This paranormal report on a private home located in the Hawkbay area New Zealand done 19th of January 2014
Our client wants there name and location kept private, we will observe our clients wishes.
This call for help was originaly sent to Vick Wed at Auckland Spirit Chasers and handed on to Core NZ 
Crew attending:




Equipment used:

2 x Sony night shots

2 x Full spectrum video cameras

1 x digital still camera

4 x assorted tripods

1 x Thermal imaging camera

2 x EMF meters both digital

1 x digital audio recorder
Haunting history in brief:

We were approached by Vicki Wed whom is owner and lead investigator for Auckland Spirit Chasers, she asked us to contact (now our client) to see if we could help the client and possibly do an investigation for them. After speaking with the client I felt we could help the client to investigate there home and made the above date. Core NZ accepted the case.

Our client has reported the activity to me only so not to influence the rest of the team while they are investigating. None of the other team members were aware of the clients haunting claims, they only knew that the client maybe having problems that could be paranormal in nature.

Our client feels a very strong presence in their home most of the time, this feeling started soon after a close relative past away about two years ago. Our client also hears the relatives voice clear enough to almost start a conversation.

At times our client has questioned their own sanity: as this has lately escalated into partial apparitions of the deceased relative. Soon after this new development started they contacted Vick Wed at Auckland Spirit Chasers, whom contacted us at Core NZ. I would like to say we are happy to work along side Vicki when we are able to help.

After we arrived at the address we introduced our selves to the client, we then took a walk around the whole property and the decision was made to use portable equipment. After the cameras were set up on tripods and Jamie fired up the thermal camera we started our investigation.

Jamie ran random thermal sweeps of the whole property all throughout the investigation. This did not come up with anything out of the ordinary; it did confirm there was a very light draft running down the hallway towards the back bedrooms and it was still there at pack up time.
Brenda's Personal experience:
Brenda was drawn to one of the bedrooms and felt there could have been something in there and at times she revisited the room and still felt the connection. Jamie ran several thermal weeps in this bedroom but found nothing other than the signatures of the items in the room. We take notice when Brenda tunes into the surroundings as she has shown us all many times over that she has the ability to do so.

We did get a lot of EMF spikes from this bedroom at different times, we carried out a thorough search but we could not find the source of the EMF, so we ruled out mechanical causes. I did have one of the full spectrum video cameras recording in this room for most of the night.

After reviewing the footage from this room there was nothing found that could add to this report. I will say at one point when I (George) was in this room I did feel what hair I do have stand up on end and a shiver followed, why this happened I do not know as I do not usually suffer that way when I am investigating but it felt very real and in my face.

I have come to the conclusion the reason Brenda was drawn to this room as it has some significance to the reported activity in this home. The only thing is whatever was in that room that night did not want us to see it.

At this stage of the web site version of this report I would like to mention: as always we approach and treat every part of our investigations with the utmost respect and dignity, and that is how we approached this investigation.
Victoria's personal experience: 

Victoria was able to tune in to the building as well, she may have gone in a little deeper as she was able to mention specific things to our client. Most of these things were of a personal nature and I will not repeat them in this web report. The client made it very clear to us that Victoria was very accurate with what she said.

In the home there are certain items in various rooms around the home in no particular order, these were items that our client inherited from deceased family members. Without any prompting of any sort or prior knowledge, out of the blue Victoria began to pick these items out and say where they came from. I can tell you Victoria was 100% right to the point that our client did get a bit emotional.

I know that Victoria had a long chat with our client about certain things that has been in our client’s life, but I will not go into that as it is personal to our client. The client has spoken to me and reiterated that Victoria was spot on with what she had told them, also they felt more at ease with the activity that is around the home.

Both Victoria and Brenda are the sensitive part of our group and the rest of us have grown to respect there gift, the rest of us approach our investigations in a different way relying on technology to help us, and our wits. Together I think we make a well balanced investigation team.

Because there were many personal information accounts during this investigation, I cannot add anything further to this report. I can say that with the exception of our EMF meter, that the other equipment that we were using captured nothing out of the ordinary. This does happen often: when the technical stuff comes up dry, Victoria and Brenda are approaching the investigation on a different plane and usually come up with something.

Our client is now happier with the situation around there home and look at it in a different light, as they have told us that the activity around the home has never acted in a threatening way. Our client is now more excepting and willing to share the home with the presence. I have told the client if need be they can contact us again.

We would like to thank our client for having us in there home, and also entrusting the Core NZ team to investigate the strange activity they have been experiencing

Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009
Here are some team pics taken at different stages of the investigation, Victoria and Brenda tuning in to their surroundings, also one of the items: a Jewellery box that Victoria identified,also a pic of Jamie while he was doing one of many EMF sweeps, the EMF meter maxing out, and some humour Victoria getting smart to me while I was doing a video update about the investigation. hahaha good on you.