Private Home invesigation to test a new wireless DVR system
Crew present at equipment test:


Equipment used:

1 x 8 channel wireless DVR with screen

4 wireless Microphones

8 x Assorted Tripods

8 x Assorted Video/Power/Audio leeds
Haunting History in Brief:

This investigation was at our home in Palmerston North. As on our diary page on this web site we have noticed strange activity in and around our home. Even though we have investigated our home before I thought it would be a good idea to try out one of our new wireless DVR systems. We have had visitors that have experienced the silhouette figures around our home, and also some of the voices which we have been able to record. There is an area in our work shop that is located at the rear of our property that seems to have most of this activity. 
The investigation and equipment test:

First of I would like to give my opinion on both the 2.4ghz and 5.8ghz wireless DVR systems: “save your money”, they are ok at very close range but still not very reliable. If there are any walls between any of the cameras and the DVR unit, and even though they might only be five meters apart, even at this close range there still seems to be random intermittent interference that destroys the picture.

Also depending on the layout of where one wants to set up one of these systems and the distances between cameras and the DVR unit, the length of time the intermittent interference lasts longer and gets more frequent, ultimately greatly reducing the picture quality. At the end of the day if one was looking at getting one of these systems with paranormal investigating in mind, then you would know that you need your video recordings to be the best quality you can produce.

We own a dozen DVR systems  in our investigative kit and two of those systems are wireless. I would like to say to you that hard wired cams to any DVR system is still the most reliable method. “ This is just my opinion George Core NZ” 
Our investigation on this night did not produce anything as far as EVPs goes or strange activity. As this was not a planned investigation and Crissy and I were testing existing and new equipment, one never knows what opportunities may have come up while an equipment test is in progress, so the idea of investigating at the same time seemed to be a good idea.

As I have mentioned we did not get anything on our equipment, but I thought this would be a good time and place to reveal some of our EVPs we have recorded on some of our  previous home investigations.        

This first EVP was recorded on 13th of February 2010 in our works. At the time there was a question asked if whom ever was present" are you grounded-are you here all the time. This is the reaction that was recorded on audio at the time a male sounding grunt followed by some baning noises.
Again this EVP response was recorded on
the 13th of February 2010 at our workshop.
This is a very noticeable bang sound that seemed to emanate from all around us. I asked the question at the time in the vigil "are you connected to anyone hear. This seemed to be the restonse.
This EVP again was recorded in our workshop, but this time it was on 5th of march 2010. This EVP of a lady and at least two males. All the crew present were sitting at an old copper table I have in my workshop. At the time of this recording we were all silent as we were holding another vigil, at this stage we had asked a few questions: So we were waiting for a response. Even to date I am unsure to which question this maybe a response to as particular response only happened once, we even tried afterwards repeating each question one at a time with large gaps between.

Well I hope this has helped in some way, as you can see I am not a fan off these wireless DVR systems. I am sure they have their place, I should imagine that would be somewhere other than a paranormal investigation.

We have over the years held investigations in our home and I am sure we will have more in the future. I might include them on our investigations page someday as we have gathered other interesting things from some of them

Thank you for taking the time to look around our web page, we have published this web site to hopefully advise and educate anyone that is interested in the world of the paranormal.

George Quote: "As this subject is inherently difficult to approach stay true to the job at hand” we hope to see you on our paranormal journey.
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