This is a paranormal report on the Napier Prison it was done on the 27th of October 2013. The prison was doing a fright night production as well on the night
This was coved and reported by Shane Warbrook for publication on Vice Magazine.
Crew Attending:






Napier Prison Staff

Several staff members

Vice Magazine:

Shane Warbrooke
Equipment Used:

1 x 16 channel DVR with LCD screen

2 x 8 channel DVR with LCD screen

2 x 4 channel DVR with screen

1 x 4 channel wireless DVR

12 x 100mtr IRCCDTV cams

8 x 50mtr IRCCDTV cams

10 x 30mtr IRCCDTV cams

2 x Core NZ Custom sports Video cameras

6 x Full spectrum video cameras

8 x Sony night shots

1 x Thermal imaging canera

3 x Standard Panasonic video cameras

5 x Digital still cameras

4 x Passive motion detectors

6 x Digital audio recorders

2 x Analog audio recorders

2 x Night scopes

6 x Hand held laser grids

5 Mains powered laser grids

2 x extension microfphones

3 x wireless Audio receviers

1 x Parabolic ear (big Ear)

1 x Vortex trigger object meter

10 x Core NZ custom tripod mounts

2 x suction camera mounts

18 IR lamps

12 IR illuminators

6 x full spectrum lamps

9 x Ultraviolet illuminators

50 x Assorted tripods

60 x assorted Video/Power/Audio leads

24 x Core NZ custom muti use brackets

1 x Light meter

1 x Standard map reading compass

8 x Walkie-talkies

4 x banks of Core NZ custom backup lighting

20 x Ultra high lithium storage batteries

6 x Power regulator / transformer
Haunting history in brief:

On this visit to the Napier Prison Core Paranormal and Shane Warbrooke (vice Magazine) are investigating continuing activity. For many years now there have been reports of strange activity at the Napier Prison, but lately there has been heightened activity in the form doors being locked for no reason. Most of these people that are being locked in some of the cells are visitors to the Napier Prison, and at times some of the prison staff as well. In fact it has been happening that much lately that visitors and staff are starting to complain about it. Now on tours some people will not enter these particular cells.

There are still reports from the public and staff of other strange activity within the prison walls: and this other activity at times also heightens and shows itself to whomever is around at the time. There are reports of past inmates from long ago that fell to the hang manís noose that wander the cell blocks.
Weather Conditions:

The weather no the night was clear skies, and the air felt warm with no moisture showing on our pre-investigation thermal sweep. Temperature at setup time 5.30pm was 22c and dropping to 19c around midnight. Also there was no wind on the night it stayed very still throughout the investigation.
I would like to say that Shane got into character very well; he helped to scare the daylights out of the teenagers. In fact he helped scare me to the point that the camera I was using and I nearly parted company. I was shooting the prison warden drilling the teenage inmates and she was doing a great job of it. This is all in dark conditions and without the aid of an IR camera one was in complete darkness: I was so absorbed in covering the drill when out of the blue right next to me a sudden loud racket made me jump about 3 feet in the air. I was unaware at the time I was standing next to a large tin utility shed and Brenda and Shane started to bang the side of the shed, I think Shane also used some large chains as well for effect, this was a still and quiet night. Well I can tell you from personal experience that they got the desired response; I donít know who at the time jumped the most the teenagers or me. This was a fun evening and a good time was had by all. 
Jamie I think he got just as big a       fright when this happened
one of the cast members sporting an awesome makup job. 
Andrew Browre is another cast member, he is one of many ghouls that greet visiting inmates and make you feel right at home.  When you visit the prison on a fright night.
Jamie Core NZ Here he is talking to some ghouls that are locked in one of the cells, I might add they were very noisy ghouls.
Victoria Core NZ This young lady surpised us all, she slotted into the ghoul roll very well as if it was second nature
Brenda and Shane Core NZ with a very pleased look, between them they scared the heck out of everyone in the dark including me, I nearly through the camera I was carrying over the fence. These Core NZ team members seem to slot into the ghoul catagory very well.
Catherine Core NZ after her makeup was finished she looked like someone possessed, yet another Core NZ team member that seems to have released there hidden ghoul tendency.
Production in brief:

Well I will only touch on what happened during the production: I can say we all had a ball. Jamie and I (George) did not join in on the production so we could video as much of it as possible.

