Partial paranormal report on a private home in the lower north island New Zealand, our clients privacy is being observed and bullet points only on our (findings) data.
Crew attending:



Equipment used:

1 x 8 channel DVR with screen

2 x 100mtr IR CCDTV cams

1 x 50 mtr IR CCD VT cam

5 x 30mtr IR CCDTV cams

1 x thermal imaging camera

2 x Sony night shots

3 x Full spectrum video cameras

2 x Still digital cameras

2 x EMF meters 1 x analog 1 x digital

2 x hand held laser grids 1 x tripod mounted

2 x mains laser grids both tripod mounted

2 x Walkie-talkies

3 x Digital audio recorders

1 x word

2 x trigger objects

4 x Core NZ custom tripod bracket mounts

20 x assorted tripods

12 x assorted video/power/audio leads
Haunting history in brief:

Our clients have been experiencing strange things around them at their home for the last few years, they have told us to the best of their ability when they first started to notice the strange things happening in their home. This started approximately early 2009 and it was right in their face, one of the more prominent things that they have noticed is objects being moved from where they were placed, the object can be nothing in particular a cup or a pen even a book, and some of these object were placed for only a short time with the intention of picking them up shortly after. After a while and the strange things continuing like when these objects were found not where they were placed but in a different room all together.
Another thing our clients have noticed is they are sure they are sharing their home with at least one other person: an unseen person as they can hear someone or something moving around there home very freely, sometimes the movement is so loud and close to where our clients are located in their home, it has made no sense to them as there is nothing to see even after a search of their home nothing has been found.
Our clients are not sure if they have seen anything out of the ordinary, as the sounds they are hearing in their home are very clear and they are expecting to see something when this happens, and admit this could have encouraged them to see something (Pareidolia / Matrixing) that is not there. 
Investigation bullet pointed:

We held 3 separate vigils in different parts of the house and encouraged the clients to take part, after reviewing all the audio we found only noises that could be building movement, but our clients have informed us that the noises we have recorded are not the same as what they are referring to.

02: While reviewing our DVR footage of the main hallway in the main house, we noticed some movement that has got our attention. Twice an object can be seen that does not fit the dust or bug category nor does it look like an orb, it seems to travel in opposite directions each time, as we are used to viewing footage and weeding out bugs, dust, pollen and other airborne pollution this movement differs, the way it is moving and the directions of travel seems to be as if on an errand or some other daily action. Itís shape and size of this object reminds us of a small hand bag, and under IR nearly totally transparent with a slight haze to the shape that makes it noticeable. One of our vigils was held in this area but as mentioned before the noises we recorded sounds like building movement.

03: There is another sizable structure on the property and we had two cams set up in there, they both recorded under IR a similar object as the one in the main house. There was a difference between them this one is more noticeable as if more dense and slightly larger.

04: I would like to mention at this point: that our clients have told us they have suspected for a while there being some sort of connection between the two buildings, as if whatever is present on the property could be traveling between them as they have all felt the presence there as well, and things have gone missing in there just like the strange activity in main house. This has sparked a natural curiosity of our clients: whatever is here is it grounded and connected to the land. With the clients help we are still looking into the lands past and history, and with the clients permission we might add any further information about the land to this report at a later date .

05: The main House is the only place we encountered any EMF readings, as all the electricity was switched off at the time of the investigation, there was a few spikes but nothing that seemed out of the ordinary to us, as always we still recorded all of them as they may come in handy in any return visits.

06: The rest of the DVR footage from inside and out in the yard area did not reveal anything out of the ordinary, there were a few bugs and some dust recorded but we were able to weed them out. Also all of the vigils we recorded: we only heard what we can describe as building movement noises: and there was none of the movement noises like footsteps on the wooden floors that our clients have reported to us.  

Conclusion notes to be added to at a later date:

After reviewing all the data that we recorded, we found possibly two things that stands out as being strange activity, there is the question about the handbag sized object that we cannot explain in two separate areas of the property, this in itself my need further investigation but in no way does it proves there is paranormal activity on the property, another way of looking at this handbag object is: the fact that it has been recorded would suggest there maybe something present and not shown itself to us yet, adding some weight to our clients claims.
In this report we are not saying that we do not believe our clients claims, but we can only report on what we have found while we were there. There are some signs that a follow up investigation might reveal more and hopefully help answer our clients questions. I would like to mention that our clients do not feel threatened in any way with the activity there are experiencing on their property.
We have agreed to return some time in the future and possibly adding to this report. We would like to thank all of our clients on the property for having us in their home; we have enjoyed very much meeting them and doing the investigation.
Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009
Some pics to follow at a later date