type of flight movement and patterns.

10.29.07pm - An orb anomaly is captured to the right of Crew Member.

10.31.22pm - Crew Member has left the shot and a rod appears to follow her direction.

8.07.01pm -
While still daylight, Crew Member leaves the room and goes outside and moments later an anomaly appears to follow her.

8.28.00pm - Movement down the staircase.

8.34.11pm - J comes down the stairs and is followed by a small reddish hued rod.

9.35.21pm - George is reviewing a capture on the thermal camera that is likened to footprints in appearance and there is some movement around him.

10.19.24pm - Crew Member is sitting on the stairs with the parabolic ear and appears to be buzzed by an orb anomaly.

10.28.02pm - Another capture of an insect For comparison


8.23.52pm -
J and family are talking to the investigators regarding gear while two orb anomalies pass over the pool table, one after the other.  The table gets buzzed again when the boys approach it.

8.25.06pm - While still daylight an anomaly shaped like a sausage or banana appears in the lower right hand corner of the camera shot.

8.35.45pm - As a family member approaches the pool table a rod passes quite quickly in front of him.

8.55.20pm - A moth or midge is captured in shot.  Movement shows wings and how they appear when flying on camera again for comparison reasons for the client.

9.17.33pm - After George has been using a laser grid torch a clear rod travels through the picture.  The ‘fins’ on this rod are particularly clear.

10.26.15pm - Another rod anomaly passes over the pool table.


8.19.30pm -
Two family members descend the stairs and appear to be followed by an orb anomaly
8.25.10pm - A female friend of the family descends the stairs and an orb anomaly passes her heading in the opposite direction, towards the camera.

8.30.26pm - Possibly the same anomaly precedes J up the stairs. It appears to fade out rather than move out of shot.

8.40.22pm - Crew Member adjusts the angle of the camera in the hallway and movement is recorded.

9.32.59pm - George and Crew Member have passed the camera and an orb appears to come along from the far end of the games room and up along the hallway.

9.48.44pm - An oblong shaped orb anomaly appears up high about ten seconds after Crew Member has passed by.

10.18.50pm - George is in the kitchen and an orb anomaly appears to come through the wall.

10.29.47pm - Another moth is recorded under the IR.  It clearly shows its erratic flight motion again for comparison reasons.


9.31.30pm - Movement is recorded at the top right hand side of the screen.

9.35.29pm - A strange shape evolves at the top right hand of the screen and appears to move right.

9.36.09pm - An orb like anomaly appears at the top right of the screen, moves very slowly with shots being taken only every 8 frames.

9.37.16pm - Crew Member arrives in the bathroom, her movements show no signs of kicking up any dust or insect activity.
Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009

Unfortunately there were no discernable audio results from either the parabolic ear, or the audio recorder used by any of the crew members during the vigil in the studio bedroom.  This however does not dampen the opinion of the investigators that there is definitely unusual activity occurring in the house.

It is highly possible that members of the family being sensitive to recognizing the paranormal, could be an influencing factor in the numbers of sightings, and audible experiences they have had. This is backed up by reported sightings of deceased family members by all in the home and friends, and also by the similarities in descriptions of experiences reported by close and further removed family members.

As long as the family members are not feeling threatened or uncomfortable in their home, there appears to be no reason not to leave the situation as it is. The family is happy with that happening.  However, should further advice be needed from the Core NZ team they are happy to offer this.
Experiences the family has had in their current home include:

Faces being seen in the wardrobe of R’s room. The families deceased Grandfather being seen in the upstairs hallway. A young ghost boy, perhaps 6 or 7 years old is said to be in the home.  On many different occasions a members of the family believe they have seen him, especially around the stairs in the games room.  His childish giggling has also been heard.  Family members believe he may be responsible for the footsteps sometimes heard on the stairway and the sound of hands being run up and down against the stairs balustrades when no one is there. Visiting relatives have also reported their belief they have encountered the child. Family members, particularly J, believe deceased family members have visited them in the house.
One older daughter has always been particularly sensitive to the paranormal activity on the property, however like the rest of the family feels mostly comfortable with the situation.  When she stays in the home she and her children use the bedroom off the games room.  The only time she has felt particularly un-nerved in the situation was the night she woke up to find a dark figure leaning closely over the crib her baby was sleeping in.  For the most part asking to be left alone when any feelings of discomfort affect the family has the result of making the current situation ease. Family members sometimes feel they are being followed around the house One family member believes the television set was turned off after they fell asleep in front of it.Unusual creaking and other noises are heard around the house