Equipment used:

1 x 8 channel dvr with screen

6 x 30mtr IR HD CCDTV cams

2 x 50 mtr IR HD CCDTV cams

1 x Thermal imaging camera

2 x IR thermometers

2 x Full spectrum video cameras

1 x Sony night shot video camera

2 x hand held laser grids mounted on tripods

2 x Digital audio recorders

2 x Digital still cameras

2 x laptops

1 x Standard map compass

4 x Core NZ custom camera mounts

4 x Assorted Video/power/audio leads

1 x Word generator

2 x Tri-torches.

2 IR passive motion detectors

3 x Trigger objects from our home
Core NZ Crew Present:



Will Left early

IPI Present Via Video Link:



Haunting history in brief:

Back in January 2009 soon after the death of a close family member: we noticed some strange activity around our home. This strange activity may have been around our home sooner, but with the recent events that had happened this may have heightened our awareness.

The sort of activity that we have noticed is mainly in my workshop. If this activity is the family member visiting that I think it is, then this would make sense as she always got in my ear about buying things for the man cave. At times I can be at operating one of my lathes and I would feel/sense someone just behind me. I would turn around expecting to see Crissy or Amber or someone: but no one is there. The first few times I experienced this It made me think what’s going on here am I losing it or what? This does not happen on a regular bases but it does happen enough as if someone is keeping in touch in their own way.

Also I (George) have seen dark to light grey movement in the workshop that just disappears, most of the time it has no describable shape but the closest I can come up with is a large ink blob silhouette. There has been two occasions that this dark movement (silhouette) has been shaped like a human head, with what I think is shoulder length hair but I cannot be certain about the hair. This description fits with the past close relative it may be pareidolia on my part but I do not think so.

There have been times that my wife Crissy has be influenced by the presence in our workshop. I has affected her so much her whole personality changes and her demeanour also changes completely. One of these times in particular was very strong to the point that Crissy tried to flip a large copper toped table we were all seated at the time. It took two of us nearly half an hour to bring Crissy back to being here self again.

Victoria has for some years prior to 2009 been experiencing other activity around our home. This activity that Victoria has been experiencing over the years may not be connected to what is happening in the workshop. Victoria has over the years found that she has the ability to sense and at times communicates with spirit in all sorts of locations. Victoria as time goes on is learning to understand, handle and control this gift.

We made prior arrangements to link via video at 8.30pm New Zealand time, after the link was established we discussed what our first investigative move should be. We decided that we would start with us at this end taking base line readings with no EMF emission sources found. As we started to hold a vigil it was not long before two of our EMF meters started to give readings. These two meters were situated at the rear of the workshop placed about 5 meters apart. We were not able to get the exact readings but we all noticed they were flashing rite up to red (maximum), the EMF seemed to arrive like a flash and disappear just as fast, and this burst was over in a few seconds. With this development in mind we left the two meters there and kept an eye on them.

I think this is a good time to mention that: some time before this investigation Alan from IPI had suspected that the there is some sort of “gateway” at the rear of the workshop. Alan had prior pin pointed a certain area at the rear of the building using his psychic abilities. This is where we had two of our meters placed on the night of the investigation, to either side of that particular area that gave us the readings at the same time.

Brenda Sensing:

Throughout the night Brenda was tuning into some unseen energy, she felt it was a female and she described the presence to me, as follows: A mature looking female about 5’4” in height, with sandy blond hair just down past shoulder length, with a solid build. Brenda had just described my deceased sister to the tee; I can tell everyone with certainty that Brenda had never met my sister Helen.

Just to back this up: in the past Victoria has felt Helens presence very strong at times around our home, as Brenda and Victoria hold this gift at differing levels and when they are investigating together they seem to bounce off each other without having to utter a word to each other.

Laser grids:

We had two laser grids running for a while just after midnight. As there was a few bugs flying at the time it was hard to pick out any anomaluse movement

IPI Input:

I was at times moving the web cam around the workshop and placing it where Alan wanted it placed. And around 11.30pm Alan asked if I could place the web cam on the other side of the workshop facing a rear window.

The web cam was in place for about 15 minutes when Alan, Sjaani and Rebecca all called out “what is that at the window” at this stage Will had left so there was only Brenda and myself, and Crissy was in the house with our daughter Amber, so Brenda and I went over to the window but we could not see anything. I went outside to the other side of the window while Brenda stayed on the inside, and held a torch up and moved it around in an effort to try and find what IPI had seen, I could not see anything that could have made the movement.

There was a wispy piece of asparagus some meters away but we could not make that out at this end, it was too far away so I have to rule that out as being the cause of the movement. This movement was seen by IPI at least three more times, they described the movement being the same motion as someone waving out: as if waving good bye.

Over the next few hours I relocated on request in different areas of the workshop, I must say at this stage I was astonished by the information I was witnessing as I was the only person on site that had first-hand knowledge of the finer details haunting history. I would say a good 90% of what was told to me via Brenda and Alan (IPI) I was able to place it and I started to understand what we are dealing with in our home. The physical description and certain behavioural aspects of the presence personality are too accurate to be just coincidence. I have no doubt that Alan and Brenda gathered all of the information that was relayed to me via their own individual spiritual talents.

Laser grids:

We had two laser grids running for a while just after midnight. As there were a few bugs flying at the time it was hard to pick out any anomalous movement. We could at times see parts of the laser grid fade out and come back again, the way this happened it looked to everyone as if the grid was being swallowed, at the time it was obviously to us all this was not bugs causing the fade out of the grid. Maybe a (Spirit) was passing though the grid but I have no way of being certain at this stage that is only a theory, as I cannot produce solid proof of the cause of the multiple grid fadeouts, but I feel these grid reactions are worth mentioning.

Thermal imaging:

We did have our thermal imaging camera on hand, but with all the happenings it was only use twice that I can remember. Bothe thermal sweeps did not show anything out of the ordinary. However it did confirm that there was no sign of any drafts in the building or outside. It also confirmed that it was reasonably warm 21c in the workshop for this time of year.    

This home investigation experience for me was full of surprises; the Emf burst at the beginning of the investigation was as strong as any other we have encountered anywhere. Also the accuracy of most of the information that Alan and Brenda were able to gather while tuning into the workshop surroundings was an eye opener. I think the most potent part of the investigation was the information about some of the behavioural characteristic’s that my sister had, there is no way that Alan or Brenda could have known this.

We did discuss further the “Gateway”/ portal” at the rear of the building, it is Alan’s view that most of the activity in the workshop enters via this gateway. We also came to the conclusion that there is most probably more than one spirit at any given time. I feel that my sister Helen is still with us and she is welcome to stay as long as she wants, and at times there are other spirits passing though. We as a family have gotten use to the activity and we have made a pact with the other spirits. As long as they are there they stay in the workshop and do not enter the house. I must say over the years that there has only be a handful of times the we have noticed any of the strange activity in our house.
Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009
This is a paranormal report of a Joint investigation at our home and Core NZ base. Our gests via video link are IPI of Australia. This was done on the14th of July 2013
This is Brenda: in this snap she is at the rear of the building, at this point she is tuning in on any spiritual presence that is present.
This is just a crew snap, this is the table where we gathered so could discuss any of our findings with IPI
This snap is the rear window where the IPI team could see movement, we could not see this movement at this end. 
These 4 snaps are taken are taken in sequence just on the seconds time stamp is changing from 13 to 14: you will see in the mid right of the snaps one of the grid fades returning, they return one by one: it's almost as if some unseen force passes through the grid, this happened several time thoughout the investigation.