Core Paranormal NZ Investigations invited Independent Paranormal Investigation from Australia to a joint investigation, this was held in the lower north island NZ on the 13 of October 2012
The location and owners name will be kept secret for privacy reasons
Core NZ Crew attending




IPI Crew attending



Equipment used Core NZ

1x 16 Channel DVR

1 x 8 Channel DVR

2x 15 mtr IR cd cam

4 x 30mtr IR HD CCD cams

8 x 50mtr IR HD CCD cams

10 x 100mtr IR HD CCD cams

2 x Full spectrum video cameras

4 x full spectrum illuminators

3 x night shots

4 x 80mtr Infrared lamps

3 x Ultraviolet illuminators

4 x 12v lithium power supplies

3 x EMF meters

1 x Laser grid hand held

6 x Walkie talkie's

1 x parabolic ear

1 x Thermal imaging camera

3 x Still Digital cameras

30 assorted tripods

6 x Custom Core NZ made tripod mountable brackets.

30 x assorted 30mtr 50mtr 100mtr 200mtr video leads

IPI Equipment

1 x Spirit box

some personal digital cameras

1 x tripod

assorted torches and fittings
This is a brief history of the investigation location

This privately owned location has a lot of history behind it, the family has ties to the area since first Colonization in the early 1800's, all through the years there has been reports  from local residents of strange sightings, these consist of diseased  family and friends being seen walking say down the side of the road, sometimes when one would try and approach the apparition it would stay ahead and finally vanish.

Also there is many documented accounts from many locals over the years of hearing diseased relative calling out as if they were still working on there farms, or calling out as if working farm dogs.

We also have been told that the placement of certain objects like some tools and other bits and pieces, when the present owners go to use them they have been moved, possibly to the position where a past diseased owner use to place them, aparently this does not happen a lot but enough to notice it does happen.
              We have asked I P I to contribute to this report, we would like to start with there report, some names have been removed or altered for client privacy reasons.

New Zealand Paranormal Investigation Report - Location removed
Firstly weíd like to say thanks for your hospitality and thanks to the owners for allowing us to investigate at their property. What a great collection of machinery to have all in one location.

Sjaani - My reports are usually quite short as I rarely experience much, but I add my bit in anyway.

I didnít feel discomfort in any areas of this investigation. What I did notice fairly early in the night was an incredible internal chill, it didnít feel like it was caused by the temperature on that night.

On two occasions I found myself swaying back and forth which is not something I normally do. On the first occasion we were in the open area above the ramp, I swayed to the point of lifting onto my toes and needed to grab hold of the railing behind me in order to keep my balance. I have no idea why this happened. The second occasion was on return to the a carriage with Alan and George. I didnít feel the carriage rocking as reported by both Alan and George but on later consideration believe that my rocking was in time with the carriage movement and therefore over-riding that event.

My other main experience was while sitting on the carriage? seats with all the women. Alan and George were a fair way to our right, I saw a tall figure walking towards them and assumed this to be Ewan ( he is very tall). When I turned back to the other women I was surprised to see an extra head sitting with us. I confirmed who was there only to be told Ewan was at the end and hadnít moved. So whose shadow did I see?

While on the carriage as a whole group I asked the question regarding whether whoever was with us wanted us to leave, I have never seen a K2 respond so quickly to a direct question. I felt no temperature change even though I was holding the K2 at the time.

Alan - After getting the cameras set up and working and while having a wonder around to get a feel for the place, in the room with the steam machinery I sensed a spirit hanging around. Then going outside where the machines and carriage were I sensed there was an attachment to the red painted machine. Coming back through the main shed to where the open area at the top of the ramp I had a spirit follow me through there and shoot off down to where anther machine is . I sensed a male spirit hiding in the electrical room.

While investigating I was walking around the large machine, as I walked up past the electrical room I sensed I was being followed by a male spirit as I got to the end of the engine I turned to see an outline apparition of a male spirit.

Later George asked me to step up onto the large machine and while there I felt the need to say John Blackmore, I then received further information which suggested to me that he was a machine engineer, and worked on that machine.

While I was on there I kept being distracted by another spirit in a different part of the shed.
Victoria and I were distracted by the same spirit who seemed to want us to follow him. When we went to investigate he drew us up the ramp to the open area and disappeared off towards the far corner and outside.

Later in the night when we were all in the carriage I continuously saw a spirit out on the back of the carriage and coming into the first section of the carriage. Victoria kept saying she was being overwhelmed by emotion and wanting to cry and hug something. It was at this time that I picked up on a female spirit who was extremely distressed and after a lot of concentration I managed to get her name, which was Alison Maryweather and the reason why she was so distressed. Her child, a three year old boy, had fallen from the machine.

