Paranormal Investigation Of A Private Residence In The Manawatu Area 26-01-2013
Our Clients Privacy is being Observed This Is Not The Full Report
Investigation introduction:  This is part of a report that we prepared for our clients of there place of residence, this report is compiled from two visits by us ( Core Paranormal NZ ). The first visit was on 26-01-2013, and dew to circumstances out of our control we were unable to do a full investigation, as 95% of our equipment would not work, even when we replaced the none functioning equipment and  changed power sources the same thing happened nothing would work,
We were able to get a portable video night shot and a full spectrum video camera to record and help document the investigation the best we could, we also had added fully charged high storage lithium power packs to both cameras, which in theory should have lasted for at least 8 hours, but due to a large drain on both cameras and accessories it would seem that some outside influence ( anomalous ) was draining them , the investigators wondered if the same forces that stopped the main equipment from working were affecting their portable cameras and power packs as well.

We tested our equipment the next day and we ran it for half an hour, it all worked perfectly with no sign of a fault anywhere, we check all our equipment on a regular bases as standard practice. 
Even though we were only able to record about two hours of this first investigation, the footage reveled a few very interesting happenings which are included on a pictures of interest disk that goes with this report. ( Not included in this web version )

The second visit to our clients residence was 01-02-2013, and this time we were able to get our equipment running and recording. It was noted also this visit that there was a large drain on some of our lithium storage batteries again, this drain was well in excess of  the expected operating drain on the power packs.

For the sake of this report we will combine both visits into this one report, as we were unable to gather much data the first visit, we got enough to compare it with some of the data from the second visit, and some personal experience of that first evening, so the data we gathered this second visit backs up the small amount of data we gathered on the first visit, which is mentioned in the report to follow. 

A brief history:   On 21-01-2013 we received an email for help from our clients about a possible haunting at there residence. The email explained that they moved in a year and a half ago and have had this problem the whole time.
Things came to a head when they had lost their boarders due to the ongoing strange things happening around the house and property. Also they themselves have noticed these strange things and happenings to the point that they thought they were going mad. The children in the house were also being affected by whatever is creating these disturbances in the house and property.

The house is a fairly large as it has four bedrooms and two lounges and a long hallway, also two bathrooms large kitchen dining area and a decking area at the rear left side of the house, the back yard has ample room for children to play and a trampoline, with a drive way and separate single garage to the rear of the property.

We are not sure of the houses age but its style suggests that it has been around for a while; maybe early to mid 1900’s also it looks like there has been structural additions at some stage.

Examples of activity bullet pointed below :

*  Loud yelling down there hallway late at night “ Hello “ after checking for the source even doors and windows were all closed, no one was found and it was shrugged off.

* Soon after that same night in the room they heard in a male voice yelled at them “Don’t ignore me “

*  A light bulb not in use at the time as it was lunch time, had launched its self towards one of our clients on a funny angle into a pot of boiling water.

* Increasingly the sound of footsteps both scuffing and running in the hallway.

*  There two year old daughter has began waking at nights and yelling at whatever is there, unseen to the parents, the daughter gets very upset at whatever she sees.

* One of our clients: seeing a reflection upon a painting glass hanging on the wall of an arm and hand, with no visible subject.

* One of the boarders whom all have left due to the activity happening like this in the home, he stated that he saw something strange standing in the lounge entrance way while returning to his bedroom one night, it was strange enough to freak him out, when he checked again it was gone. It is worth mentioning at this point that neither the boarders or our clients had confided in each other about the activity in and around the house until this point.

*  about two weeks prior to contacting us, one of the children who is five woke up screaming one night about a white thing in her room, explaining to parents that it looked like a white mist.

*  One of the other children who is nine saw a white figure by the bathroom door, he will now only use the other bathroom in the house

* At 3.11 one morning our client was woken up by her bed being violently shaken twice, this scared her so much she checked geonet to find out there had been no earth quake, no earth quakes had been recorded.

*  One of our clients sees something dash up there hallway and then out though the door leading outside, our clients have also recorded some of the vigils that they have held, and has back ground vices that seem to agree with their conversation, words like “yeah”

A long time ago the area where the house is lactated use to be a lumber yard, and as time went on the area is reported to have been a bumping ground for dead bodies, maybe john and Jain doe’s people of seemingly low or no importance, or murdered victims. There is also some evidence that there was early Maori involvement. 

