Core Paranormal NZ invited APART from Australia to a Joint investigation
Via Video Link 26th of January 2012

I first contacted APART in early 2012 via a media source, I had read about an investigation they had done at Beachworth Gaol. What I found interesting in the article was there use of psychic capabilities amongst there investigative tools, and seemed to apply them very well.

After contact was made, I asked them if they would be interested in trying out there psychic capabilityís via a video link, and I am pleased to say there agreed and eventually we arranged a date to suit both sides 26th of July 2012., 8.00pm NZ time.

Equipment used at our end:

1 x Sony Night Shot Recording & PC Cam
1 x Full Spectrum Video Camera
2 x IR Lamp
1 x Thermal Imaging Camera
2 x Laser Grids Hand Held + Custom Made Tripod Mount
1 x Tripod
1 x EMF Meter
1 x IR Thermometer

Core NZ Crew Present:

1 x Crew Member unnamed

Apart Crew Present Via Video Link:


Weather conditions:
Very windy, with heavy rain at times throughout the night, temperatures 17.0c at 8.00pm dropping to around 14.0c at 12.0am.

Start and Introduction 8.00pm
The investigation started with a small hick-up with the video link, and with some trouble shooting at our end I found the cause was one of our cables was faulty, after replacing the faulty cable both groups introduced themselves.

Then it was suggested via the (APART) end that they put both there psychics up front so they were visible on the video link, they are Alan and Brenda.
Because this was a first for us at Core NZ, part of our plan at this end was to pan a night shot and a Full spectrum video cameras around that was hooked up as PC cams during the investigation, this seemed to work well and the video over the link was good and clear, but the audio from our end was weak so we had to speak louder than usual.

As we at Core NZ had never investigated with psychics before we opened the investigation for the Apart team to take the lead, even though we had never worked with psychics before we are open minded to other methods, and gaining knowledge and learning from other groups with in reason, as we feel that the paranormal world always pops up with something new, so we feel this inherently difficult subject to approach is a life time learning curve.

While Crissy and a crew member were talking to Alan and Brenda I was panning one of the cameras around, at this stage Alan or Brenda did not know the full story behind the activity that was being experienced at the property, Alan asked me to give them a closer look at the rear of the building, the cable that I was using was not quite long enough but I was able to zoom in to the area. There was some discussion at the other end about the possibility of this area being a portal, and as the evening went on they felt more confident there was a portal. And any activity that was being experienced on the property would be coming through the portal.

This information about that particular area was a jaw dropper to us as we had not told the psychics where the hot spots were, we only told them that there was activity being experienced on the property, this area in particular that they had tuned into is where some of the activity that has been experienced on the property, in the form of several sightings of shadow figures and recorded voices (EVPís) in that area, also large temperature drops in that one area when compared to the rest of the building, there are no obvious causes for the large drops in temperature. Regarding psychics everyone at this end after hearing this information had some of the sceptic in us eroded.

For us at Core NZ, one of the objects of this investigation was to find out if psychic capabilities could be used over a live video link, at this early stage of the evening we at this end felt that Alan and Brenda were showing us that it is possible to do this over a live link.

As the evening carried on I mounted one of our hand held laser grids on a custom made tripod mount, I trained it on the area that caught Alans attention, as time went by we could see very clearly some movement in the grid, I asked if they could see the grid over the video link, they could see it but of course it was not as crisp as our end. As the evening carried on some of the movement in the grid on the video link was observed by Apart. At this point more discussion evolved about the source of the activity, and this one area that seems to be the portal.

As the grid was still trained on this one area at the rear of the building, something remarkable happened that will stay with me and others present for ever, as I mentioned earlier there was movement in the laser grid, a few minutes into this activity, our crew member and me watched three semi-transparent base ball sized Orbs appear at about knee height, we were about six meters away towards the front of the building, they floated towards us and grid made them stand out more, there movement was very smooth and the gaps between them differed and there line up was staggered and not in formation. This was amazing all three Orbs came to a halt at the crew members feet,, and for a few seconds the Orbs seemed to huddle around the crew memberís feet, then at a slightly faster rate floated back towards the rear of the building disappearing about mid-way. Even though I had video cameras going the Orbs were out of shot, but some of the other activity in the laser grid was caught on video.

There was another interesting point brought up by Alan who is Apartís leading psychic, he felt there was a connection with water and the property, again he did not know the history of the property but felt the link was there, and the water was a conduit for any spirit activity that may be in the area, and there seemed to be a definite presence in the building that is hanging around.

This information about water was another jaw dropper for us, and eroded more of our already thinning sceptic within us. The property is located on reclaimed land, the building is on what use to be a natural drain for the surrounding area, this is inland nowhere near the sea and the drain was backfilled and was built on fifty years ago, another interesting point on the night we were asked if there was a river close by, I think they psychically picked up on the land as it used to be in its natural state, as it was a running natural drain. The water would have crossed the rear of the property on an angle, when facing the rear of the property left to right.

Brenda one of her gifts is psychic artist, and while we were talking and running some vigils, she started to sketch what she felt was connected to the property, it was of a female maybe 35ish with shoulder length dark hair, and to me this looked a bit like my diseased sister Helen when she was younger, she was borne with blond hair but her hair darkened as an adult,. Also later in the wee hours of the morning, on the monitor at Apartís end they could see someone looking in the rear window waving, I could not see anyone at the window at the time, but I went to investigate, their was no one was there and the property is well fenced off, and there is no though traffic anywhere near the building.

The whole evening was an eye opener for us at this end, we had just witnessed some very talented people applying there psychic gift, and the activity that is present on the property did not let us down, at pack up time which was about 3.30am NZ time we thanked the spirit presence for coming forward and bided them good night. I would also like to say that the upmost respect was shown towards the spirit activity from both groups.

On wind up and reflection about the whole evening, this has left us some new found respect towards a method we have as a paranormal investigation group always shied away from, the reason for this is because In the past we have been bitten by some that have claimed to be psychic, but they have ended up being as psychic as my big toe, so for a long time we have always backed away from people that claim they are psychic. I am pleased to say we found this not to be the case with the group Apart, and they do not fall into the big toe category.

The whole investigative evening was a learning curve for us all and we feel that it was a big success, there was other things that happened throughout the evening but they will have to wait until another day, maybe a book who knows, we look forward to working with Apart in the future and their friendship, I have to say the group (Apart) as a whole there methods are very thorough, everyone in there group seems to knows what's needed at the time, and I would like to think that both groups gained some thing from this experience.

I would like to thank the Apart team for joining in with us on this investigation, it was a pleasure meeting them all and showing us how they approach different situations on investigation, also making it possible for both sides to experement with psychic capability's over live video link. Great stuff guys we look forwart to working with you again
Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009
This is a snap shot at the beging of the evening when we discovered there was a problem with the video link, we were able to solve the video problem, but the audio at our end was week, we had to talk louder than usual for our mic to pic us up.
Here is a snap shot taken from the video of the main area in question on this investigation, there is a green looking dot upper right side of the snap shot, it is part of the laser grid, right at this moment was when the activity was noticed. 
Again this is a snap shot from the video taken on the night, the window at the back of this snap shot is where the Apart group saw some one looking in through the window and waving, on investigation no one else was found on the property.
Apology's for some of the language used on this video clip, emotions were running a bit high at the time due to the activity that was unveiling. Also our audio on the video link was weak so we were also talking louder than normal, but the camera audio was working fine so it sounds like we are shouting, but we are not. I did not want to alter the video in any way by masking the language or the audio volume