This is a paranormal investigation report in response to call for help about strange activity in a private home, our clients privacy is being observed, they live somewhere in the north island NZ
Crew Attending




Equipment used

1 x 8 Channel DVR Built in Screen

1 x 4 Channel DVR Built in Screen

4 x Full Spectrum Video Cameras

5 Sony Night Shots

1 x Thermal Imaging Camera

7 x Digital Audio Recorders

2 x Analog Audio Recorders

5 x EMF Meters 2 x Analog and 3 digital

5 x 100mtr IR HD CCDTV Cams

3 x 50mtr IR HD CCDTV Cams

4 x 30mtr IR Tri-Array HD CCDTV Cams

2 x passive IR Motion detectors

2 x Hand Held Laser Grids one Tripod mounted

3 x Mains Laser Grids each
Separately Tripod Mounted

4 x Still Digital Cameras

1 x word Generator

24 X Assorted Video/Power/Audio Cables

42 X Assorted Tripods

18 x Large Capacity Lithium Storage Batteries

5 x Full Spectrum Lamp

12 x IR Lamps

7 x Ultraviolet Lamps

3 x Walkie-Talkies

2 x trigger Objects 1x compass and 1 x personal effect supplied by Client

1 x Laptop Computer
Weather Conditions:

The weather on arrival was warm and the outside temperature was 26c and similar inside the house, there was no wind not even a breeze also there was no rain at all throughout the investigation. The sky was clear and stayed that way throughout the night, it was a tycical summers night here in the north island of New Zealand.
Haunting History In Brief:

we received an email for help from our clients about strange activity at there home. They explained that  they have had this problem the since they moved into there new home
When they had friends and boarders witnessing the ongoing strange things happening around the house and property, they felt that things had come to a head and something needed to be done about it. Some of the activity reported to us certainly sounded like it fitted into the paranormal slot,
unexplainable noises loud and quiet, seeing movement head on and out of the corner of one's eye, things being moved even in secure places, having the feeling of being touched and at times inappropriately, also when home alone an over whealming feeling of not being alone, usualy follow afterwards with a sudden lithargic feeling that lasts for at times for a few hours.  
Set up:

At set up time everything went smoothly lasting about 2 hours, the od hick-up but nothing major things like a lose video connection or an adjustment on a piece of equipment. The start time of the investigation after setup was compleate was 7.45pm, and packup time started around 2.30am.

I (George)would like to mention at the beginning of this report: that we were able to debunk a lot of the strange activity our clients have been experiencing, there are a few things in the form of equipment reactions that we can not explain. 
Around dusk time 8.30pm I was talking to our clients outside about some of the activity they have been experiencing on the property, all of a sudden from inside the house  there was a very loud crashing sound, so loud that one of our audio recorders setup out side, some 10 meters away from that side of the house, the recording was distorted but still recognizable as a crashing noise. At that distance the gain on the recorder should not have picked up on the density of the noise as it should have been filtered through the wooden wall of the house, along with the distance the recorder way way from the house at the time.

We looked all over the house trying to find the cause of the noise, but we found nothing out of place or anything that could have made such a loud noise. It is my opinion that if it was a man made object falling or moving and making such a loud noise, then there would be some sign of the cause such as debris or structural movement of the house. I can say for for sure that this is the loudest unexplainable noise that we have come across in all the time we have been paranormal investigating.         
Some of the noises that the clients were hearing we were able to find there source, one was a faulty water valve in the ceiling, there is a shut off valve connected to a small plastic water tank in the ceiling and the valve was not closing all the way: it was stuck open, the water level in the tank was spilling into the plastic spill tray that is under the tank and down a pipe into the drains, some times making  muffled gurgling sounds also with the force of the water at times causing thudding sounds throughout the wooden structure of the builing.
We had set up a reasonable amount of equipment in hope of recording something out of the ordinary, as our clients wanted to see what was causing any or all the activity around there home. But apart from the loud noise that we can not explain, and the debunking we were able provide our clients, there was nothing of any interest recorded that would ad to this report. I could mention a lot of things that happened throughout the the night but causes were found for them all. With that in mind I feel that there is nothing else I can ad to thids report. 

I know what it is like when ones senses are heightened, and possibly one is going through a stressful time, some strange new noises are heard in the house that you are not expecting as you might be home alone, and thinking why or what is making that noise. Well I hope we have cleared up most of the mysterious noises for you but we still do not know what caused the loud noise inside the house while we were there.

The strange movement that you have reported to us that should not be present, we found nothing on any of our recorders to help you identify any of it, as in all homes there was a lot of dust that showed up under infrared, as well as fluff, lint and pollen. I do not think any of these would be the cause of the movement that you have been seeing, all I can say is that it was not noticeable while we were around with our equipment. I am not saying we do not Believe you about the movement, all I am saying is we can not back you up at this stage.

After what we have found and debunked during our investigation of your property, we found no evidence of any paranormal activity inside or out side of your house. There was that one loud noise that we can not explain, so another investigation at a later date might help put your mind at ease.

We would like to thank you for having our team in your home, we enjoyed meeting you and investigating your home, if you decide another investigations is needed we would love to come back.     

                                                                                                   George, Crissy and the Core Paranormal NZ Team
Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009