Continuing paranormal investigation on a private residence in the lower north island on the 8th of March 2013




Equipment used:

1 x 8 Channel DVR with LCD screen

1 x 4 Channel DVR with LCD screen

2 x thermal imaging camera's (one on trial)

6 x full spectrum video cameras

5 x night Sony night shot video cameras

2 x modified (IR) sports video cameras

4 x Standard digital still cameras

2 x standard Panasonic video cameras

6 x 100mtr IRCCDTV cams

2 x 50mtr IRCCDTV cams

4 x 30mtr IRCCDTV cams

1 x Parabolic Ear (big ear)

1 x word generator (trialing)

4 x hand held laser grids (2x green, 2x red)

3 x Mains laser grids

6 x Digital audio recorders

2 x Analog audio recorders

2 x wireless audio recorders

4 extension microphones

14 x IR lamps

12 x IR illuminators

2 x Ultraviolet lamps

6 x Ultraviolet illuminators

6 x Full spectrum lamps

2 x IR passive motion detectors

20 x Large capacity Lithium storage batteries

50 x Assorted tripods

30 x Assorted Video/power/audio leads

2 x IR night scopes

3 EMF meters 2 x Digital, 1 x Analog

4 x Walkie-Talkies

1 x standard map reading compass

10 x core NZ custom tripod mountable brackets
Weather Conditions: On arrival at 7pm the weather was still and warm, there was no wind or breeze and the sky was mainly clear with patches of light cloud, the temperature at setup was 24c, dropping to 20c at packup time around 3.15 am. The warm clear conditions with no wind or breeze lasted the whole leanth of the investigation.
Haunting History in brief : As this is a return visit to this private residence we have stepped up our investigation methods, as to try and help this family with the ongoing activity in there home, I would like to point out a this stage of this web page version of our report, we have called in out side support/help in the more spiritual side of paranormal investigating, in an attempt to help identify the activity and it's possible cause, and ultimately moving the activity on and leaving the family in piece. As the clients have explained to use the activity can get very in there faces and the children are starting to get scared, this has become a top priority for us for this reason as it is affecting the children in the house.

Briefing on past investigation:  we received an email for help from our clients about a possible haunting at there residence. The email explained that they moved in a year and a half ago and have had this problem the whole time.
Things came to a head when they had lost their boarders due to the ongoing strange things happening around the house and property. Also they themselves have noticed these strange things and happenings to the point that they thought they were going mad. The children in the house were also being affected by whatever is creating these disturbances in the house and property.

The house is a fairly large as it has four bedrooms and two lounges and a long hallway, also two bathrooms large kitchen dining area and a decking area at the rear left side of the house, the back yard has ample room for children to play and a trampoline, with a drive way and separate single garage to the rear of the property.

We are not sure of the houses age but its style suggests that it has been around for a while; maybe early to mid 1900’s also it looks like there has been structural additions at some stage.
A big thanks : First of all I would like to thank Jackie Smith for her involvement  in this sensitive investigation, Jackie has a life time of experience handling all sorts of activity ranging from lite to full on in your face activity and healing. Jackie uses her life time of experience to help and educate people, Jackie often does shows and large group talks about the spiritual side of the paranormal and the affects that it can have on people and animals, her help in this investigation was invaluable which helped us form a plan of action to move this activity on for the family. 
Investigation in brief: Owing to the sensitive nature of this investigation I will only give a brief out line of this investigation in this web page version of the report, as there are children involved and they have been affected at differing degrees throughout this ordeal.

As this was a joint effort between the Core NZ team and Jacqui so we were approaching this investigation from as many angels as possible, we do have our own sensitives in our team but we felt that we needed Jacqui’s input being a Medium and Clarvoyant, along with our large assortment of equipment and other individual investigative talents, we felt we had taken this investigation to a new level.

