Conclusions: Our first conclusion after viewing all the data we gathered about the Napier Prison on the evening of the 24-05-2012 is the whole prison is alive with anomalies, and Orb activity. We all noticed the lack of insect and dust presence on the DVR footage, out of all the investigations we have done over the years, this is the first one without them having a large impact, we are so use to seeing insect and dust on the footage we take, it seems to be the norm, as we know other group have the same problem, and it makes it hard to pick out anything that might be paranormal in nature, this is not the case with this footage of the Napier Prison. There is no mistaking what the activity is on the footage.
The second conclusion is based on the high levels some of our equipment reached, each time no emission source could be found why such high EMF was present, and some of the EMF was mobile, I had to chase it, the temperature fluctuation was high as well in places that it made no sense, as the evening was cool around 12c. Also we have been using Laser Grids for a while as an investigative tool, it was an idea of mine as it gives a different slant to an investigation, and it might help pick up hard to see movement, we have had very little success with it before we used it at the prison. On the DVR footage of the Gallows and the Cemetery there is a very clear disturbance in the grid, one can almost make out the outline of a human shape, yet there is no one in shot and no shadows are being cast ( On Slide Disk).
The Core NZ crew members that attended the investigation of the Prison have formed a healthy respect for the prison and its unexplainable activity. We feel that our investigation findings have shown that there are other presences there other than staff and patrons staying at the Napier Prison.
We would like to thank everyone at the prison for the friendly and pleasant welcome; we all enjoyed the investigation and the friendly people there. We feel the activity at the prison warrants further investigation, and we would love to come back and investigate the Prison further if possible.
Many Thanks from the Core NZ Crew.
Crew attending


Equipment Used
2 x 8 x Channel DVR setup around the wings & Yards
2 x 4 x Channel DVR  Setup in the Infirmary & Detox and outer rest rooms
12 x  100mtr IR CCD cams
8 x 50mtr IRCCD cams
4 x 30mtr IRCCD cams
4 x Full Spectrum video cams
5 x Sony Night Shots
4 x Digital Still Cameras
1 x Thermal Imaging Camera
3 x Digital Audio Recorder
3 x Hard Wired Lasers Grids
4 x Hand held Laser Grids                                                        
4 x Walki Talki’s
4 x Full Spectrum Illuminators
3 x  100mtr Infrared Lamps
6 x 50mtr infrared Lamps
4 x Infrared Medium range Illuminators
6 x Ultraviolet Illuminators
2 x passive IR Motion Detectors
4 x DVR hard wire uni Microphones
Report for Napier Prison by Core Paranormal NZ The Investigation was on the 24th of May 2012
Marion & Toro have given Core Paranormal NZ investigations permission to publish our first report on Napier Prison
The Weather:  still and fresh with a bit of cloud, No rain while the
investigation was taking place
Overnight temperatures averaged 12 c
We arrived around 5.30 and the weather was clear with no wind, we were greeted at the front gate by a staff member and shortly after Marion introduced herself to us and she left for the day.
We were shown around the prison by a young lady, and she also told us about the areas in the prison we should stay clear of for privacy reasons, so we stayed clear of these area’s with our equipment.

Equipment Setup:

After our tour of the prison, we set too and started to set up our equipment at around 6.30pm, the night was drawing in but there was a fresh bite to the air, which kept the air clear and crisp, the weather stayed this way the whole evening which is ideal for Paranormal Investigating.
The setting up of the four stand alone IR DVR’s ( 24 x IR CCD Cams ) and the 5 x stationary Sony’s, the 4 Full Spectrums,  three powered Laser Grids and the Audio Equipment took about an hour & half. While we were setting up the gear two of our crew members were picking up the feeling that we were not alone, in the spiritual ( Paranormal ) sense, (Brenda and Victoria), Brenda and Victoria seem to be more sensitive to the paranormal experience than most people, I have witnessed this of them myself many times, and I have grown to trust and respect their gift.
Resting Readings EMF & Average Temperature Taken around 7.30pm

                 0.0                  16  

The Pound                   0.0                 14.8 c

The Hole                      0.0                  13 c

Detox                           0.0                 15.2c

Exercise Yard 's             0.0              14.7c

Middle Toilet Area     0.0                15.4c

Shower Block              3.0                15.1c 

Mess Hall                     0.0               14.1
Equipment Used for Resting Readings                                                 
EMF Meter Used” Lutron EMF-822A”
IR Thermometer Used “Fluke 62m”

