This paranormal investigation report is about a private home located in the Rangitikei area
held on 9th of February 2014
Crew Attending:



Equipment Used:

1 x8 channel DVR with screen

6 x 30mtr IR HD CCDTV cams

2 x 50mtr IR HD CCDTV cams

1 x Thermal imaging camera

3 x Sony night shot video cameras

2 x Full spectrum video cameras

2 x Still digital cameras

3 x Digital audio recorders

2 x Hand held laser grids 1x tripod mounted 1x portable

12 x Core NZ custom tripod mounts

1 x Passive IR motion detector

6 x IR lamps

2 x Full spectrum lamps

14 x Assorted tripods

8 x Assorted video/power/audio leads 
Haunting history in brief:

We were first contacted by our clients via our Core NZ Face Book page, after a period of time and several Pm's between Crissy and our clients, we became aware, both: our clients and us that a paranormal investigation would be the best course of action at this stage.

Prior to the investigation it was reported to Crissy and me only: as not to influence the rest of the investigation team, about some of the activity that was being experienced in the home. Our clients were not sure if the activity was present on the outside area of their property.

Some of this reported activity seems to be concentrated in a few areas in the home. It was explained to me that one of these areas seems to be especially active.    
Weather Conditions:

The weather on arrival at 7.30pm was fine with some light cloud cover, it was still daylight and the temperature felt very warm, I am not sure if we took a stating temperature but later in the investigation around 9.30pm it was recorded at being 23c a typical summers evening.
Setup and investigation:

The equipment setup seemed to go very smoothly with only a few small connection problems, these were attended to very quickly. Then the investigation started, we also encouraged our clients to participate in the investigation which they both did, and I would like to mention both client input was invaluable: and they both handled the investigation very well.
I have to mention at this stage of this report that: When I reviewed the DVR footage afterwards there was only scattered pieces of video in the time slot. Even though we had made sure the DVR was recording and someone at the monitor most of the night, it showed that it was recording with no sign of any problems. Later we came up with a “possible theory” on why this had happened and I will mention it later. We still had some of the portabile video footage to help with this report.  
Almost straight away Brenda was drawn to one of the rooms at the end of the hallway, and this room seemed to take most of her attention at this stage of the investigation. All three investigators plus one of the clients did spend a lot of time in this room; still Crissy and I were the only two people in our team that was made aware of the activity in this room before and during the investigation.


Throughout the evening we did what seemed to be one long vigil in this room, at times even for thoughts of us (George and Jamie) that do not have any special sensitive gifts towards the paranormal as Brenda has, we could all feel and our client included: the atmosphere change in this room, it was not a temperature change: it felt as if the air pressure in the room had risen a little, and then slowly it would subside. This was noted to happen at least three times during our time in this room, I will mention that this feeling was not experienced in any other rooms in the home.

While we were in this room almost an hour had gone past: when both Brenda and Jamie reacted to something that may have been drawn to the room via the vigil, I myself did not feel it, I may have been and not noticed as I was completely absorbed in the vigil at the time.

First of Brenda became very cold, I can verify this: she broke out in goose bumps and started to shiver, and she wanted to leave the room but she changed her mind and stayed, even though she was still shivering and asked us to feel her arms, and yes she was cold to the touch, the room felt warm to the rest of us as it was 24c at the time.

At the same time: Jamie had left the room as he was overcome with a very strong feeling of nausea and sore in his stomach, it seemed to pass and he returned to the room shortly afterwards.  

When this happened: Brenda first came up with the name “Elizabeth”. I would like to point out at this particular moment we had “asked for a name” and “can you identify yourself”, and while Brenda came up with the name “Elizabeth” the EMF meter that I was holding started to go nuts, Brenda repeated the question and again there was an EMF  response a bit weaker but still a response.  We could only take this as verification of the name Brenda had come up with. 

We carried on with the vigil in this room for a while longer, half an hour had passed when Brenda stared to feel the same effect as before, it did not seem to be as strong this time around, and Jamie did not seem to be affected this time. While Brenda was feeling the effects of the presence in the room: she asked is your name “Tom” the EMF meter I was holding went nuts again, when she repeated the question the meter reacted  again with a short max spike. Again as before the way these EMF readings have reacted at the same time as certain questions were asked, and still keeping as open minded as possible after witnessing these EMF reactions, I have to say that it is my opinion these were direct responses to Brenda's questions, and adds weight to our clients haunting claims.  

After these developments it made us all think: the spirits that are present may only want to communicate with us through Brenda. As I have mentioned in other reports Brenda has shown signs of having the gift of being a sensitive. We still took turns in the other vigils that we held keeping in mind about what we discussed. It was time for us to investigate the rest home of the propery. 
Hallway personal experience:

There was one point when I (George) was standing in the hallway, I was near the doorway that leads into the room prior mentioned in this report, when out of the blue I felt the need to lean against the wall to support myself, at the exact same time Jamie and both of our clients were at the monitor, they called out to me that something came out of the room and seemed to pass straight through me. The feeling I had at the time seemed lasted for 30 seconds or so and I felt OK again. Was this one of the spirits that Brenda had picked up on earlier, and also attacking Jamie?. It makes one think when witnessing and experiencing these strange and unexplainable events.

Of course at the time we thought the DVR was recording, as there was one of our 50mtr cams covering that part of the hallway, but the few pieces of DVR video that was available did not have any video from this cam.
The rest of the home and yard:

There were other things noticed on the monitor during the investigation that warranted further investigation at the time. Some movement seemed to be heading towards another room. After spending some time in this other room and holding another lengthy vigil nothing transpired. There was one point our EMF meter flickered but that is all it did and did not react any further: I will mention that Brenda was still pick up on “Elizabeth and “Tom” but not connected to this room.

Our clients recognized what Brenda was picking up, as they had their own views on why and what the activity was in their home and it seemed to fit that. They were also not surprised that Jamie and I had also experienced the force (energy) that the spirit activity in their home seems to hold.

There did not seem to be anything out of the ordinary on the monitors from the two cams we had covering the outside yard area, also there was no footage recovered from them so we can not check. It maybe coincidence but we have a theory on what the caused the DVR recording footage to There did not seem to be anything out of the ordinary on the monitors from the two cams we had covering the outside yard area, also there was no footage recovered from them. It maybe coincidence but we have a theory on what the cause most of the DVR recording.

I will start with a question?: Why was only some of the footage affected at different times like large breaks as if tuned off and on lots of times, the way the footage that was recoverable came of the DVR, it would have shown signs like turning on and off but this was not the case. It is a strong theory of our group that the spirit energy was that strong it was able to affect the DVR, drawing on the DVR to the point that it was affecting the DVR’s normal functionality.

All present on the investigation clients included: there was no sign of the DVR turning off and on as it was manned 95% of the time.


As there was something beyond our control that affected some of our equipment, I have to stop this report sooner than it deserves. I cannot add anything else without some sort of backup, and that back was our DVR.  There was defiantly something in the home while our team were there, I think we all felt the power of these presence’s at some point in the investigation.

There is another possible reason that may have helped us to feel and witness some of the activity in the home; I feel our client’s participation in the investigation helped as the presences are known to them, and that at times may have helped
I would like to thank both of our clients for letting our team come to their home, we enjoyed meeting them and hanging out with them both. Also taking part in the investigation as it was eye opening and interesting at times.

I hope we can return one day to do another investigation and see what happens this time, I know that our case load at the moment is high, so if we are allowed to return I am not sure when that will be, I can tell you that we are looking forward to it.  

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