Paranormal investigation report on a private home in the Manawatu 8th of January 2013, our clients privacy is being observed, we can only publish parts of our injvestigation.
Crew attending:




Both clients
Equipment used

2 x 8 channel DVRs with built in screens

1 x 4 Channel Wireless DVR  with built in screen

2 x Full Spectrum Video Cameras

3 x Sony Night Shots

2 x Still digital cameras

1 x Night Scope

1 x Thermal Imaging Camera

9 x 30mtr IR Array CCDTV Cams

3 x 50mtr IR CCDTV Cams

2 x Digital Audio Recorders

1 x wireless Digital Audio recorder

1 x Parabolic Ear (big Ear)

3 x hand held Laser Grids 2x each Tripod mounted

4 x Mains Laser Grids each Tripod mounted

3 x EMF Merters 1 x Digital 2 x Analog

32 x Assorted Video/Power/Audio leads

12 x Core NZ Custom portable and Tripod mountable Brackets

4 x Walkie-Talkies

12 x IR Lamps

6 x Ultraviolet Lamp

2 x Tri-Troches

6 x Passive IR Motion Detectors

1 x Word Generator

12 x Ultra High Capacity Lithium Storage Batteries.
Weather Conditions:

Temperature out side at 8pm was 23c and in side the building was averaging 25c, there was some scattered high cloud and a very light warm breeze with noticeable lulls, also there was no sign or threat of rain throughout the whole evening.
Reported Haunted History in Brief:

Our clients over the past 5 or 6 years have been experiencing some unusual activity around there home, there are two other buildings on the property and this activity has been seen in them as well, also outside in the yard area surrounding all the buildings. Over some time our clients have even check with there neighbours to see if they have been noticing anything out of the ordinary, but they had not noticed anything strange at all.

Reported movement to us was
described as dark gray shadows that seems to float, with no noticeable peripheral movement on the shadow it's self as the mass moves as one and dissipates rapidly. This has been noticed by 3 of the 4 clients that live on the property but not at the same time, apparently there may be only a few miniuts between sightings.

Also reported to us is the unusual noises that have been noticed over the same time period, not
necessarily at the same time as the apparitions , these noises seem to come from rooms that are known not to be occupied at the time, these noises have been heard coming from all 3 of the structures on the property at one time or another.

These noises have been explained to us as at times: very definate banging as if on wood, also what sounds like tapping on window glass that lasts for a few seconds at a time.
Setup and investigation:

Setup at this investigation did have its moments, after trouble shooting for faults in the equipment that was not working we could not find any, we left this equipment hooked up as we have experienced this before, and the affected equipment seemed to come back to life by its self randomly in no particular order like before. The sort of equipment that was not working at first was some of the IR CCDTV cams 30mtr and 50mtr, also two of the IR lamps that were hooked up to lithium storage batteries, all of this equipment slowly bit by bit started working. It seemed at the time to all of us: as if there was some unseen force playing with or trying to drain our equipment, as all the equipment was tested the next day with no porblems or malfungtions found. 
At the beginning as we were dealing with the equipment that was not working, some of our other equipment was picking something up, two of our EMF meters were spiking and at times would max out so we were not able to get an accurate reading, by the time I got the third EMF meter out of our kit so we could see what would happen the Maxing out had dropped back to the odd spike, which the third introduced EMF meter was picking up as well. Throughout the course of out investigation one of the areas we were very careful to look out for, was a possible man made source for the high EMF we were getting. I would like to mention at this stage of the report we found nothing that could have emitted the EMF anywhere on the property. We even crawled under the buildings where there was ample crawl room, we found some excesses building materials from the original construction time, Also some pluming and none of these gave us any EMF readings at all.

We included the ceiling space as well, it is not easy to access so it has not been used much for storage. Besides the usual wiring: some fiberglass insulation and some cardboard and a few empty plastic insulation bags, there was nothing up there that gave us any EMF readings, we paid particular attention to the wiring as the buildings date back to the 1940s. What we found when looked closer at the wiring is it has been upgraded and in most parts housed in modern plastic condute. We were advised by our clients that the wiring was upgraded in 2005.
One particular area of interest to us was the wooden windows that all three building have, they are all original the same design and in good condition. They are all top hinged windows that open from the bottom, and when open or closed we could not find any play in the hinges or frames. Our reason for this was to see if the taping sounds that our clients were hearing were caused by worn window fittings, such as play in the frames, hinges or even lose fitting glass in the window frames dew to old loose putty, we could not any of these causes and it is obviouse upon inspection that they are well maitained.    
While I (George) was on monitor watch I noticed something passing one of the cams repeatedly, it seemed to be going in the same direction, height and speed each time, this was in one of the auxiliary building where were had three cams set up, one of them was a 50mtr cam which was recording this object, it was orb shaped and very clear on the HD recording and did not look like a bug, this lasted for about 80 seconds: it could have been pollen or dust but I do not think so, it did not react like pollen or dust but looked like it was no a mission. I am stopping short of saying this was a paranormal orb but it is a good candidate to be classed as one. As there did not seem to be any wind or breeze at the time I am convinced that air borne pollution can be ruled out. I would like to also mention that both clients accompanied by a team member were in the building at the same time and 15 meters away from this cam, when I contacted them via radio at the time they could not see anything by the naked eye. They reported a small amount of EMF present 1.5mg around the same time but that stopped after a few seconds and did not seem to return.