Crew that attended the first visit on 26-01-2013 / Crew that attended the second visit on 01-02-2013

George                                                                                     George

Victoria                                                                                    Victoria

Brenda                                                                                     Crissy

Clients                                                                                     Clients

The children spent the night away

Equipment used on the Second night

2 x 100mtr IR CCD HD Cam

2 x 50mtr IR CCD HD Cam

6 x IR CCD HD Cam

2 x 15mtr IR CCD Cam

1x Thermal Imaging Camera

2 x Night Shot Video Camera

3 x Full Spectrum Video Cameras

2 x IR Laser Thermometer 

4x Digital Audio Recorders.

3 x laser Grid

2 x Still Digital Cameras

4 x IR Lamps

8 x High storage lithium batteries

1 x Parabolic Ear

2 x Tri Torches

Assortment of Tripods and Fittings plus Video/power/audio Leeds.

Our clients were also participating in the investigation and had their own camera, they seemed to gather some interesting Pictures throughout the night, and they were using their own audio recorder as well.

Stationary Equipment Placements:

1 x 16 channel DVR plus LCD screen set up in the kitchen area

Cam 01 - Across the back yard facing the trampoline

Cam 02 - Facing from back fence pointing towards back door

Cam 03 - Facing from back yard up the decking towards the house

Cam 04 - In the rear bed room at the end of the hallway

Cam 05 - Facing down the length of the hallway

Cam 07 - In the girl’s bed room

Cam 08 - In the rear bath room

Cam 09 - In the kitchen area facing the lounge

Cam 10 - covering the front lounge from the adjoining room doorway

Cam 11 - Covering the right side of the main bed room

Cam 12 - Covering the left side of the main bed room

1 x Full Spectrum video camera panning the back yard

All the other video cameras we were using were set up on tripods, and we used them to move around with us so we could document all the vigils and any possible response activity, also other equipment we were using was portable and was carried around by the investigator. This time around the set up was reasonably hassle free with just a few minor balun issues which were corrected very easily.

The weather: Was overcast with a slight breeze at times disappearing, no rain was present the whole time of the investigation, and  the outside temperature was around 10.00pm averaged 22c.    


Around 7.30 pm we powered up the dvr, Crissy did some monitor duty while George did final placement and alignments of the dvr cams. Crissy left the investigation around 8.30pm which left George Victoria and the clients to carry on with the investigation. During that first hour we had periodic glimpses at the monitor, it showed that there was some movement around the hallway, and connecting bedrooms, due to viewing the activity in these areas we began in those rooms and hallway.

Also Victoria tuned into what she explained as three spirits/entities, one of these entities in particular made Victoria feel very wary about its intentions, in fact she thought it could possibly be demonic.

Brenda had a similar feeling about an area in the back yard, Brenda has a knack / talent of tuning into areas that have had a suspect past, we think one of Brenda's previous jobs honed this hidden talent, and it has come out after joining our group. This area made her inwardly feel sorrow and despair, she stated it was very unpleasant feeling, and she did not like being near that spot.

Victoria and Brenda seemed recognize that each other were spiritually in tune with the surroundings. After some discussion with the group, there was signs that one of our clients seems to have a grasp of the anomalous sounds and shadow figures around the house. It is worth noting at this point that most of the activity that the investigators noticed was responding to one client, in the form of anomalistic movement  caught on the dvr, and some of the strange noises that we all experienced that night.

We were going to place a dvr cam in the children’s bedroom, but I felt it was best not to as I did not want to attract any of the activity towards them this evening. I did not hear any sounds coming from the children bed room while we were there.

First Visit 26-01-2013 Portable Equipment Data Only:

As our main equipment would not function were forced to use whatever we could get to work, a night shot and a full spectrum video cameras. The full spectrum camera yielded some very interesting footage while Brenda was sitting outside with the camera running while talking to the clients on the decking, George at the time was taking Victoria home as whatever presence was in the house seemed to affect her negatively, when George returned we all got into the investigation again.