Note: The resting readings in all the wings ranged between: EMF 0.0 to 0.03 mg. Temperature averaging inside 15c, and out side 12c
Investigation Start: Training Yard: The investigation was in full swing around 8.30pm, we stayed in one group most of the night, splitting into two groups later on. We did our first walk around as a group outside in the Training yard nearest the mess hall. This proved to be an area of interest all through the night, all of our EMF meters would react in that one area, and there readings would go of their scale, Digital and analog meters,  that is around 40 + Mg, for minutes at a time, this happened several times during the night. That is a very high reading. Anyone would have problems getting a reading like that even from a malfunctioning Microwave, or a CRT screen, these EMF bursts also seemed to coincide with some of Brenda and Victoria’s feelings they were receiving. We checked the whole area over and over through the night, but we could not find any mechanical or other source of the EMF we were getting. Along with some orb activity caught on DVR (On Slide Disk) in the same area we cannot exclude the EMF of being Paranormal in cause. We also held a vigil with some Digital audio recorders running, but on analyzing the audio recordings there was nothing out of the ordinary on them. We have noticed over the whole DVR footage, the lack of bugs and dust, I have included a few shoots of moths, so you can see what they look like after recorded on out equipment, and for a comparison to the Orb slides.
Detox: This room held a lot of interest to us over the whole night; we had 2x IR DVR cams setup in there the whole time. Over the night we held two vigils in there, also we all witnessed some Orb movement by the naked eye, and the orbs were showing up on the thermal imaging camera I had with me, this is backed up on the DVR footage as well (On Slide Disk). Most of the activity was starting at the rear left hand side of the room heading towards the door. This is why we carry and use so much equipment, to help cross reference and backup the data we gather, so we are able to produce our findings to our clients.
The EMF in the Detox around the same time of the orb activity would go from 0.0 to 3.0, anything above 2.0 is considered above average, again we could not find the source of the EMF, we do know that it was not generated by any device in the room,  Later in the evening Brenda and Victoria were sitting on the bench seat outside the infirmary  by themselves, Brenda and Victoria heard loud footsteps and shuffling near them the, but  they could see no one at all, at this time Catherine and myself were around the back of solitary holding a vigil, Brenda and Victoria found us and told us what had happened, and asked us to come back, we returned but we all were drawn back to Detox, we all returned and that is when we got some of the Orb activity on DVR (On Slid Disk). At this time we were getting EMF movement around the room, I chased it around but I had to be quick to keep up with it, this lasted for about 4 minutes.

Again with all that has happened to us while we were in Detox and all the data we have recorded and cross referenced, we cannot exclude paranormal causes for the activity
Infirmary: This was another place of interest over the whole night, we had set up 2 x IR CCD DVR cams in there. We caught a very good Orb in there with our DVR footage (On Slide Disk).  The whole group held a vigil in the infirmary that lasted for 30 minutes, Brenda and Victoria both felt that we were not alone in there, coupled with some short bursts of EMF of 2.6mg to 10.0mg showing up on one of our meters near the same time, The Full Spectrum Video Camera I was carrying around turned off, it was at the same time when we were doing the vigil, and I had asked for some sort sign or response from any spiritual presence. Also we all heard a single bang as if knuckle on wood.  At one point Victoria had to leave the room and could not return, she felt like she was being pushed out by some unseen force. Our digital recording of our vigil held nothing of interest to add to the report. But the audio on the video camera did pick it up (On Doc Disk)  The Orb we caught on the footage in the infirmary speaks for its self, in its manner of movement and its visual presence.
The Gallows & Yard: At our arrival near the beginning we take our resting readings, the Gallows and yard  we found the EMF was 0.0mg, but this changed through the night peeking at 8.0, this is a significant EMF reading. At the start of the hanging yard part of the investigation, there was a still pic taken of me checking a video lead at the base of the gallows, this pic shows a large orb near me, as if it was checking me out. We had two of our larger IR DVR cams setup in the yard, angled to catch all the area where the old and new gallows positions, and part of the yard.
We have caught some very impressive Orb activity, on and around the Gallows area (On Slide Disk). The amount of Orb activity is very high, and some of the Orbs are very clear. I tried to use one of my Full Spectrum Video cams with a IR lamp while I was standing on the Gallows, but it Kept turning off, but it worked fine in other places in the prison afterwards. I have checked the camera since then and it is working fine, I cannot find anything wrong with it.
One of the Thermal Images I took of the Gallows area is interesting; it is open to ones interpolation, the image is of the railing, and it looks like someone is holding onto the rail, also in the image it looks like part of a torso. 
We used one of our powered Laser Grids and trained it on the Gallows area, two reactions showed up on the DVR footage while the laser was being used, One is, the laser grid reflection up on the Gallows area was being interrupted as though someone is walking through it, if it was one of us it would show our shadow, there is no shadow, this is a very strong laser grid and if someone stands in front of it they cast a very obvious shadow.
The second reaction is an Orb passes through the grid, the affect of the grid on the Orb helps the IR cam to pick it up. With the amount of activity around the gallows, paranormal causes must be considered.
The Hole: Below: Our whole crew spent some time in and around the hole, at one point Brenda and myself held a vigil in there, we got nothing of interest on the Digital recording, we did notice the temperature was the same as the resting reading done a few hours before, it was still 13c. Victoria got the feeling of dread from the hole and was repelled by something that was not visible to the naked eye.
The Hole had nothing to show us over the night, but the thought of what it was used for and that gave us all a shiver.
Shower Block: The EMF readings we were getting in the shower Block came and went all through the night; the highest reading was 4.7mg which is higher than the resting reading of 3.0 that we got earlier. A vigil we held in the Shower Block reviled nothing of interest on the recording, as we have found water can be a channel for EMF we are not surprised at their readings, water its self does not create the EMF that is sometimes emitting from it, but some other influence using it as transport, maybe spiritual or some other cause, we found no reason for the EMF in the Shower Block.  Because of the activity around the prison, it is our collative opinion that the cause is probably spiritual, repetitious and or residual. 
I have included in the slide disk provided for you, some shots of the Block outside, in the top right side of the shots is a moth just in shot, one can just make out the its tail, this is for further comparison reasons for your interest.
Below one of the pictures of the moth
Cemetery: Some of the brightest Orbs caught on our IR DVR on the night were around the cemetery, as you will see on the slide disk, we found the cemetery to have a wealth of activity. Also a few rods flash by here and there (On Slid Disk). No one knows what “Rods” are but they seem to be around areas that are reported to have paranormal activity in the spiritual or haunting way.
We had another one of our powered laser grids setup to cover the Cemetery area for about two hours during the night. While we were viewing the footage we noticed the Cemetery shared something in common with the Gallows footage, there was the same interruption in the laser grid as though someone was walking through it, again no shadow so it was not any of our crew or residents of the prison creating the disturbance, also the IR CCD cams would have pick up anyone walking passed the laser as they were placed very close to each other.

