21 of Jun 2012 Private land Day time investigation lower North Island notes only
Crew attending
Equipment used
2 x Full Spectrum video camera
2 x Sony video camera
3 x Digital audio recorder
1 x Emf meter
2 x passive motion detectors
1 x IR thermometer
1 x Thermal imaging camera
6 x Tripods
As this is only a summary of parts of this investigation, and our clients want their identity protected, I can only give notes only about certain parts of this investigation, also I was at this investigation in the day time by myself (George) and I started 11.30am to 5.30pm six hours.
Weather conditions were overcast and warm with mid-day temperature were recorded at 22c, and these overcast conditions remained the same for the rest of the afternoon with a slight drop in temperature recorded towards 4.00pm 20c, a mild westerly breeze lasted the duration of the investigation.
Brief activity history
I was contacted by our client via email as they had heard that we have been in the area where they live, as we had been in the area several times investigating several homes, each had similar strange activity to report and this client has reported to us much the same activity.

Because of the similarity of each of these strange activity reports that have been relayed to us over the past few years, and they are concentrated within a few miles radius, I started the investigation with whatever I might be dealing with could be connected to the land.

This area in the late 1800’s was the height of early farming mainly sheep and cattle, even though it was not close to any main centres at the time the area thrived, and most of the family’s that live there today have roots back to the first settlers in the late 1800’s, so most of our clients in this area have a link to the local land and its history, up to third generation.
I cannot publish any pictures as it would give away our clients location as they want their privacy protected, so I will note some of the data I recorded with the equipment I had with me.
I had several digital audio recorders with me and I placed one near a large utility shed, It has been reported to me that a lot of sightings of what looks like past relatives and old family friends have been seen around the shed, our client has admitted to me that they have never met the people (apparitions) that they are seeing before, but they recognise the people from old photos of family and friends that date back well over a hundred years, I have seen some of these photos and I would have to say they are not in very good condition, but most of the facial parts of these photos are still in a recognisable condition, judging by some of the photos ages I am surprised they are still in existence, as most of them have been found by chance one way or another, tucked behind a fixture somewhere on the property or laying loose in the attic in amongst other items and exposed to the elements
I had this recorder running for three hours before swapping it out for another fully charged recorder which was still recording at pack up time, on the second recorder I had spent some time doing two vigils, each time lasting about 20 minutes.
Audio review
The first recorder after reviewing it several times reviled nothing of interest, just the od noise made by me when I was near it, or someone else collecting something from the shed to use elsewhere.

The second recorder might have pick up a few noises in response to the first vigil I held, these noises seemed to be in response to one of my questions, and part of that question was: are you (name blocked out) and can you give me a sign so we can communicate, I asked this particular question several times over a 15 minute period, I heard some thumping noises that seemed to be in time with my question twice, these thumps reminded me of someone thumping a wooden door with the side of a clenched fist in a hammer action, the first 2 thumps were strong and the third was weaker, some 5 minutes later another 4 thumps varying in strength but loud enough to notice them, there was no pattern to the thumps at any time as they were unevenly spaced apart, It is interesting to note at this time these thumps were not heard on any other part of the first or the second audio recordings.
Video review of the utility shed
I had 2 video cameras set up on tripods in the utility shed covering most of the main walk way area hopping to catch something unusual, these cameras ran for about five hours with one battery change during that time, but after reviewing all the footage from these cameras there was nothing out of the ordinary to be seen, I also had another video camera set up on a tripod outside some fifteen meters away (Full Spectrum), this ran for about 4 hours with one battery change in that time,  this was trained on a slight angle across main entrance of the utility shed from right to left,  in the hope of seeing some of the activity that has been witnessed by our clients.

But after reviewing all the footage from this camera there was nothing of interest to the investigation on it.

A note of interest at this point: there was no noticeable battery drain on this investigation; I have become accustomed to experiencing battery drain in several pieces of equipment in places where heightened paranormal activity is suspected.

I carried another full spectrum by hand to use at a possible opportune moments; as I did not experience anything visually out of the ordinary, alas I used it to document parts of the investigation at different stages.
Thermal imaging
I did a walk around with the thermal camera, but there was to many signatures reflecting even my own signature, these thermal cameras are a very good investigative tool, but one needs to be careful not to mistake a thermal reflection for something else, so there was nothing on the thermal out of the ordinary.
EMF meter
I had one of my digital emf meters with me all the time, apart from the od spike the highest was around 4.7mgs, I put that emf reading down to a piece of electronic equipment that seemed to be turned on and I was standing near it.
After reviewing all the recorded data there was not a lot that I found that could be placed in the paranormal slot, the only thing that I found that “might” come into the paranormal slot is the thumps during one of the vigils that I held in the utility shed, but there is nothing concrete to back the audio up, so I cannot class this audio as evidence and I have to treat it at an possible event.

There is not enough data collected on this visit to back up any claims or theory's at this stage, but It is my opinion that a return visit at some time in the future with some of our crew to carry out another investigation is needed to look at this activity closer.

I would like to thank our clients for having me in there home, and I look forward to returning and hopefully helping them identifying the activity that they are experiencing on their property.
George, Crissy and the Core NZ crew
Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009