weather conditions and setup: Victoria and I arrived at the address at 1:30 pm it was a fine warm day with some scattered cloud, it was perfect conditions for a daytime investigation.  This was a two fold investigation/cleansing and we performed the whole thing on this visit, Victoria's role in this particular investigation/cleansing was very important as Victoria has a gift for being able to join with the surroundings (sensitive). My role (George) was to run all the equipment so we could record/document the investigation and the cleansing and backup while investigating. I am not able to go into this investigation on this web version of the report and any great depth, but I am able to give a brief outline of how the investigation and cleansing went.

Haunting history and brief: it was reported to us by the parents that live at this private address, that they felt an unpleasant presence in their home, and both parents felt that this unseen presence that they were feeling was affecting mainly there children’s behaviour and to some degree there own. Over a time period of about 12 to18 month both parents noticed a large behavioural difference in both their children and that there young boy was being affected the most. After Consulting there Dr and a therapist they could not find any reason for the behaviour change.

Another part of the disturbance to this families day to day runing of their home was, for security reasons there are certain object hidden and kept in certain places around the home. Well these things started to be found elsewhere around the home with no obvious culprit moving them. I would like to mention after I was shown where these hidding places are, it was obvious to me that both children were to young and small to have reached any of these places, also both children had no knowledge of these places. I did ask both parents the obvious, could one of you moved the objects and forgot to return them, both of their answers were much the same “NO way”. They offered an explanation to why they are very careful about returning these objects to their concealed places, but I will not go into that for safety and privacy reasons, but I can tell you I was very satisfied with their explanation and had no reason not to believe them. So this was made part of the investigation as well.   

Contact was made:This was worrying to both parents and that brought them to contacting us here at core paranormal NZ by email explaining their predicament and asked us for help. Of course here at core paranormal NZ if there are children involved this takes precedence over anything and becomes urgent to us so we organized a date straight away, so we were able to move on this very quickly.

An important point to mention at this stage: I would like to mention that this investigation was designed and run with the children in mind, at no time were the children aware we were conducting an investigation, we were just visitors and this was very beneficial as the children spoke and interacted with us freely. I was able to conceal our recording equipment among house hold items, and we made a game up with the camera I was carrying. Also when we got to the cleansing part of the investigation, both children were taken to their grandmother’s house.

Upon entering the private home Victoria immediately started to tune into the surroundings, as Victoria was doing this I was sitting up the last of the portable equipment that we had taken, this was to record and document this event as we always do. My part was investigative backup, and the setting up of the equipment that took about half an hour, but during this time I did notice that Victoria was tuning into/sensing at least one unseen presence, with others trying to get through. Victoria has a very good way with children talking to them, and keeping things in perspective, and she is also very careful when children are involved as not to scare them, also adults are shown the same consideration to differing degrees.

I would like to make a personal observation about certain events that occurred during this investigation and the end outcome being a cleansing. I did notice during the investigation the children’s behaviour especially the young boy, his behaviour was erratic and the way that was, he was being super energetic, border lining high proactive showing many different Behavioural attitudes, then within a few moments he would become completely calm. This is only one of the symptoms that he parents had explained to us but we were experiencing this part first hand. I feel that I should mention this again at this point: that both children have been to professional therapists, and doctors and all of them they could find nothing wrong. The children’s home life is a loving and caring family life so there is nothing historic in family life behaviour that would suggest the strange behaviour that the children are showing.

Another personal experience I had during this investigation was I did notice a slightly menacing atmosphere to the air, I hold no special gift like being sensitive for anything like that towards the world of the paranormal except a driving passion to want to investigate and look for answers like many of us have about the world of the paranormal, and of coarse to help others in this way, along with all its twists, curves, curly ones, and surprises that happens all the time, and that makes us all lifetime students to this phenomenon. During the course of this daytime investigation that was no different from any other the presences that Victoria was sensing were taking their toll on her, and as usual in her own way Victoria carried on regardless and carried on communicating with the under seen presence.