As we had no one on monitor duty we so ran with the feelings that our clients were conveying to us, also Brenda who was tuning into the house also contributed towards areas of interest in the house, as some still pictures of interest were taken by the client inside and around the yard, later other data was discovered upon viewing the footage from that night, which the slide show snaps are included on disk. ( Not included in this web version )

First piece of footage was when Brenda and the clients were sitting at the table in the decking area talking, it is dark and it was after midnight, in the back ground towards the trampoline there are some objects what look like Rods or one rod being very active, they or it came into shot several times, they are moving very fast which is what we have experienced in the past with this phenomenon. One of the shots is particularly good as it shows the fool length of the Rod.

The second piece of footage was from inside, the rear boys bedroom at the end of the hallway, again the full spectrum caught a mist only for a second or two, it seems to be on the move but it disappears fast.

Conclusion: There seems to be some sort of activity going on in and around the house, and some of our footage seems to back that up, we arranged to return to have another attempt one day soon.

I ( George ) would like to say personally that he did not find anything to suggest on this visit, that whatever entity or entities may be in your home: as being dangerous infact the atmosphere felt warm, this is a feeling he had about the house afterwards, but he holds no claim to having any special insight or spiritual gifts, this was just an opinion.     

2nd Visit DVR data bullet pointed below: As Victoria seemed to be more in tune with the surroundings at a spiritual level, George did not seem to have any strange experiences.

It was noted all through this second visit that Victoria and and one of the clients were getting a strong hold of some penances around the property, at times sensing them individually with their behavioral traits at the same time. Again the other client seemed to be in touch with the audible side of the activity, and several time asking if we all heard a voice, later listening to audio there my have been some thing but it was not recognizable.

To follow: we cannot put the times in order in the bullet pointed accounts, as there was more than one camera that recorded activity we feel it would get very trick to understand the different points.    

* around 8.15pm Cam 01, (across  back yard) oblong anomaly streaks across the back yard in daylight, I stop short of calling it an Orb as no one knows quite sure how to categorize them, or if they are even paranormal.

* Around 8.15pm Cam 02 (facing back door) the same oblong shape was recorded ( on slide snap disk ) it was noted the first time that the oblong shape was heading in the general direction of cam 02.

* 11.04pm cam 02 (facing back door) Rod activity as usual very fast, and a few seconds later it reappear further way towards the house.

* 11.39pm cam 02 (facing back door) more Rod activity this time it is more prevalent.

* around 8.30 cam 03 (facing up deck)Client is on the beck taking a picture, only one dvr frame form the video  of this has this Rod like anomaly passing in front of client, although not the usual rod shape we are us to seeing in the past,  the speed of this anomaly is astounding one twenty fifth of a second to travel the width of the deck.

* Shortly after cam 03 (facing deck) Victoria and lance compare stills on the deck when an oblong anomaly streaks past in front of them.

Note: I would like to point out at this time that all of this activity recorded on the night was not obvious to the investigators on the night, but do show up on the infrared footage.

* Around 8.45pm cam 03 ( facing deck ) a strange shape passes in front of Victoria and clients, this could be a moth, one snap out of two might look like wings be the second snap it looks transparent but moments later a rod passes by in the opposite direction. Even when George is standing on the deck by himself a rod like shape passes by him.

10.20 pm cam 03 ( facing deck ) We have put these snaps in for a comparison, on the front door there is a reflection half way up the door, there is no one in shot, it is the laser beam bouncing of the door from the IR thermometer.

* 11.29pm cam 03 (facing deck) another oblong anomaly passes across the deck.

* 04.30 am cam 04 (in Childs bedroom) an oblong anomaly passes upward behind George.

* 09.46pm Cam 05 (facing down hallway) Victoria is standing in the hallway by the main bedroom doorway, a small orb shape passes around and behind her and travails up the hallway. These pictures are not very clear. This repeats again after Victoria moves out of shot.

  * 11.22pm
cam 05 (facing down hallway) a partially transparent orb anomaly crosses the hallway at a steady even rate of travail, and passes the dvr cam.   

* 11.25pm cam 05 (facing down hallway) a very hard to see transparent blob shaped anomaly travails up the hallway towards the dvr cam.

* 11.27pm cam 05 ( facing down hallway ) more transparent anomalous orb movement this time it does a u-turn. 

