Rangatikei Historic Home Stead Follow up Investigation By Core Paranormal NZ  11th of April 2012
This is our 2nd visit to this home sead and others will be needed to cover all buildings and grounds

Crew Present:
1 x Crew Member
Resting readings & Weather conditions

The weather was overcast with a slight breeze, the out side temperature at 7.30 pm was 13c and dropped approaching midnight to 10c. Also as the EMF readings were similar in behavior to our previous visit, as the EMF seemed to be on the move as we had to chase it, we concentrated again on looking for a possible mechanical cause, but we could not find any obvious emission source.    

We would like to explain
Dew to the shortage of investigators being able to make it, as it is a very large investigation area wise, it was decided to carry on with just the two of us and do what we can, obviously we were not able to deploy as much of our equipment as we would have liked, but the investigation still went ahead and proved to be very interesting.
Equipment Used:

1 x 8 Channel DVR

3 x 100mtr IR HD CCD Cams

2 x 50mtr IR HD CCD Cams

3 x 30mtr IR HD CCD Cams

1 x Thermal imaging camera

2 x Full Spectrum Video Cams

2 x Digital still cameras

2 x IR Thermometers  

1 x Digital audio recorder

1x spirit box ( a first for us )

2 x IR Motion Detectors

2 Walkie talkies

2 x laser grids

Assortment of tripods and fittings
Set up of the dvr went very smooth this time, and on powering the DVR up everything began as it should as all cameras were recording, and remained that way for the duration of the investigation, we had hoped to set several other multi channel DVR's up but this was not possible.
At the beginning of this investigation both of us soon realized that we may not be alone, even though we were the only two people in the building, as the atmosphere had changed dramatically, as there was no change in the weather we could not put the change down to that.

All evening we chased EMF that seemed to be on the move, and there seemed to be no pattern to the movement, but it was leading us to other floors, as this is a 3 story home stead we thought this could be a residual repetitive energy ( spirit or ghost ) using the stars, this home stead has stare ways all over the place, one set for the servants and another set for the owners.

We felt no out of the ordinary noticeable temperature changes , nor did any show up on our IR thermometers on this visit, as the night was clear and crisp there was only a slow decline in temperature as to be expected as the night grow on.

The Spirit Box This is the first time we have used this piece of equipment, we used it several time during the night on each floor but we got nothing at all from it. As most spirit boxes are just an AM receiver with an adjustable speed sweep on it I'm not surprised, and there are no am radio station around this particular area, also this time around our thermal imaging camera yielded nothing.

The DVR footage did not reveal anything of interest this time, the usual dust and the odd bug, there was one or two that looked like they could have been orbs due to there far distance and brightness to the DVR camera, the only other thing noticeable to both of us was the dramatic change in atmosphere, it hung around us both all night, even on pack up time we both felt we were being watched and some how at a subconscious level being pushed out the door when we were leaving, neither of us are easy spooked, but there was an unsettling almost harassing feeling to the whole building. Even though we were unable to record any real physical data this investigation still held our attention all night and it has stuck in both our minds.

We always perform white lights after each investigation and we each carry hematite, but we both left wondering would this be enough to protect us, so what ever was there would stays there, and is it enough to protects us from any possible harm.

Conclusion After all the investigating that we have done on this home stead and property, we have recorded some events that we consider to be out of the normal plain, we can not prove that this recorded activity is paranormal but it seems to fit the description. With the history that this home stead holds with in its grounds and walls, it would not surprise us if this activity was caused by paranormal  means.

The owners of the property do not want the activity around there home stopped, and they are happy to live along side with what ever is causing it, because they have never felt threatened by it.

Core Paranormal NZ would like to thank the owners of this property for there hospitality and allowing us into there home.  


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