Paranormal investigation of a private home in the Hawks Bay area our client’s privacy is being observed 27th of November 2013. This web version of our clients report is heavily edited at our client’s request.

Crew Present:





And the client
Equipment used:

1 x 8 Channel DVR with LCD screen

1 x 4 Channel DVR with LCD screen

4 x 100mtr IRCCDTV cams

6 x 50mtr IRCCDTV cams

2 x 30mtr IRCCDTV cams

2 x Sony night shot video cameras

1 x Full spectrum video camera

1 x Thermal imaging camera

3 x standard digital still cameras

1 x standard Panasonic video camera

1 x Night scope

2 x Passive IR motion detectors

1 x trigger object meter (Vortex)

1 x word generator

3 x digital EMF meters

1 x Analog EMF meter

1 x standard map reading compass

3 Hand held laser grids 2 x green 1x red

4 digital audio recorders

2 x Analog audio recorders

1 x wireless digital audio recorder for unmanned real time listening

20 x assorted tripods

12 x assorted Video/Power/Audio leads

6 x Coe NZ custom brackets tripod mountable

4 x 100mte IR lamps

6 x IR illuminators

2 x ultra-violate illuminators

4 x Walkie-talkies
Haunting history in brief: We were first contacted by our client via Face Book, and all other pre investigation communications from then on were via email. Our client explained to us that a lot of strange things were happening to everyone in the house, actually anywhere on the property.

As the discussion carried on our client told us that they were having the same problems at a previous address they had just moved from, and it was his opinion that something had followed them to this address. In fact this activity was the reason why that moved in the first place. This became the reason for some concern as they all felt that they had left all the strange activity behind. As one could imagine to their horror when the same things started to happen at the new address they felt they would need help to manage this problem, that is when they contacted Core Paranormal NZ.

Some of the activity that was happening around the family is not unheard of, things like items that have a designated place to be stored being found somewhere else, somewhere not even related to the item. Sometimes these items would go missing for an undetermined, and at times found in an obvious place even though several good searches had been conducted previously to no avail.

Also it was explained to us that everyone in the family could hear voices as if someone was say in the next room, upon investigation no one could be found for the cause of the voice. At times it sounded like a female voice and other times a male voice. There was a few times when the voice could be understood, and one of these time the words were “What are you doing” and also “Get out and stay out”. It has been relayed to us that the whole family heard these requests by this voice at times at the same time, and other times while alone so there did not seem to be any particular time when one of these voices could be heard, day or night. This is just a few of the things that the family have placed into the strange activity category.

All of these things have started to affect the whole family especially the children as they were frightened and did not know what to expect next. Now we at Core NZ take this as a “Number One Priority” when children are being affected by this sort of activity, so we moved really quickly to help this family.
Arrival: We arrived at our client’s house at 7.30 as arranged, we introduced our selves and had a brief chat about what has been happening around the client’s home, and what to expect when we start to set up our equipment.

Weather: The weather on arrival still and warm with scattered cloud which cleared as the evening progressed. These condition stayed that way all through the investigation.
This is a pis that was taken just after set up and the end of sun set, it shows that it was a calm warm night and perfect conditions for paranormal investigating.
Set up: There was times at set up time that we thought what is going on, we had trouble getting both DVR’s going and recording, even when we swapped them out the same thing happened. We checked the power source several times and that was OK. And all of our equipment is checked regularly to make sure we turn up to an investigation with functioning equipment, this interference lasted for about an hour before eventually whatever was interfering/causing  our equipment to malfunction seemed let go of its grasp and things started to work.
Thermal Imaging: Almost straight away Jamie go a response on the thermal imaging camera, the investigation was still in its first hour when Victoria and Brenda had been drawn to the main hallway in the house, and they started a vigil to try and communicate with whatever spirit was around. Jamie had been doing some thermal sweeps close buy when he heard the girls inside so he took the thermal camera in to have a look. After what seemed a few minutes he observed a thermal mass slowly move up to the girls and pause beside them for about 10 seconds, and then the mass seemed to turn around and move away in the direction it came from. We checked for the possibility of thermal reflection but we could not find any surface nearby to create a thermal reflection, in fact there was no surface next to the girls and they were standing very still. When the mass came into the view of the thermal camera it was at a pace as if someone was tip-toeing, as if a child would when playing peck-a-boo our trying not to be heard for so reason.

This was very interesting as Victoria and Brenda said they could feel the presence of a young girl, and in their minds eye the girl was in a night gown, and she was not very happy as something terrible had happened to here. As the girls response to being drawn to this particular area and the recorded thermal image near the same time, we took this as a sing to look into this a bit further, so we all got together in this area and started a group vigil. I set up our trigger object meter and our modified K11 meter, this K11 meter is modified for audio responses as well as EMF emotions. Below are two pictures taken from our thermal footage showing the mass that moved to beside the girls as they stood in the hallway.


We held a lengthy vigil in this area and did not have to wait long for some of the equipment started to respond to some of the questions Victoria and myself were asking. As there was a belief that there was a young girl spirit near some of our vigil questions were aimed at this, and we did get some repeated reaction on our equipment on certain questions. Two for these questions that seemed to get a response were, “are you a girl” and  “Have you been mistreated in some way”, these two seemed to get the most responses multiple times. Of course we did ask other questions and some got more than one response but I think you can see where we were going with this vigil.

This next piece of the report was known to only me via a pre investigation discussion with one of the clients.

It was another incident reported to us that pushed the scare factor for the family but mainly the children. One afternoon about 4pm some of our clients were near a doorway at one end of the hallway, suddenly a black shape past them and disappeared when it reached the other end of the hallway. The shape was described to us “like someone that had a black cloak draped over them, it seemed to be about 5’ 10” in height and was moving at a fast walking speed.
I have to say at this stage this seems more than just a coincidence as the girls honed and tuned into this area when they arrived, they had no prior knowledge of the dark shape incident.

Upon further discussion with our clients they feel some of the voices that they have been hearing could be coming from the hallway area. This would help ad some weight to our clients claims when earlier discussion I had with the clients, and the overwhelming feeling of being drawn to that area by Victoria and Brenda.

Outside: We had a variety of DVR cams set up around the property, there was a lot of bugs and dust caught on the footage, but there was a few interesting orb shaped anomalies that we feel are candidates for paranormal orbs. I am not saying we have defiantly recorded paranormal orbs at our client’s residence, but they have to be front runners and have been put in our data base for further study.

I am not able to go into this report any further, but I can tell you that we did gather other interesting things on our equipment. We have organized a return visit as we feel that further investigation is needed, so we can better understand what we are dealing with. We did make sure that the children were OK and that we would do everything we could to move this activity on.

We would like to thank our client for having us and entrusting this to us at Core paranormal to help in this matter. We will be returning soon.
In mid shot here you can just make out the mass as it starts to move towards the girls
This shows the mass with more form, this was at the same time as the mass stared to move away
Below: Just a few team picture taken at varius times thought the investigation
Victoria checking her camera after catching something interesting
Jamie checking some equipment at set up time.
We included to outside as well in the investigation, I was using the parabolic ear (big Ear). We were hearing strange noises but we could not find the source.
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Below: Here are a few more pictures of interest thatwere taken during the investigation
This was taken by me (George) while we were holding a vigil outside, showing a thin shaft of light and the small Orb anomalie underneath.
Victoria took these two pictures, most of this is movement blur, but one the night some of the team saw some small white round objects floating around at speed. Even though we cant rule out some sort of insect being the cause, when our team caught sight of these anomalies they did not look like bugs to them.