I would like to mention about the full spectrum video cameras and the Sony night shot footage collectively had nothing on it out of the ordinary, during the whole investigation which lasted about five hours the EMF metres were reacting randomly (the audio alarm was turned off on both EMF meters), there did not seem to be any set pattern but they would were both reacting at the same time.

EMF: A little bit more about the young boy that lives in the residence, we noticed several times when the boy passed either myself or Victoria and we were using a EMF meter it would at least flutter, several times after the young boy passed by it actually maxed out to the point where if I think there was another 10 LED lights they would have gone off as well, this happened at least 18 time that we know of. "I would like to mention at this stage that we had the audio alarms turned off on both meters" This reaction to our equipment made a stop and think there could be something in this and this is just adding weight to the parent’s claims. We as investigators are always looking any sort of evidence to help back up our client’s claims regardless of how large or small they might be.

I (George) was doing one off many thermal sweeps that were done over the course of the investigation, and one thermal image in particulate showed an anomaly in the boys bedroom closet.
I know what most of you will be thinking: here we go again activity and a closet, well actually this is something we don’t come across very often and to tell you the truth I have only ever heard of it happening in stories books and movies. At the time I captured the image which was Unbeknown to Victoria, at thetime Victoria was relaying to the rest of us adults that there was something at the boys bedroom at that very time, and she concentrated on the very area I had actually caught the image. For the next few minutes Victoria started dialogue with the unseen presence, unseen to the rest of us but is obvious to Victoria and the young boy whom was not presant at the time.

It is unsure in the past if the young boy sees the presence every time it seems to be around, but his description he told his presence fits Victoria’s description very accurately. While compiling this report I have to take notice of these developments as we did not get anything majorly astonishing in our investigation data, but what we did get and it was all added up, it certainly an hour way of thinking has added weight again to the parent’s claims, also while we were investigating we are certain that the presence was making its presence known to us.

I would also like to mention that both parents in my opinion have handled this development in their home and life's very calmly, and have met all the challenges it has brought to them in level headed way. At the end of the day their main concern is their children and how their lives are being affected.

I cannot go into any more detail than I have about this private home investigation, I have been given permission to post on our website the fact that we had done an investigation and some of the details. Our client’s wishes are that their privacy there place of residence and any names be kept out of this report.

Later on in the afternoon Victoria and I started a white sage cleansing ceremony, After a lot of research Victoria and I have developed our own method of doing a white sage cleansing. It has no religious content as neither of us are that way inclined, but we both believe in doing the right thing as one does not have to be religious to be good. The cleansing of the house lasted for just over an hour as we were as thorough as we could be, every knock and cranny cupboard attic space garage, we covered the whole lot, and we repeated this until we were satisfied that we may have made a difference and reached our goal. We have found over the years that we have been doing these white sage ceremonies that it does not always work and a repeat visit and ceremony maybe required, sometimes they can be more than one repeat visit before the desired outcome is reached. Of course there’s never any guarantee that this will always work but we are willing to try. To date we have had about 80% success with our white sage cleansing

Conclusion it has been nearly 2 months since we did the investigation and white sage ceremony for our clients, and I am pleased to say that we have been informed that the children, the young boy especially have returned to normal behaviour. I would like to repeat that Victoria's part in this was one of the main factors that helped us get to this outcome. The parents are very happy the way that the house feels now and how the children are now playing and reacting like children without showing any extra behavioural patterns.

I would like to thank our clients for inviting us into their home and entrusting the investigation off the strange and anomalous activity they have been experiencing for some time. We are pleased that the outcome was the desired effect.

                                                                                                                                                                 Core paranormal NZ copyright 2009


Core paranormal NZ private home investigation report situated in the lower North Island. The investigation took place on 14 January 2014. Our clients privacy is being observe
Crew present:



All 4 clients

equipment used:

2 X full spectrum video cameras
1 X Sony night shot video camera
2 X digital audio recorders
1 X thermal imaging camera
2 X EMF metres 1 analog/1 digital
6 X assorted tripods
1 X white sage smudging stick
1 X white candle