A call for help concerning paranormal activity at a private home in the mid North Island New Zealand
Investigation on the 29th of June 2013, our clients privacy is being observed
Our clients would like us to mention that even though we are only publishing notes only, they are hopeful that some one might be able to gain knowledge, or be able to compare through these investigation notes, and in some way help educate about the strange world of the paranormal.
Crew attending:



Equipment Used:

1 x 8 Channel DVR

1   22” LCD Monitor

2 x 50mtr IRCCDTV Cams

5 x 30mtr IRCCDTV Cams

1 x Thermal Imaging Camera

2 x Full Spectrum Video Cameras

1 x Sony Night Shot Video Camera

2 x IR HD Digital Sports Video Cameras

2 x Digital Audio Recorders

2 X IR Thermometers

2 x Laser Grids Hand Held 1x portable 1 x Tripod Mounted

1 x Mains Laser Grid Tripod Mounted

2 x Passive Stand Alone Motion Detector

1 x Spirit Box

2 x EMF Meters 1 x Analog Back Lit and 1 x LED Digital

1 x Digital Still Camera

12 x Assorted Tripods

16 Assorted Video/ Power/Audio Leads

1 x IR Sports Cam Shoulder Mounted

2x 80mtr IR Lamps
Haunting History In Brief:

Our clients have been experiencing strange things around there home and apparently this has been going on for a long time, our clients adult siblings have relayed to me that this has been in there home since they can remember, even back when they were young children and still to date they can remember the strange activity is in their parents’ home.
There is a male shaped figure that moves around the property but mostly inside the house, everyone in the house over the years have tried to approach the figure, but it does not let anyone get close enough to it as it disappears.

The other reported strange activity is voices: they are not sure if it is the same male voice each time, also they can hear children's voices and sometimes the children’s voice tone is in distress, even though our clients have gotten use to most of this activity over the years, the distressed child’s voice upsets our clients whenever they hear it.
Arrival at 7.30pm and Weather Conditions:

The weather was cool crisp with no wind, temperature reading showed 10.7c and it was over cast, no moon was showing at the time, most of these conditions stayed the same throughout the investigation except for the temperature, it dropped as the night went on as one would expect, there may have been the threat of rain but it held off for the duration of the investigation.


Set up went smoothly: only a few lose connection needed attention, and all our portable equipment booted up without any problems.
We placed DVR cams in all 3 bedrooms, the lounge area, also the step down part of the lounge, the kitchen and the hallway facing down towards the bathroom, and also the hallway towards the front of the house. We had them placed so we covered most of the house and our movements. All our portable equipment that we used on the night was Infrared, Thermal or Full Spectrum with the exception of the Laser Grids.

Start of the investigation 8.30pm:

First of Brenda noticed that the bedroom opposite the kitchen hall doorway was a lot cooler than the rest of the house, the lounge and the kitchen area at this time was still reading 10.5c, but this bedroom was 6.9c, that is a large difference in temperature in such close proximity, I believe the family have named this bedroom the dark room.
We had 1 x 30mtr IRCCDTV Cam and 1 x Full spectrum video camera coupled up with an 80mtr Infrared lamp, and a Thermal imaging camera all mounted on tripods covering the room, also a digital audio recorder.

We held two vigils in the dark room during the investigation each lasting about 20 minutes, even though we did not get any response to our vigils, we all felt that this room had a different feel to it compared to the rest of the house, this feeling we all had while in the dark room went past the obvious temperature difference, actually for some unknown reason during one of the vigils I (George), started to ask specific questions about a young boy and his mother, even to date I have no idea why I took on this line of questioning as I do not hold any special gift in the spiritual way.

We did not get anything on our recording equipment out of the dark room, but our EMF meter did respond a few times while the vigil was being held, this could have been in response to our questions about the boy and mother, there was a big gap between question and the possible responses, so we are unsure if we can call the EMF readings responses or active movement, as we could not find any mechanical emission source for the EMF readings.

A continuous thermal sweep of the room while we were in there showed nothing out of the ordinary, it did confirm the temperature in the room at the time 6.5c. 
The dark room held our interest all evening; it was as if someone was drawing our attention to it, and we all found out afterwards in a discussion that we all felt this way about the dark room, and it could hold at least part of the key to the activity that is being experienced in the house.

The lounge area:

We had mounted in the room: 2 x 30mtr IRCCDTV Cams 1 x 50mtr IRCCDTV Cam, 1x Sony night shot,  1 x Full Spectrum video camera, and a Thermal imaging Camera all tripod mounted, 1 x Digital audio recorder, and 1 x IR Sports video camera shoulder mounted.

Two of the three orb anomalies were captured in the lounge area, these seemed to move very smoothly with no erratic changes in direction, and they seemed to have their own light source, we have looked at these two orb captures very closely and we have ruled out dust and bugs, also they do not look like any pollen we know of, and the fact they seem to have their own light source and the way they move in a smooth and controlled manor, this is why we have come to the conclusion that they are most probably orb’s.


It is a widely held theory all over the world, that orbs are a form of spiritual energy, and can use this form to travel and move about, there is no solid proof of this theory on orbs, but paranormal investigators all over the world have seen enough orbs in active locations to put the two together, and come to this conclusion, I can say over the past four years that I have been investigating the paranormal, I have seen enough orbs that has helped me understand why the two are paired together and formed the orb theory.


We held a 30 minute vigil in the lounge area also concentrating on the step down part, there was nothing on the audio recording other than us doing our vigil, and the temperature in the lounge at 10pm was 9.4c and the step down part an even 9.c.

Several thermal sweeps of the lounge and step down part showed nothing of interest, these sweeps were done at random; again it did back up our temperature readings.


One of the orb anomaly's we recorded traveled through the kitchen and changed course three times, eventually heading into the lounge area, this one is not as obvious as the other two captures, also its movement differed to the others, its direction and course changes would indicate some form of intelligence, as if on a pathway which could be repetitive residual energy, someone's spirit or energy from the past could be repeating taking this path, a path they may have taken many times before while alive. Again several thermal sweeps showed nothing out of the ordinary.

After two 15 minute vigils held in the kitchen, our audio recorders reviled nothing to add to the investigation.

Front Bedroom:

1 x 30mtr IRCCDTV Cam, 1 x Thermal imaging Camera tripod mounted.
This room held some interest to us on the night, our EMF meter would burst into life at random, these EMF spikes would take the meters scale to the max, this happened at least a dozen times, we were not able to take a record the precise times as we were busy looking for a possible mechanical cause, we were unable to find any source for the EMF.

This sort of EMF response in the past has lead us to suspect that paranormal activity is present, there was an abundance of this type of EMF in that room while we were there.


We held 3 vigils in this room throughout the evening, each time we received some responses via the EMF meter, another interesting point, most of the responses we received in this room was received after Will asked a question, whom ever was in the room with us seemed to be comfortable with Will as he got several answers,     

After hearing all of the witness’s reports about the activity over the years and some of the data we have gathered on this investigation, I cannot exclude paranormal activity in our client’s home. I am not saying our client’s home is haunted but there is enough evidence to add some weight to our client’s claims.

All of the team that were present at the home felt the atmosphere, and at time that atmosphere felt menacing as if someone, or something was annoyed with us being there.
Our clients want us to return in the future to see if we can help them gather more evidence on their male figure visitor, and with that in mind I will keep in touch with our clients and organize a revisit.

This has been an interesting investigation and we would like to thank our clients for sharing some of their experiences, and allowing us to publish some of our findings for educational purposes.
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Some Pictures to follow at a later date