Partial Investigation report On a Private residence lake Taupo, Possible malevolent spirit activity connected to our client, our clients privacy is being observed, so we are aloud to publish some of  our investigative findings and keep our clients identity and location closed.
Crew Present: also backup and support:

George: investigator and administrate cleansing method.

Jaquie not present: capacity as psychic and healing advisor

Crissy not present: advisory capacity and backup and council

Alan stand by psychic and healing advisor

Sjaani stand by method advisor

As I had already had some experience with this sort of activity, I have found that each suspected malevolent case I have approached, each have been different in certain ways and the only similarity being the label malevolent. As you may all ready know: a malevolent spirit that attaches its self forcefully to a person, it attacks and plays around with the that person's emotions and most personal thoughts at a personal level to that individual , so I have found each case of this malevolent infestation has to be studied and approach differently. There are no text books that I have found that look at the individual aspects of this sort of activity (I call malevolent activity an infestation), they seem to have a one sided view of it and It is my opinion one has to keep an open mind when dealing with each possible malevolent case. 
ญญญญญญญญญญWe received a call for help via our Core NZ email: as I (George) clear the emails I replied straight away, the content of that email I will not disclose, but it had warning signs that made me suspect the persons might have a malevolent spirit attached to them. One has to be careful that the the client has not got something like Touretts Syndrome.
There are similarities between the symptoms of Tourette syndrome and malevolent activity, I am not suggesting that the two are connected but I would like to mention: it would be easy for someone to overlook this without prior knowledge of the similarities.

After some communication between us and the client over a period of about 3 days, I arranged with the client to meet and discuss and hopefully help them the best I could, as you will know there is no guarantees when dealing with this sort of thing. Even though I went alone I had good backup systems in place via phone and if need be via video link, and I am glad I did have the backup in place as I did need some help with this paricular visit and case in general.
As I am not religious in any way I have developed over the years a simple none religious chant to accompany a white sage and sandal ceremony. I am not sure if the chant helps the sage and sandal ceremony, but I have noticed more success after I introduced the chant. At this stage I do not want to reveal the chant as I cannot be certain if it ads any strength to any ceremony. I will keep using the chant when I feel it is needed, and in the future if I feel it is helping with cleanings even malevolent in nature, and then I might reveal it as hopefully it might help others.
I have found over time: that cameras, censors and meters and alike are no longer the main tools when dealing with this sort of activity, I think it is a good idea to still have some on hand as your cameras might hopefully capture something out of the ordinary, or a meter might react, but this malevolent haunting: is deep within the host it has chosen to infest, and a malevolent spirit is hard to get rid of, it also causes a lot of distress and other unwanted baggage in the unwilling hosts life. When approaching anyone that you fell might have something like this attached to them, please do so with an open mind and understanding, as that person will be in distress inside and is probably showing it outwardly as well.
Our client wants to remain anonymous, but they would like us to publish this to help show this sort of thing is real and does happen, maybe even educate and hopefully show others that might be in the same boat, that there are others out there suffering the same way and hopefully not feel so alone: also this might urge someone with the same to seek help. 
I will not go into this any further but I will mention that: our client feels a lot better, and feels that a large weight has been lifted from there shoulders, also the activity seems to have stopped. It took two visits both times I preformed our ceremony with the chant. We have no way of knowing for sure if my chant has contributed in any way to any of the ceremony's that we have done, but it obviously is not doing any harm so I will keep in our cleansing ceremony.
Equipment used: 2 x full spectrum video cameras
2 x Sony night shots
1 x thermal imaging camera
2 x EmF meters
2 x Digital audio recorders
5 IR lamps
4 x IR passive motion detectors
Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009
We will keep on searching for ways to improve our methods of helping anyone that find themselves with any sort of paranormal activity in there lives, we gathered all the data and Knowledge from every investigation we have done, this all goes into our locked database for client privacy reasons and to help us help others,  it is rewarding to our group when we are able to help others regardless how large or small that activity may seem.
As this subject is inherently difficult to approach, stay true to the job at hand