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Equipment used:

2 X full spectrum video cameras

2 X Sony night shot cameras

2 X handheld laser grids

5 X assorted tripods

3 X EMF metres 2 X analogue 1 X digital

2 X digital audio recorders

6 X owner trigger objects

1 X wireless audio receiver recorder

1 X infrared night scope

haunting history and brief: we were contacted via email about some of the strange things our clients were experiencing around their home, also the household pets consisting of a small dog and several cats.

Our clients noticed over a period of time that when they were feeling uneasy about how the atmosphere in their home had changed, it was noticed all their pets started to act out of character to the point that they seemed to be reluctant to enter the home. This was out of character for the pets as they have been bought up as inside animals. Some of the out of character behaviour as follows: jumpy and irritable with no apparent cause, the reluctant attitude about entering the home, at times going without food for days on end. There are other characteristics that I have not mentioned as we’re not totally sure to what degree they affect the animals. For the purpose of this report I think we have shown enough explanation on why our clients were concerned about the pets behaviour, as well as the strange activity they have witnessed themselves.

Besides the atmosphere of the home changing drastically to the point where everyone in the home had noticed a lot like a "sore thumb", certain family heirlooms began to disappear for a length of time before reappearing sometimes and in an obvious place. All these things the animal’s behaviour, the atmosphere in the home changing, and some of the family heirlooms vanishing without any apparent reason. So we were invited in to their home.

Weather conditions: the weather on the night was warm with clear skies, it was a typical Hawke’s Bay summer evening. At no stage was there any threat of rain and throughout the whole investigation we did not even notice a breeze.

Arrival and setup: we arrived at the address at 7 p.m. and we introduced ourselves to our clients. After the introductions we did a tour of the property also we conducted resting readings EMF sweep for hotspots and safety reasons, there were no extraordinary EMF spikes noticed at this time.

Jamie and myself set up a portable recording equipment that we had brought along with some of the audio recording equipment. This did not take us long and we were able to all join in on the investigation without any delay. Straight away Victoria and Brenda both felt there was someone present in the spiritual way, they both agreed they felt it was a deceased family member. I would like to mention at this point that some of the information that was passed onto me on pre-investigation communication I did not pass on all the details that were relayed to me. This is something I practice all the time as I do not want prior knowledge jeopardise the integrity of the investigation.

After hearing Victoria and Brenda’s claims about a deceased family member still being present in our client’s home, this backed up our client suspicions that there was a past family member still in their home with them. Victoria even picked out certain pieces of jewellery and ornaments that were mixed among other items, most of what Victoria chose was items that have been vanishing around the home and reappearing in an obvious place.

As Victoria and Brenda bounce off each other they were both feeling the same way about the spiritual activity in the home, this did not stop at the relative still sharing a house with them as they felt the dog had something to do with this as well. They both felt that the visiting presence was keen on the little dog had probably followed it around on its daily routine. The dog did show some signs of restless behaviour as if being disturbed in some way as if having to move. The cats a different story altogether and their behaviour, they seemed to be more agitated with whatever is affecting the home atmosphere.

Two of the cats have shown aggression towards an area of any given room that seems to be empty, with nothing obvious and the room to show this sort of behaviour towards. All the animals of the home have grown up together from a young age so they are very use to each other, and this latest development in their attitude towards each other is very out of character. We found ourselves while investigating the home spending as much time observing and recording the animal’s behaviour. We are very much aware that animals are usually the 1st to be affected when there is spirit activity in the home, this is well documented from groups and solo investigators from all over the world so this is not something that would be out on its own. I found it interesting the correlation of all the three different aspects of this investigation all started around the same time period, and when it is all put together they all seem to back each other up.

This investigation was mainly taking on a heading towards a spiritual direction , with this in mind Victoria and Brenda entered the investigation in that respect. There was a lot of sensitive information raised by Victoria and Brenda that was verified by our clients, this did take its toll on our clients as the accuracy of the information that was coming forth, and there was no way of either Victoria or Brenda knowing any of the information prior to arriving to the residents.

We held several vigils around the home with nothing out of the ordinary being revealed through the vigils. We did however notice some movement in one of our laser grids that we had set up in the home, this movement was noticed by 2 off our clients and two of the investigators. This movement was seen moving towards one of the rear bedrooms and then vanishing. We were unable to make out a shape but the size of the disturbance was approximately 1.2 m tall, but not touching the floor whilst moving at a steady walking pace, this may be residual energy movement as the deceased family member in question used to spend a lot of time in that part of the house.

Other than the laser grid movement and the strange behaviour from the animals, and the testimony from our clients coupled up with Victoria and Brenda’s readings, there was no video evidence collected on this investigation. It became clear to us we could have mounted 10 times the amount of equipment around the house that would have made no difference, it was clear this needed to be approached at a spiritual level. I am pleased to say that Victoria and Brenda both came through on this with our client as they mentioned things that they could relate to and meant a lot to them.

Over the years of paranormal investigating we have noticed the relationship between animals and humans when it comes to the world of the paranormal, with this investigation being no exception. Our clients are at ease with the unseen guest in their home as they feel that it is their ex family member, and they are convinced that they mean them no harm, and from what we have witnessed during this investigation we agree with this. So there is no need to try and do a cleansing or move the spirit on, this is what we call a happy ending to an investigation as people from both sides i.e. either realm are coexisting together happily.

Conclusion: this particular investigation lasted for approximately four hours, and during this time we did not come across any malicious activity and anyway. The relationship that Victoria and Brenda formed and bond with the spirit, and also the home also backed this up as they felt exactly the same way, both our clients were happy that we were able to help them at least try to provide some sort of evidence that the relative is still with them, not in body but in spirit.

This particular investigation has brought animals closer to our investigative techniques as this is not the first time animals have been involved in our investigations, but they were one of the main points in this particular investigation. As we are all students when it comes to investigating the paranormal every little bit helps to gain that little bit of knowledge and experience behind this strange and trying phenomena. We would like to thank our clients very much for inviting us into the home and investigating the activity that they are experiencing, and I am happy to say our clients are still happy with the idea of having this guest in their home.

                                                                                                                                                    Copyright call paranormal NZ 2009

12 of January 2014 did a paranormal investigation of a private home in the Hawkes Bay area, this web version of the report is edited as to guard our clients identity location.