As I have mentioned earlier we had been at this residence before on our own, and we had caught some of the usual dust/pollen and bugs and so on, also some other anomalies that could not be put into these category's, these Orbs and other anomalous shapes were clearly different to the for mentioned.

This time around was much the same with a slight change in the atmosphere, even to myself that does not hold any special gift felt the change in the air. This was so noticeable when we arrived that we all looked at each other in acknowledgment without uttering a word.

There was a strange cold feeling that did not fit the temperature at the time, and an occasional tingling feeling up and down one’s back, we all commented on this on the night.

We were able to record the whole investigation from many angles, as well through as much and varied types of equipment as we could fit into the investigation space, that being the five bedroom home including the attic out buildings and yards.

EMF: There was a large amount of EMF recorded at various times throughout the night, and we did consider street lighting and alike as a source along with the obvious appliances as well, but upon investigation we found this not to be the case, and so there has to be some other cause for the EMF bursts. We were also able to exclude cell phone and radios as we had Cell sensors posted around the property, in fact for about the tenth time we could not find a manmade source as we had exhausted all of the collective avenue ideas we could come up with.

Thermal Imaging: As we had our thermal imaging with us we put that to good use, Jamie was manning this most of the night, we did get a few unexplainable thermal signatures on the night, but one in particular took me back when reviewing the thermal data. The signature of an 80% formed cat, in mid-air, above ground and to one side of the back yard. There was no cats around at the time as the DVR cams we had set up in this area confirmed that no real cats were around at the time, however the IR DVR footage of the area at the same time did show a disturbance of some sort in the area fore mentioned with the thermal image of a cat.

We also got another jaw dropper, a thermal image of a human torso, we have no idea where it came from all we do know for sure it was there. We were all accounted for at the time and there was no way for anyone else to enter the property without us knowing.

EVP's : A wide variety of EVP’s over all from the investigations we have carried out in the home have made us wonder if we are dealing with more than one piece of activity, our clients have gathered some of their own over a 12 month period which I have listened to, I have found that most of the EVP’s gathered by our clients and the Core NZ team to be legible which helped at review time. The differing tones and genders seem to add weight to our theory that more than one piece of activity could be present in the home.

Jacqui's first impression: Jacqui immediately homed in on three individual spirits, and they came across as not being very nice, in fact Jacqui stated that two in particular we very strong and will be difficult to move on, as they are connected to the land and well grounded. I won’t go into the rest of Jacqui’s involvement as there was a lot more, but I will say at the end of this investigation Jacqui has advised the family to move. 

Conclusion: Even though the outcome was not what our clients and the rest of us involved wanted, we all did get an insight into what we were dealing with, the Core NZ team has come across varying difficulty of activity before, so we are used to it but we felt the need for good reliable outside help.

We all certainly felt the power of this activity even our team members that are sceptical. I am sure we have recorded a certain amount of the activity in the home and there is probably more to come if one looked.

With all the technology we put into this so we could record as much as we could, and the spiritual side of this investigation, I have to back up Jacqui’s advice to the family, I have told them in our opinion they should look at moving, one has to think of the children as they are in the middle of this and are being affected at many levels.

If our clients do choose to stay in the home we have given them the tools to help deal with the activity, also they have our full support.

That is all I can reveal about this investigation without invading our client privacy, there was a lot more that happened than I am aloud to mention. Our clients have relayed to me that one day when this is behind them they may give us the nod to publish a full report on the investigations

I would like to thank the family for trusting Core Paranormal NZ and working with us to deal with this activity that has impacted their lives. We have made a pact that if they are still in the home in a year or so that we would return. 

Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009
Our clients privacy is being observed in this web version paranormal report
Jamie with a thermal Camera, he carried out several thermal sweeps throughout the night
This thermal image of a human torso was taken when we were all else where, the area was clear to the eye when this was taken. The shading near the head area would suggest something is in the way, but the area was clear.
This is the thermal image of the partly formed cat, this is near the same area as the torso was taken.