I would like to start this partial report by thanking Independent Paranormal Investigations, for there help and being part of this investigation of our home, it gave both groups a chance to meet and observe each others methods and learn from each other.  At the time they were touring NZ, Thanks again Alan, Sjaani, and Christine.
Joint Investigation of our home by Core Paranormal NZ & Independent Paranormal Investigations 12-10-2012
Core NZ Crew




IPI Crew



Weather Conditions: Overcast with light a light breez, cold with rain threataning with tempertures droping to 12c at packup
Equipment used

1x full Spectrum Video Camera

1 x IR Lamp

1 x Digital Audio Recorder

4 x Digital Still Cameras

1 x Spirit Box

1 x Thermal Imaging Camera
Around 7.30pm we all gathered in the workshop at the rear of our house, this is where our family and friends have witnessed a lot of activity over the last 3 years, it is worth mentioning that some of our friends will not enter the workshop after witnessing some of the activity in there.

Most of us were seated at a round copper toped table which is situated near the front of the workshop, this table has been a focal point in some of the activity we have been
experiencing. This table was a center point for any vigils held that evening. The evening stayed very quiet compared to other times, day or night but mostly at night time.

There was not much equipment used it was kept grass roots style, and the format was mainly vigil by Sjaani and Christine and Alan's psychic being applied through out the evening, I had one full spectrum video camera and one digital audio recorder running most of the time to document the event. Sjaani and Christine thought they might have contacted a spirit, they thought it might be my sister that past away in January 2009, but no further activate came forth from this.

As the evening grow on Alan did not think there was anything else here at the this time but he did find a lay line angled across the rear of our workshop, Alan did not know this at the time but that very area he identified use to be under water, it was reclaimed fifty years ago before housing came to this area to form our street. The main reason it was drained and back filled back then was a young boy drowned in this area.

Also there was some discussion that part of the rear of the workshop may be a gate way, this would tie in with some of the activity our friends and family have been experiencing in that area. Sjaani and Christine were very active during the vigils and had a good range of questions hoping for a response, but after listening to the audio later nothing came from that on my audio recorder, one time during the evening  Sjaani and Christine both thought they heard a name, I was asked if it meant anything to me but it did not, the name escapes me at the moment.

As there was not much equipment used nothing in the way of hard data was recorded, but after experiencing a group that uses psychic ability as a tool to investigate with, some of the Skeptic in me mellowed, there is no way that Alan could have known some of the things he said to Crissy and myself, it became clear to us that he and the rest of the IPI group have a true gift. This was a real experience and an eye opener for us, and we look forward to more joint investigations with them in the near and distant future.
Introduction: We first heard about IPI on the internet, back then they were known by a different name, I came across an article about there groups investigation at Beachworth Gail in Austrailia, I contacted them via email as I was interested in there use of psychic abilities while investigating, as we have never Incorporated this into our investigations before, but we are open minded about other methods other than our own, a few weeks later  we tried an experiment via video link to see if there psychic abilities would work being so fare apart, Alan seemed to be the main psychic in the group.

I will publish a report about the video link at a different time.
This is Alan tuning into the surroundings at the rear of our workshop, the lay line passes by just outside the window in this clip
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