* 04.28 cam 05 ( facing down hallway ) Anomalous movement travailing up the hall way and turns upward towards the ceiling. It may have travailed from the main bed room.

04.30am cam 05 (facing down hallway) an orb looks to come from the main bed room doorway and travails along the hallway towards the dvr cam, It is very clear in its shape     and direction of travail. And for the next half hour several more of these transparent orb shaped anomalies appear at different times going in different directions.

* Around 07.30pm cam 07 (Childs bedroom) still daylight a fairly clear orb anomaly passes over the room in an ark.

* 04.18am cam 07 (Childs bedroom) a transparent anomaly hard to see on the left of the screen travailing downwards.

* Around 8.15 cam 09 (facing lounge from kitchen) Crissy and client are talking in the lounge when a rod streaks past them.

* 09.37pm cam 09 (facing lounge from kitchen) another rod streak past heading towards the hallway door way, and comes back the same way again.

* Around 08.20pm cam 10 (facing front lounge) another orb moving very steadily across the room and its direction very clear.

* Around 8.30pm cam 12 (facing right side main bedroom) another oblong anomaly passes the screen

* 11.53 pm cam 12  ( facing right side main bedroom ) a small bright orb passes George as he sits on the edge of the bed and makes its way towards one of the clients and disappears in front of them.

There was other movement recorded like more obvious dust and not so clear things that could keep one guessing forever, we have to apologize for the confusing times shown in the snaps, and it maybe a little out of time sequence than planned for the report.

Word of warning: Again we would like to mention about the possible effects of this on your children. We have in the past asked clients if they have noticed any change in their children’s behavior that they feel could be conceded to the activity in their home, but to date there has been only one client that claimed to have seen a behavioral change to one of their daughters, the rest of which I cannot go into, but we feel it is a necessary part of our reports if our clients have children to mention that this is a possibility. We have no scientific proof of this happening, but we have read and heard about other cases enough to want us to warn our clients.

Investigation conclusion :

After visiting the property twice, and taking into account the strange outcome with most of our equipment at the first investigation, and along with the intuition of the surroundings from Victoria and Brenda, who both we as a group have learnt to take notice of many times over, as they have been right many times, and the possibility of having something on our portable video cameras,   this made it clear to the investigators that a second investigation was needed, this was discussed with the clients and the was ok given to set a return date.

The second investigation took place a week later on the 01-02-2013, as the setup of the dvr went relatively smooth and worked this time, the investigation proceeded a lot earlier than the previous one.

As there is a lot of anomalous activity on the dvr footage of your home, most of what cannot be explained, our group have seen most of it before, rods have been caught on film where paranormal activity is reported to have be experience all over the world, and as you will see on the disk we have caught a few around you home.

Some of the orb activity on the dvr footage is very clear, there is no hard scientific evidence to prove that paranormal orbs exist, some brain box with a degree in quantum physics would come up with a different theory as to what they are, also there is a lot of seasoned paranormal investigators that hold these orbs in a paranormal realm. We as a group over the years have seen many orb anomalies on dvr footage and we are 50/50 on there origins as no one really knows for sure, I can say that a couple of the orbs on the dvr footage which are on the disk has made us sit up straight in our seats. This few recorded orbs along with the rods has us leaning towards that there is evidence of some paranormal / anomalous activity around your home.

We are not able to go any further with this report as we feel your home needs to be further investigated, and anything further added at this time would be purely just guessing.

We would like to thank your whole family for having us in your home, we are here and happy to help you with any paranormal issues that you may be having in your home. We look forward to hopefully seeing you in the future.

Regards The Core Paranormal NZ Crew.

Above: This is a short piece of video near the beginning of a vigil we held in the clients rear lounge, we did not get a audio response, but we feel that some one may have tried to communicate with us via some of our equipment, this happened several times through night.
Above: This short video shows how emotional a paranormal investigation can be for some people, we don't show our client getting upset, but we want to register the fact that it can happen. We spoke with the client and there partner and they assured us they were OK, we waited for a while before leaving to make sure, also they insisted we return in the near future to carry on. We assured them we would and we were there for support at any time if needed.
Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009
Above: A short video showing our KII EMF meter responding to one of the vigils, this sort of response happened frequently throughout the night.