Manawatu Flat Meeting a call for assistance     28th January 2012
                                                                              Our clients privacy is being observed

2 X Crew members
And occupant D

Equipment Used
1x Full spectrum video camera
2x Digital voice recorders
1x big ear
1x EMF meter
1x still digital camera

As opposed to being a full investigation, this meeting at the clients flat was instigated by D herself, after contacting Core Paranormal NZ through the internet, as a result of having recurrent strong dreams featuring her deceased mother, experiencing a strong feeling her mother was trying to get a message through to her, some strange behavior being exhibited by her pet cats and occasionally feeling she was not necessarily alone in her new flat.

The aim of the investigators being at the residence was two-fold; firstly to help set the residents mind at ease, and secondly to see if there was any physical indication of what might be happening in the house. At this stage one crew member began by interviewing the owner while George set up a DVR camera and voice recorder in the area of the interview, and he went about investigating the rest of the residence with other equipment.

During the course of the interview crew member found that D felt her mother had been trying to contact her for some months with messages, one she felt particularly strongly was that her mother was not happy with where she had been living; although since she had moved she felt the new place was not necessarily the right choice for her either.  One room in particular seemed to have a few electronic hiccups occurring in it and one of the cats was refusing to enter it at all.  She also felt occasionally that she was being watched, and felt the nagging urge to look towards the bedroom door - like someone might be standing there watching her.

After approximately 20 minutes talking to D, the crew member started a vigil talking to the ‘mother’ and any other present spirits in an effort to get them to communicate.  George at this time was using the parabolic ear, and picked up a sound he accurately describes like a ‘parrot croaking’ from the area of the closet in the bedroom.  This co-incided with the timing of crew members asking ‘if there was anyone present who wanted to communicate’ with them.  While the noise was not startling, or a distinguishable word its timing cannot be ignored.  It also proved to be the only noise picked up during the evening that seemed to be out of place.

George also did a thorough first sweep through the flat with an EMF meter, which resulted in no anomalous results.  Readings were negligent, except the normal levels coming from the microwave oven and fridge, both in the kitchen area.  A second EMF sweep, conducted over a half hour later returned some interesting readings from the bedroom, Near the head of D’s bed the EMF spiked highly for about 30 seconds, before dropping off completely again.  There was no electric blanket or bio-magnetic underlay on the bed, and all other possible causes for such a spike were quickly eliminated. Upon getting permission from D to investigate the bed much more closely to make sure there was no mechanical cause for the EMF, there were no more readings found, from the bedding, over the bed or under the bed, the EMF did not return to this area while the investigators were there.

Digital camera shots were also taken throughout the night, although these did not show anything unusual or conclusive, nor did the DVR camera footage.  The thermal imaging camera was also used, and at least two shots taken with this in the bedroom and did seem to show some thermal anomalies - however they are not distinctive enough to be made out as anything paranormal.  There were not any obvious temperature fluctuations felt by anyone present on the night.

At the end of the evening both crew members engaged discussion with D, reassuring her that from their experience of the night, there was no evidence or feeling of discomfort or negativity for either of them in the flat, and that there was nothing obvious that she should feel alarmed or upset about. The evening was closed with D feeling in a better frame of mind regarding what she had been experiencing lately, and with both crew members feeling like there could indeed be something going on in the flat, and taking into account what D was able to tell them, also the one or two minor occurrences of the night.

As a postscript to this meeting with D, she was able to take and supply to the Core NZ Investigators a short film she had managed to capture on her cellular phone. This was taken during day light hours, It shows a dark colored smudge that moves quickly across the shot and disappears.  D explained that although that wasn’t the only time she had seen it, it was usually too fast to capture on film.  Analysis of this short piece of film by Core NZ does seem to fit with the evidence pointing towards something occurring within the flat rented by D.

While D continues to experience some strange feelings, dreams and phenomena she is no longer as scared or troubled by it and maintains regular contact with the investigators.
Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009
Above: This is part of a short piece of video that our client shot on there cell phone.
Our client had reported to us that the movement that they have caught here, is the same as the movement they have noticed a few times before. This video is nothing startling nor does it prove anything paranormal, we have added it so you can look at it and come to your own conclusion,
and maybe you have noticed out of the corner of your eye similar movement your self.