Shortly after Sjaani asked the question ďDo you want us to leave?Ē the spirit that was on the back of the carriage shot through passed the K2, lighting it up as he went, and stood between Sjaani and myself. He was agitated that we hadnít done as we said we would quickly enough. After re-entering with George and Sjaani, the carriage started to rock and the spirit was extremely agitated and began to push me towards the end of the carriage several times.

Thanks very much to Core Paranormal NZ for a great location to investigate, had a great time and look forward to an opportunity to work with you all in the future.
This is Core Paranormals nz report on the investigation
Equipment setup

The equipment took around two hours to set up, the area of the investigation was very large, as the weather on the night was very poor lots of heavy rain and gusty winds, this stopped us from investigating the out side part of the property, but the inside was a large area as well, there was ample room for all the investigators to move around with out getting in each others way. There was a few hick up's with some of the equipment but they were taken care of and sorted out. During the equipment set up I (George) had to leave brifely to pick up a crew member, shortly after I returned with the crew member we started the DVRs recording.
After Investigation research

We at Core NZ were looking forward to working with IPI again, we have investigated with them before both via video link and a private investigation. I will start by documenting in this report about some of the information that Alan picked up on during the investigation , as he holds psychic capabilities, and Sjaani's encounters.

As IPI were moving on after this investigation, over the next few days we were able to look into the name
John Blackmore that Alan came up with, we were able to place the sir name Blackmore to one of the machines on some archives documents, these documents are not ready available to anyone and are stored in a locked cupboard in another building, we were not able to verify the first name "john" as the sire name Blackmore was on the document alone, why we don't know and neither does the present owner of the documents.

The other name Alan came up with was
Alison Maryweather, after a lot of digging we did come up with the name "Alison Merriweather" who die in a carriage accident about 100years ago, we can not pin point a date on the accident, and our client agrees that it is very possible the carriage  or parts of it are now on there property.

At this point of the report I would like to verify the information on certain events in Sjaani and Alan's report are true, as I witnessed most of them, such as the movement or swaying motion on the carriage, a the reaction Sjaani was getting from the KII meter while doing a vigil, also Christine Victoria and Alan conversing about what they were getting while they were tuning into the surroundings.
We have always found Sjaani Christene and Alan to be friendly honest and a very capable investigation group, we at Core NZ look forward to working with them again in the future.

After starting the DVRs recording we split up into two mixed teams, we thought this would be a good way of covering the large area we were there to investigate, also afterwards we could compare our findings.

Even though we had a lot of DVR cams set up and a whole lot of night shots recording, there was nothing out of the ordinary on the footage as far as anomalies go, there was a lot of pollen floating about showing up on the footage and stills pics, most of it was hexagon shaped and this could be bee hive pollen. 
Weather conditions

The weather on the night was very bad, the rain was heavy most of the time, and the wind was gusty, these conditions stayed the same all the way through the investigation, this made set up time a bit if a chalange, we were not able to take any temperature readings at set up time but the average throughout the evening was 13c.
Below: Here are some digital still pictures of some of the hexagon shaped pollen
KII EMF meter while we were on the carriage

Later in the evening as we were all gathered on the carriage Sjaani was leading a vigil, I noticed that the KII meter she was holding reacted immediately when Sjaani asked: "whether whoever was with us wanted us to leave", this happened at least twice which made us all take notice, the same reaction each time. We had a small DVR cam mounted near us at the time but the footage from it revealed nothing unusual.

All through this vigil Alan kept tuning into the spirit of a woman and a boy, this seemed to be a mother and son: the mothers spirit  Alison Maryweather is looking for the spirit of her son, also Alan was picking up a mail spirit, Christine Victoria and Alan say that can see him moving about at times. Its is the mail spirit that indicated through the KII meter for us to leave. I am unsure if it is the same as the mail spirit Alan picked later in a different area: John Blackmore.
Below: Here are some short video segments of the vigil we held in the carriage, the segments are from one of our full spectrum cameras under IR lamp illumination
We all left the Carriage and regrouped near our HQ, after a short discussion about packing up and leaving, we decided to go back to the Carriage for a short visit, and ask for verification  from the possible spirits wishes, Alan Sjaani and my self (George) went back, Sjaani asked for verification if they wanted us to leave the carriage and building several times over a five minute period, there was no further  responses this time, we did not push this any further and thanked whom ever is present in the carriage for having us and we left the carriage. We did carry on with the investigation in other parts of the building, but we kept in mind the reaction we got in the carriage and we were looking out for any further signs that we were getting in the way.
Above: This is a short video segment during the vigil we were holding in the carriage, It is when Alan picked up on the spirit of a lady and her name, he also picked up that she was looking for the spirit of here son, Alan was not able to get the sons name.
Above: This short segment is when we were all wondering about the male shadow figure that some of the crew has seen, and if the lady spirit visits other places, Alan confirms that she does visit other places.
Above: This short segment of video is when a few of us went back to the carriage, our aim was to see if we could get verification from the spirit present in the carriage, we were not able to  get any verification, we thanked whom ever was there and left the carriage
Other areas of the building