Over the time we spent on this investigation we held two vigils in this area, but upon checking the recording there was nothing found that could add to this report. At one point while we were holding the first vigil, one of our team members seemed to take on a different persona, the team member started to become
visibly upset and bordering violent, I can testify that this Behaviour was way out of Character for this team member, it took two of us about twenty minutes to calmer them down, and shortly afterwards that team member felt exhausted and rested up for the rest of the investigation, they wanted us to carry with the investigation which we did, but kept a close eye one the team member. Afterwards I am glad to say that the team member is OK and is feeling fit and well with no side effects from this encounter.

We are not sure what happened to our team member but to us that were present: it looked like they had been taken over by maybe a not so nice spirit, after witnessing this it has changed the way we think when we hear about spirits possesing people, it certainly opened our eye and made us even more open minded about the subjct.
The other auxiliary building was presented to us as being one of the areas that most of the apparition activity has been seen, this auxiliary building is a bit larger than the other and is laid out in two main areas, and branching of these main areas are nooks and crannies, these are not full sized rooms but big enough for storage: like pieces of furniture or maybe cartons ect, so we set up 6 cams and placed them so they covered  most of the two main areas also catching some of the nooks and crannies.

We did spend a lot of time in this area, concentrating mainly on the video side of things but we came up empty handed. After viewing all the footage from this area the only movement we found was dust. We did hold a lenthy vigil in the area lasting about 45 minutis, again the audio had nothing to add to this report.   
The third building Unlike the other two this one is more open plan, it houses all sorts of machines and tools with a lounge type area for relaxing and and what ever. We had three cams set up in this building which covered most of the open plane floor space. We are not why but we were all drawn to the rear of the building, shortly after we scanned  the area looking for any EMF but no at this stage was found, we also checked around all the machines and no EMF was found, I also checked to see if any machines were still turned on or on standby by, the clients informed me that they were all switched off at the wall. 

We moved around a bit while doing a vigil but for some reason we always ended back at the rear of the building, we still can not figure that out as some of us in the group do not have any leanings or gifts like a
Sensitive does , but we to were drawn to the rear like we were expecting to see something but nothing was there. After reviewing the vigil recordings we found nothing out of the ordinary only our selves asking questions. Even though we did not get any noticeable responses at the time from all of our vigils, each time we thanked any spirit presence for having us, we also approach all our vigils with respect and introduce our selves and we never show any aggression.

One thing that did happen in this building left us all a bit awe struck, we had one of the larger laser grids spanning most of the open area, we noticed three transparent orb shaped objects floating toward us, they were not in formation but close together and about tennis ball size, and they were floating at a height of about 400mm from the floor and traveling towards us. They stopped when they were about one meter away from one of the us and hovered like what seemed at the time to be ages, but it was only for about 10 seconds or so. This was obviously the highlight of this investigation for our clients and us as a team. We have seen all sorts of strange things over many years while paranormal investigating, but this has to be one of the best for us. . I do not think we would have noticed the orb objects if we had not used a laser grid, in this instance we were using one of our green lasers and they showed up very well.
This is the only time this sort of activity was found anywhere on the property during our visit, but it gave us all a warm buzz afterwards, also we thanked them for showing them selves to us we felt so privalaged.
Equipment and methods:

I would like to mention: that we did use a wide verity of equipment in all areas inside all three buildings also all around the yard areas, for instance when we use any one of our laser grid and we carry plots, we try and cover the most are as possible and some times we set more that one up to help achieve this. We have used on this investigation some ultraviolet grids and some green grids hand held and mains powered, for some reason we did not use any of the red grids I think this got overlooked after what we witnessed, Over the years we have found laser grids to be a good paranormal investigative tool, as it can show, or even make the slightest movement stand out so one has a better chance of noticing it.

The same goes when we set up any of our equipment: this is to give us a cross reference view and hopefully back up any data we are collecting.

I would like to mention to anyone that is thinking about obtaining or using a laser of any sort at any time, please be careful that you do not let it emit outside the area that you are using it in, make sure that windows and any openings leading to out side are covered, outside use make sure the laser is kept down low, and when possible make sure there is a good back drop of some sort to block any laser escape. Some of these laser will carry for miles and could affect some one in a negative way. We use our lasers a lot when we are investigating, but we are always very careful when we use any of our lasers regardless of where we are, this is for every ones safety:

Even though we did not gather a lot of evidence of strange activity, some of what we did get was outstanding, we did use a lot of audio equipment but this did not reveal anything of interest to this report, also we covered the whole yard area and inside all the buildings with all sorts of infrared/full spectrum/ and thermal cameras also passive motion detectors, and lasers, Most of these cameras did not reveal anything of interest but there was a few interesting things that we were able to produce to our clients. We even used a word generator which did not reveal anything that made any sense to our clients or our team.

We are convinced that our clients property does have
Anomalies activity on it, I do not think we have proven this activity is caused by anything connected to the paranormal, even though we have witnessed some of this activity first hand, It would be a big call to say that our clients property is haunted. I would like to return and make sure there is no other possible cause for this anomalies activity.
I would like to thank our clients for asking us to investigate there property for them for possible paranormal activity, it was a pleasure meeting our clients and we have all enjoyed it very much. We have been told by our clients in there words " You can come back and have another crack at it any time". At this stage we have not make any firm date to return, but return we will that is for sure: wild horses could not keep us away.
Some pictures are yet to be published
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