This paranormal investigation report we have prepared for our client is located at one of New Zealand's historic early land war locations in our north island of New Zealand, this area is steeped in history and we could feel the atmosphere when we arrived. We did this overnight investigation on 15th of March 2013.
Crew Present:






Both Clients
Equipment Used:

1 x 16 channel DVR

1 x 8 channel DVR

2 x 19" LCD screens

10 x 100mtr IR HD CCDTV cams

8 x 50mtr IR HD CCDTV cams

6 x 30mtr IR DH CCDTV cams

3 x still digital cameras

1 x standard map reading compass used as a trigger object

5 x Full spectrum video cameras all tripod mounted

4 x Sony night shots all tripod mounted

1 x thermal imaging camera portable

14 x IR lamps

2 x laser grids hand held 1x tripod mounted 1 x portable

3 x laser grids mains powered all tripod mounted

14 x Large storage capacity lithium batteries

5 x EMF meters 3 x analog 2 x digital

6 x IR passive motion detectors

4 x audio recorders 2 x analog 2 x digital

6 x walie-talkies

2 x tri-torches

3 x ultraviolet illuminator's

3 x IR illuminator's

18 x Core NZ custom multi use tripod brackets

24 x assorted Video/Power/Audio leads

40 x assorted tripods
There will be some pictures published at a later date
Haunting History:

All the local residents of this area are familiar with the local history, this stems way back to the early colonization days of the north island. We were approach via some friends on some of the locals behalf to see if we were interested in investigating the area, and we were happy to accept there request.

Most of the locals have witnessed full
apparitions of early Maori warriors moving around, as if going about there everyday lives such as: hunting and stalking game, and doing what seems to be domestic chores or just passing the time of day away. We have been shown photographs that some of the locals have taken over the years, and I must say we were very impressed. These are original photographs from normal still spool film cameras probably Instamatic and 35mm and earlier types: some color and some black and white but this made no difference they were equally impressive. There are several large properties to be investigated so this venture will take many visits over a few years. We will be supplying each client a full investigative report of there property. Hopfully at the end of all the reports we will be allowed to merge all the data together.
Weather conditions:

This was a typical march evening weather wise, the temperature upon arrival at 6.30pm was 27c, There was no wind at all with a clear sky with no rain at any time during the investigation. Most of these conditions stayed the same untill untill pack up, the temperature had droped to around 21c at pack up time : It wa a warm evening in gereral.
Setup and Investigation:

Setup time did not go without it's challenges, finding a placement for some the equipment took some time but we got there eventually. Another challenge: as some of the cables we were running were 200meters in length and we needed every meter of some of them, these needed to be run in such a way as not to get in the way while we were moving around. Other than that the rest of the setup went very smooth.
Right from the start: when we arrived and during setup we all felt the atmosphere of this location, This seemed to keep us alert and the feeling of something is going to happen, or maybe happening already and we had not noticed it yet. After mentioning this to our clients, they told us we should get use to this feeIing but it may take some time and I think this feeling stayed with us the whole time we were at the property on this visit.

The first noticeable sign of activity was not picked up by any of our equipment, I would like to mention at this stage we had not chosen any portable gear to carry around with us.

We were all near one of the original settlement buildings that is no the property when rite in front of our eyes: one of our professional grade tripods was pushed aside abruptly by some force not visible to the naked eye, this was so sever the tripod and one of our larger IR cams was mounted on it eventually fell over. The tripod traveled and fell overall  about three meters to its resting place on its side. I am glad to say the camera and tripod did not sustain any damage from this incident. 

I would like to mention a few things about the the tripod that was pushed, this tripod is very solid and stable and is very heavy as far as tripods goes, and we could not find any defects on it during and after the investigation. Also all the legs were still locked in position when this happened: and they were still like that when we stood it back up again and did not need any adjustments to stand upright on its own.

We had already done a pre-setup check on the condition of the whole grounds looking for weeks spots but none were found, when this tripod
Incident happened we checked the ground again at the very spot the camera and tripod were placed, we found the same as before the ground was very firm and flat. I am not sure why we did this because the way that this incident happened, it was obvious to us it did not fall over also keeping in mind the still locked legs, and the distance and manor of travel.  
We all took turns doing monitor watch on the two DVRs, what we all expected and noticed on the screens: was the large amount of night bugs life present as there is a large amount of bush surrounding the property. Thankfully all the bug activity on the screens were identifiable as bug activity, as all of our cams are HD and give a very clear image on screen. Upon viewing the footage there are a few things on the video footage that was captured of interest by more that one cam,  in the same area that we received the response to one of our vigil . I was able to isolate several orb shaped anomalies at different times. These seemed to have there own energy source but not enough to glow like a light, and there movement was very smooth, controlled and directional: like they had somewhere to go, they reminded me of the way bubbles float in the air when there is no wind present on a calm day. I estimate there size as about the same as an old NZ fifty cent piece with a slight variation in size amongst them.

We did hold a few vigils inside and outside in general areas of this building: and we did get what sounded like responses to some of our questions. As these sounds were not noticed before our vigils started, I can not exclude them as being made by some form of animal life. These noise and sounds were very close to our location and and in good timing with our questions, also they did not sound like any animal life we or our clients know of.

As this investigation along with the others in the area, it is going to take some revisits to complete these investigations, I will in future reports go into the finer points of our vigils and footage when I get client premission.
There are another four buildings on this property: two of them are also from the original settlement days making the total of three, and two that are more to date but even they  date back 90 years, so there is an overall total of five buildings on this property. We had cameras set up inside all the buildings also covering the ground areas around them including the main yard area.

Throughout the night we held vigils in certain areas all over the property including all the buildings. After reviewing all the audio we found nothing that could add to this report: except for the fore mentioned possible vigil responses and that was the only time this happened, as we did try the same spot later but it produced nothing that time.

After reviewing all the video footage nothing more was found to add to this report, other that the orb anomalies that were recorded and mentioned earlier in this report. There are certain things that happened on the night to several team members that maybe relavent, but we still have to look into them on a return visit.

As the ongoing nature of this investigation is in early day yet, it is hard to give an over all view of the activity on this property, it is obvious to us that there is something out of the ordinary on the property, causing all sorts of strange and hard to explain events occurring randomly around the property. Our clients have reiterated to us that they have witnessed all sorts of strange activity at no particular time. After our team witnessing some of this strange activity, we as a team still have to approach this property with an open mind even on future visits.

We would like to thank our clients for intrusting this investigative task on our team, we have enjoyed the experience very much and we will be returning in the future with a firm date yet to be made.
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