As we were moving about taking readings and documenting them, Victoria was tuning in on other parts of the building, she was getting images of a male 40ish shoulder length straggly black hair, with a long face, she kept seeing him around the building in different places, usually leaning against a wall or a fixture near by.

On some of our DVR footage we caught some red orb shaped anomalies, they seemed to be taking there time and had a definite path, some of us including me had seen these red orb shaped anomalies by eye. I asked Catherine if she had seen anything but she was not sure, I would like to say at this point that Catherine always sees to get great still pics on our investigations, below is one of Catherine's pic's, we believe that she was able the catch one of the red orb shaped anomalies that we were catching glipses at times, and also recorded on one of our DVRs.
Above: This is one of Catherine's pics and that is Ewan looking in that direction of the red orb shape above his head, this looks just like the objects that some of us saw now and then during the night. I know that some of you will be thinking that it could be moisture but I do not think so, as these are backed up visually by those of us that saw them.
Above: This is an interesting pic that Victoria took, it looks like a single hand with the finger tips touching, this pic has not been altered other than fitting it to out web page, the flash did work and the surrounding area should be visable as well, but as you can see there is nothing, and there was no investigators in the area that Victoria was photographing.
Towards the end of the investigation

As we were taking in the history filled atmosphere of this great location and chilling out, I asked Alan if he would try and contact any other spirit that might be present as we were in a different are from the carriage, he agreed and I must say he did this with respect and caring as not to offend any possible presences. At this same time and location Victoria had already picked up on the male that she had been throughout the night but kept it quiet, she did whisper it to me that she could see this male again. We all gave Alan quiet while he tuned into his surroundings, he seemed to be in a trance like state although I am not sure how deep, after a short while he seemed to be communicating with some one in quiet tones, he told us there was a spirit connected to the machine he was standing on, he had something to do with the machine when he was alive, Alan told us his name is John Blackmore and this information made me wondering if this is the male that Victoria has been seeing,

Alan and John (spirit) seemed to communicate with each other for around 20 minutes, there was no sign of aggression or discomfort while Alan was communicating. Before the conversation ended we all thanked John for having us and we all said good night.

With both groups working on this location together opened up some new ideas and techniques for both of us, even though we at Core NZ do not usually investigate with psychics with the exceptions being via video link with IPI at earlier dates, it was a pleasure to investigate along side IPI as it has given our group food for thought. We have submitted a written report plus video of interest to our client that is in more detail than this one, and we have been able to show our client that there is still strange activity happening on there property, the difference now is that some of it has now been recorded.

After all the strange activity that has been witnessed at this location and the surrounding area, and some of the data that we gathered along with IPI's input, it is hard not to look and think about this location as not being haunted. I do not think we have proven that this location is haunted but it has as much chance as any other sight. This is a very big area to cover and repeated visits are required to investigate the area properly, we are sure that the area have a lot more to offer in the investigative way and as usual we approach all our investigations with respect and treat the location the same way.

Again I would like to thank Sjaani Christine and Alan from IPI (Independent Paranormal Investigations) from Australia, for joining in on another one of our investigations and as usual, we found them to be friendly honest professional and respectful towards others and while on investigations.

The main thanks goes to our client who have entrusted Core NZ with the investigating of the strange activity that happens on there property, our client has informed us that they are not afraid of it, in fact they have lived with it for years and would miss it if it ever went away. They are glad that we have caught some unusual activity both on video and still pic and our client has already booked us again for a return visit.

I would have liked to post more on this web report, but I could not do that without risking our clients identity and location, I would have had to alter to much of the footage and stills and it would have lost all its
authenticity. It has been a lot of fun and enjoyment for Core NZ investigating this location, and we look forward to returning in the future who knows what we will find next time.
Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009
IPI: From left to right Christine, Sjaani, Alan
Core NZ: Catherine she is a wizz with a camera
Core NZ: Victoria, George and IPI's Alan discussing the activity they are seeing
These are just some random pics of the crew members at different stages throughout the investigation