One of our crew members “Brenda” had a few experiences when close to the Cemetery, she could feel a stabbing pain in her upper right thigh, as if she was being stabbed with a knife, this happened at least twice to her while she was approaching the cemetery, she is adamant that it felt very real, Catherine and Victoria noticed her discomfort at the times that it happened to her. This Cemetery might be small but it has a very interesting passed, and we may have caught the past “residents/ inmates “of the prison on our footage in Orb and Rod form.
Mess Hall: The mess hall was interesting and we returned to investigate it several times during the night, it was like we were being drawn to it, we held a forty minute vigil in the mess hall later in the night with one of our digital audio recorders, but on analyzing it there was nothing on it out of the ordinary.
However we were getting some good EMF readings in there, and again George had to chase it all around the room, but it would disappear as quickly as it came, this happened about four times during our vigil. The readings were not that high “1.2mg to 3.8mg” in comparison to other places in the prison that is, with no obvious source of the EMF could be found, but it was the way it was happening it intrigued us, just like some of the EMF we encountered in Detox, we had to chase it, almost like a child while playing games, this reminded us of a child playing hide and seek, each time this EMF unfolded in this way, we felt there could a cheeky influence behind it.
There is a strange interference on some of the DVR footage its taken in the Mess Hall ( On Slide Disk), I can not trace this interference to any fault with our equipment, and it was the only cam showing this unusual effect, I have checked this CCD cam since then and it is working fine and no sign of any faults.
This maybe nothing but we feel it warrants mentioning and documenting, we all feel that there is a lot happening in the Mess Hall that is not seen with the naked eye
The Pound: We had a good look in the pound, our EMF meter we had in there with us flickered once at 1.0, we did not have any IR DVR cams setup in there so we were relying on our portable equipment to show if there was anything out of the ordinary happening in there. Nothing else registered in there for us, and the vigil we held in there had nothing to offer towards the report; we would like the chance in the future to setup some IR DVR cams in there over night to see what transpires. Judging by what we have recorded on DVR in other parts of the prison, we feel with the history the Pound has, it could have something to offer on further investigation.
Cell 23: After asking permission to setup an IRCCD Cam at the entrance to the wing, we are glad we did. On analyzing the DVR footage from the wing that cell 23 is in, we were amazed at the Orb movement over the most of the night (On Slide Disk). We noticed that a lot of the movement was coming out thru the closed door of Cell 23, and would return to Cell 23 and seems to melt into the door, this happens a few times as well as traveling up and down the wing. After studying the Orb movement in the wing, we are convinced that there is more than one present while we were filming.
We are of the opinion this wing needs to be investigated further, with so much activity present for the short time we were there, the mind boggles to what else and how much activity can go on in the wing.

