We arrived at 4.30pm, we were greeted at the door by Sheree and she showed us the areas we were to stay away from. As this was the second visit to the prison for some of us, we still appreciated Sheree showing us around for the benefit of our crew members that had not visited the prison before.

Weather Conditions:

The weather at arrival was warm with next to no wind, with the odd puff of a breeze and slightly over cast as the night drew in, this cloud cleared around 10.00pm and the feeling of crispness in the air, at pack up time a frost started to land. 
Equipment Setup:

At setup time we did experience some unexplainable problems with some of our equipment, we felt it was almost like interference by some unseen cause, as repeated checks on the equipment were done during and after the investigation, they showed no mechanical reason for the problems we were experiencing and all the equipment tests 100% ok.

Investigation Start:

Right from the start of the investigation, two of our crew members Victoria and Brenda began to sense an unseen presence; we as a group consider Victoria and Brenda to be gifted in this way, and are able to apply this gift and tune in to their surroundings when needed.
All through the investigation Victoria felt she was receiving thoughts and images, the images were of a Maori mail slight in build and scruffy in appearance, also she was receiving some Maori words, I had Victoria repeat them for our audio recorder, I have included this segment on the report disk.


Throughout the evening we held several vigils, although we did not get any audio responses we did get EMF reactions to certain questions, even when the questions were repeated, most of the these EMF responses we received during these vigils happened after Victoria asked certain questions, and these questions were about the Maori mail slight in build and scruffy in appearance, Victoria was feeling his presence.


I have provided a slides disk with frame by frame of some of the more obvious orb activity, as all of my camera equipment is High Definition, it is easy to see the difference between bugs, dust, or orb anomalies, as you will see on the slides disk some of the orb anomalies are very clear, I have included explanations with each slide sets.

Footsteps In The Front Yard:

At about 9.30 pm some of our investigators started to hear footsteps at random and no particular area, Victoria and Will both noticed it first, then shortly afterwards Jamie also heard them, at one point  Jamie also hear a scratching noise along with the footsteps, at no time was there any  obvious source creating these sounds, as we were there to investigate 90%  of the prison we kept this in mind, and look out for a possible mechanical or human related source, we could not find the cause, but one of our audio recorders did pick up some faint footsteps as Victoria  and Will were  discussing them.  We were able to eliminate all the other sounds that we came across, like water drips, building movement and the od bug banging against window glass and so on. Also all the crew members were accounted for via walkie talkie each time the footsteps were heard, and only then we were able to excluded our team from being the source of the footsteps, we also did checks for any echo effect that maybe cause by our movement, the results of this check was: that echoes were not the source of the sounds we were hearing.
All or our attempts to recreate these footsteps all sounded like echo’s, the footsteps that our crew members heard at random throughout the night ” did not “sound like echo’s, this is also backed up with a short piece of faint audio, this piece of audio is best listened to via ear phones.

Laser Grid: 

We used a large array of laser grids around the prison being careful where we set them up, we took extra care that none of our laser grids spilled out of the investigative area and pollute any neighboring areas.

One consistent area of the prison that has shown signs of movement in our laser grid on each investigation is the Gallows and surrounding yard, we back up the laser grid movement with cross angled HD IR DVR hard wired cams; night shot video cameras, also full spectrum video cameras and thermal imaging and audio. We use all of these different sorts of cameras to hopefully catch and document any movement in the laser grid, by using all the recorded data to cross reference any movement in the laser grid for analysis and possible cause or recognition. 

We were able to gather more unexplainable movement in the laser grid this time, the HD IR DVR cams did show some of this movement and there was some strange thermal images gathered at the time as well, these are on the slides disk.

A word about Orbs and movement:

We did not record a lot of Orb anomalies this time, but what we were able to gather in our opinion is very good, when using any sort of camera dust and some bugs and even pollen can often be mistaken for orbs under certain lighting conditions, this can be due to the quality of the camera equipment along with moisture and a few other factors.
We only use good quality equipment this enables us to separate the bugs, dust and pollen from anomalies such as Orbs and unusual movement, when we record bugs they look like bugs or dust and so on.

Some personal experiences:

A few times throughout the evening all of the female investigators started to experience certain pains (period), all at the same time, even when they were separated they experienced this at the same time and this was unexpected, we have documented this on the night as happening at least three times, and lasting about 10 minutes each time throughout the evening.
Both Brenda and Victoria our sensitive crew members: felt that it was happening because the male presence that they were sensing had a problem with females, this was backed up by some of the EMF responses we received during some of our vigils that we held: the vigils are mentioned earlier in this report.


There is not a lot data to present in this report, but by no means does this mean the prison does not have a lot to offer, the anomalous data we have gathered this time is capable of standing by its self, most of it is very clear and one can see it is not bugs or dust, most of these Orbs could not be seen with the naked eye, but if they were in the vicinity of one of the laser grids and pasted through: they showed up.

Along with what was recorded in the laser grid, and EMF responses at vigil times, also the footsteps that have been heard by the staff member and our investigators, some unusual thermal imaging captures and the presence that Victoria and Brenda picked up on, and some personal experiences by some crew members, we have been able to use these recordings to cross reference certain points of the investigation.

I do not think this report proves that the prison is haunted, but we can show there are a lot of strange things that do happen, these strange happenings may not usually be seen or obvious to the naked eye, but our equipment has shown something is there.  It would appear that the noises that are experienced around the prison such as footsteps, are without an obvious subject causing them, also the visual anomalies are getting more obvious in intensity each time we investigate. The reason for this might be that any spiritual presence could be getting use to us and our equipment.

I would like to thank Marion and Toko again for allowing us to investigate the Napier Prison, and the helpful and friendly staff. We always enjoy investigating the prison and hope to carry on with future investigations. We are sure that the Napier Prison with its fantastic history, atmosphere and displays has a lot more to offer in the paranormal way.

I would like to mention:

We always approach and treated any spiritual presence and the prison with the utmost respect, and each time we investigate the prison it shows us a little more about its unseen inhabitants and history. 

George, Crissy and the Core NZ Team <>


Report for Napier Prison by Core Paranormal NZ The Investigation was on the 21-07-2013
Crew Present:







Equipment Used:

8 x Channel DVR

4 x Channel DVR

12 x IR CCD cams

4 x Full Spectrum video cams

6 x Sony Night Shots

5 x Digital Still Cameras

2 x Thermal Imaging Camera

5 x Digital Audio Recorders

4 x Hard Wired Lasers Grids

6 x Hand held Laser Grids

6 x Walki Talki’s

4 x Full Spectrum Illuminators

14 x Infrared Lamps

6 x Infrared Medium range Illuminators

3 x Ultraviolet Illuminators

2 x passive IR Motion Detectors

4 x suction cup mounts

Assorted Video leads and Tripods and Brackets
This is just a snap of the lunch room. We were having a team meeting at the time
Top left to right: This are a few snaps in sequence taken when Ewan and Jamie were being buzzed, what it was we are not sure but it is semi-transparent. Over the whole time of this investigation everyone that approached this area got clod shivers: and some also experienced a feeling of un-ease.
Orb shaped anomaly: The bright orb is about fifteen meters from the DVR cam, it floated past the gallows at a very smooth and controlled manner.This was seen by several team members at the time, this is not the first time we have recorded this sort of activity at the Napier Prison.