A call for help from a family in the Manawatu area, we are publishing some investigative notes with all reference to our client’s identity and location removed. Our clients hope some one can relate to there experiences from this report and maybe help in some way.
Crew Attending:



Equipment Used:

1 x Sony night shot

1 x Full spectrum video camera

2 x IR lamps

1 x Full spectrum lamp

1 x Thermal imaging camera

2 x Core NZ custom tripod camera mounts

1 x Digital audio recorder

3 x Assorted tripods

1 x trigger object a compass
Weather conditions:

On arrival at the investigation location the weather was warm and sunny; the temperature was 28c a typical summer’s day in the Manawatu with no wind at all. There were the perfect conditions for the job at hand.
Haunting history in brief:

Our client made first contact with us via email through our web page http://www.coreparanoemalnz.com . After I had spoken with the client a few times I got a good understanding of what they were going through, the whole family were experiencing the effects of some unknown force/spirit: they did not know. We offered our help and hopefully find some answers for the family.
As our clients have 2 children we kept this as low key as possible. We were pre-warned by the client that the children seemed to be affected by the possible unseen presence in their home, and it was coming out in both of their behaviour, completely out of character for both children. Both parents were also feeling the effects of this strange feeling and atmosphere that seemed to be invading their home.
Some of the signs that both children were: acting out of character : elevated sudden movement as if bouncing of some unseen rubber wall, as they would change their direction of travel suddenly, this would last most of the day.

Another sign was of their vocabulary’s were changing at the same time, and some of the words they were coming out with were not making any sense to the parents, it was as if they were talking about a different family. I must say this was a very sensitive investigation and had us both: Victoria and I triple thinking before we made any move.

I had two EMF meters running at the whole time of the investigation one stationary and the other I carried, so I could compare and cross reference any reading I might get, I also manned the thermal imaging camera at times hoping for an opportunist anomaly, and I videoed as much as of the investigation as I could. My roll here was purely technical: to run the cameras and equipment and backup. We had to approach this investigation from Victoria’s world: as she has a gift of being able to communicate and recognize any entities that maybe around.

I cannot give you any specific details on this web version of the report, but I can tell you that Victoria was able to sense at least one presence (spirit/entity) near the beginning of the investigation, and later she picked up on anther. The first one Victoria picked up on, she was convinced that it is connected to their boarder; , it seems to be a deceased relative of the boarder,
and to back up Victoria's claim that it was connected to the boarder: when Victoria gave a description of the entity and a name the boarder recognized the description straight away. It would appear that this entity was not the problem: the second one that Victoria picked up one was causing the problems in the home. It did not seem to be connected to anyone at this time.
After Victoria tuned into the second entity we concentrated on trying to communicate with the entity, we held one long vigil throughout the house, moving from room to room as Victoria felt the entity was no the move, as if it did not want to be approached. We had to press on as the family needed answers.

There was one point in the evening one of the EMF meters started to give erratic readings, not constant reading or spikes, but up and down like a yoyo for some 20 seconds. This started happening out of the blue when one of the children past by one of the EMF meters. This EMF meter was placed in the middle of the main living area at the start of the investigation, and it was left there until the finish.

We had all been near that meter at some stage of the investigation and it did nothing. There was no electrical appliances switch on and regardless of that there was no appliances anywhere near the this area. I thought at the time this entity was following one of the children in an effort to escape detection.

As the investigation progressed it became clear to all of us that this menacing entity needs to be helped to go no its way. We have in the past had some success in helping in this area, as none of us are religious in any way, we have developed our own none religious white sage ceremony in an effort to help with this sort of situation.

We explained what our ceremony is all about to our clients, also there are no guarantees it will work, they agreed for us to try it. We made a date to return and preform the ceremony and if our clients will allow it, we will publish what we can about how it went and the outcome and treat it as a separate report. Keeping in mind our clients want their identity and location kept secret.


At this stage I am unable to give any sort of conclusion on this investigation, as the continuing nature of this case's end is unknown. If our clients allow it: I will at a later stage publish any developments that may help with a conclusion to this clients case.

We thank our client for having us in their home and trusting the Core NZ team, we hope we are able reach the outcome that our clients hope for. As we all know this is a very tricky subject to approach.
Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009
Some investigation in progress pictures to follow soon