Below: This is a short video of part of a discussion we all had half way through the investigation about the Gallows
Below: Movement in the laser Grid on Gallows steps. This pice of video is from  a Full Spectrum camera I was carrying around taking opertunest video shots
Below: This is just a short video to show how we had one of our powered laser grids set up and covering the Gallows, it was placed to one side so we would not get in the lasers pattern
Below: This Short video shows what the EMF we were picking up was doing. It was first found in the " Training Yard  "At different times through the night. Here Victoria, Brenda and Catherine are chasing it, the EMF got very high when it hit and it was at random, also there was not sign of it when resting readings were taken . The whole crew searched for the cause, but we found none.
Catherine & Victoria
Napier Prison Front Gate
Busy Core Beavers at set up time, this pic is in Detox
The Videos that follow are short exerts of diferent parts of the investigation, also some pic's as well
These pictures are taken in Detox, here George is trying to follow what looks like at the time Orb movement, the movement was showing on our portable LCD screens under infrared and ultraviolet lapms
Below: This Picture is taken from DVR  footage  from the infirmary, this picture does not do justice to this Orb.
Below: This is a short video of the Orb in the pic to the left, it gives one an idea of the Orb's flight path, I am not sure if  it will be seen clearly in this video after being uploaded to this web page, but the actual footage the DVR is " stunning " to say the least
Below: In the Infirmary we held a vigil, and a few things happened during while it was under way, here is a couple of short video exerts joined together that we used for any event timing in our written Infirmary portion of our report
Below: Catherine was able to take these pictures, this first of three there seems to be a large Orb checking out what George is doing near the Gallows, at this time he is unaware it is there. The actual Picture is a lot clearer and it is a gem of a shot
Below: Second Picture: of three, Catherine is still taking pictures of this Orb and at the same time she let George know it was there but it is on the move
Below: Third Picture: George immediately raised his camera and caught a glimps of the Orb, but I he was not able to get a picture of it, it was to fast for him and it appeared to have  gone over the wall
A brief History on the hole and how it was used  on inmates: This is the hole but iron gate has been removed: Inmates were put in here as a punishment, some times for months at a time and some times forgotten, so deaths were common with inmates that were placed in here. George and Brenda tried to hold a vigil in there but there was no room, the ground area you see in the picture is all there is, and  the stone floor to the dirt ceiling height is about 3 1/2  foot, same as the width and only slightly longer in depth. Once any one had been placed in this horror chamber they must have been Seriously messed up afterwards if they were able to survivedthe ordeal.
Below: This is a  snap shot from DVR footage of an Orb anomaly that Frequented  on our footage all around the prison, but mostly around the Cemetery and  neighboring Haning Yard
Below: This snap shot taken from DVR footage, is of an Orb anomaly that we found out after viewing all the footage, that it liked moving around the prison, but home seems to be the Cemetery
Below: Kereopa Te Rau Nick named Kaikaru ( The Eye Eater ) after eating the eye balls a Carl S Volkner  who was also hanged at Napier Jail  Te Rau blamed Volker for the death of both his children an eye for each of them. Te Rau was hanged  on 5th of January 1872
Below: Several Hangings back then were done by a Repeat convict, his name was Tom Long. A Haira Te Piri &  was this 3rd hanging 1887, & Makoare Waata his last in 1889. We are sure the Orb activity we recorded around the prison are connected to some of these past inmates
Below: This is a short video to show how close the gallows are to the cemetery. This is possibly one of the last things an inmate would have seen before being hung, besides on lookers, and even some paid money to get a good view from on top of the wall next to the gallows
Above: This is the plaque that the Hon . Parekura Horomia presented to open the Redemtion Hill gardens 23rd July 2005, the gardens were constructed by the cast of the TV program, Redemtion Hill which was filmed at the Napier Prison
This is not the report in full, we submitted DVD's with video and slid disks of interest, the pics to follow are not nesseseraly ones used in the report, but some are
Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009
Napier Prison 2012 Marion & Toro Testimonial for an investigation carried out by Core Paranormal NZ Investigations

We invited Core Paranormal NZ to do an investigation of the whole prison. It was arranged for the investigation to be done overnight on the 24th of May 2012, and they arrived on schedule,

They were very unobtrusive causing no disruption whatsoever. We found George and the Core NZ crew to be happy and pleasant people who were respectful to our wishes of privacy in certain areas. They investigated the Prison in a culturally respectful manner We trust the team implicitly and admired their attention to detail.

We found Core NZ to be very well equipped Investigators with a multitude of equipment which they put to good use.   They use as much of the equipment as possible so they are able to cross reference any data they gather, which must be a plus for any client seeking their services or help. We are looking forward to Core NZ returning to do follow up investigations in the future.