Well after all the makeup transformations were done and the unsuspecting teenage youth group were lead into the prison the stage was set. The production company do an excellent job treating fright night visitors as prison inmates, along with good makeup and each having their own acting personalities it makes for a good night all round. I had no idea that the Core NZ team members that did join in were going to slot in as well as they did. In fact some of the performances from all the team members: if you did not know any better you would have thought they were real inmates with bad attitudes.

As the tour party were being lead though the prison in the dark, various production characters would leap out and brake into roll, other times still in the dark they would just reach out and touch a shoulder or arm, this got the desired response with screams and yells, and some of the teenagers at times were too scared to move. This all works because of the awesome and realistic atmosphere that the prison production team creates right from the start of the tour. I am pleased to say that Jamie and I were able to video several parts of the action.

I would like to show one of the opportune moments of the productions this was not planed. This video is of a cell block doorway and Jamie and I are waiting to video the tour party as they pass by. Jamie is very innocently standing back in the corner away from the doorway to stay out of the way, I am at the opposite corner with a video camera to get a good shot of them going by, I will let the video show what happened.
Video of one of the youth group chaperones it did not take long for the ghouls to show her some attention, it was all done in fun and she was a good sport, and afterwards everyone one had a good laugh about it
Prison commandant telling the inmates what she expects of them while they are there.
Brenda and Shane looking very pleased with them selves just after  making a racket in the dark, and they got the desired effect everyone jumped out of there skin
Video Brenda and Shane peekaboo you cant see us
Check out these ghouls, they were human 20 minutes before this transformation, the production company did a great job on them.
We would like you to meet the Dead Hill cast, they are awesome at what they do
Visitor This young lady from London was staying the night at the prison. I dont know her name but she got into the spirit of the evening, this is not a good shot but she did her own makeup it was realy well done.
Thumbs up from Brenda just after Shane and herself had struck again, I think I was at the receiving end of this attack as well, this pair of ghouls were really active throughout the production. I think they might have found there call in life.
Chaperones at one point these two chaperones (parents) were set upon by a gang of ghouls, this lady was a magnet for them all evening. She along with everyone else had a great time.
The Investigation : After the production had finished and packed away we set to and started to set up our hard wired systems, this took some as usual at the prison we set up a lot of equipment

Well the setup of our equipment went well with only a few hitches that were soon fixed, and all the team were eager to get started on the investigation. Shane just did his own thing as he wanted to take pictures of the investigation for Vice Magazine.
Most of the night we stayed in one group but there were times that we split into two groups. Over the course of the investigation most of our team had felt the presence of past inmates, especially on certain vigils that we held all around the prison.
Victoria tunes into a spirit of a past inmate and learned some things about him, his name nick name was (eye eater), as he eat the eyes of his victims. He also wanted to communicate through Victoria about why we were there, via a vigil we explained that we were there to say hello and hopefully meet some of the spirits that frequent the prison.
Even though we had a mountain of equipment set up and running, and not a lot of time left to investigate the prison, we did not get much in the way of footage of interest. However we have recorded some very interesting things on previous visits.
Each time we investigate the Napier Prison we come across something new, it is as if the prison lets go a little bit at a time.
This was a fun and interesting visit to the prison and a good time had by all, when we return it will not be on one of the fright night tours, so we can concentrate on investigating.

There was one part in the hanging yard when we had some of our mains lasers set up and running, and Shane from Vice Magazine was able to see and catch this on camera which left an impression on him. We could see very clearly movement in the grid about the size of a partly formed torso, but the movement was unmistakable as it mimicked someone walking where the gallows are set up.
Afterwards I spoke with Shane and he said that the movement in the grid was the highlight of the investigation for him as it will stay with him for a long time. Shane also told me that the whole evening was great and he did enjoy joining in with the production company while the tour on.
The whole Core NZ team enjoyed having Shane along as he is great fun and fitted into the investigation side of things with ease.
This is as far as I can take this report as I would only be mostly repeat reporting on earlier data/findings. We know that the prison has a lot more to offer us in the way of paranormal investigating. There has been so much history in the way of the prisons colourful past for there not to be.

A big thanks to Marion and Toro for having us and we look forward to returning in the future.
Ali Beal: On the fright nights Ali is the warden, Ali does a great job making you feel at home as a prisoner for the evening.
Tina Lemon and Andrew Browre: Preparing a welcome for the youths and chaperones
Even the chaperones were included in the evenings activities, this was all in good fun.
Andrew, Marylyn, Tina and others gathering to continue the production and they all do it well.
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