This is only a partial report for privacy reasons; we received a call for help dealing with unwanted activity in a private home. We (Core NZ) held a white sage ceremony on the 18-2-2014, we have waited a few months to see if how effective the ceremony was, also we are allowed to publish only parts of the ceremony and some of the effects it has had on the activity.
Equipment used:

1 x Sony night shot video camera

1 x Tripod

1 x Digital audio recorder

1 x Digital still camera

1 x Analog EMF meter

2 x White sage mudging sticks.
Crew present:




Haunting history in brief:

There has been strange activity on the property for a number of years. Over the years our client and pets got use to the activity as it seemed harmless. But about two months before our client contacted us for help thing started to escalate.

To mention a few, our client noticed the atmosphere in the house seemed to be different and if there was negative energy all over the house. This caused some concern to our client and our clients grown up children, they had noticed this negative energy while visiting and they did not like it.

Another concern our client had was the effect this was having on their pets. Their pets became very weary when entering the house and very jumpy: as if they were confronted by a stranger, but there is no stranger to be seen by the naked eye. The pets also seemed to be going of their food over these past two months.

This was the last straw for our client and they decided that something needs to be done. I conversed with the client and offered to try a white sage ceremony for them, explaining we have performed white sage ceremonies before with only “some” success: as there is no guarantee this will work.

I also explained that I am not religious in any way; I have adapted a white sage ceremony that is non-denominational, as it would be hypocritical of me to include any religious content in the chant I use. This was expectable to the client so the above date was set to perform the ceremony.

I would like to mention that I grow my own white sage and I give thanks to the plant when I remove any of its foliage, I feel it shows a sign of respect to the plant and the job one is expecting it to do. I do not say any prayers or religious chants just a show of respect to the plant. 
Cleansing Ceremony:

I have in the past preformed this ceremony several times over the last few years. My approach to the ceremony is one of inner strength, and I use that energy combined with my chant to help clear any unwanted spiritual presences that may be present. I have received reports back from all of these cleansings and it would appear I have had some success with it. In some cases I have returned to repeat the ceremony and that has helped at the time, but I have found that in some cases after a period of time the activity has returned. The rest of the cleansings seem to be holding as some of the ceremonies were performed over 3 years ago.

We arrived and the clients house around 11.00am and I started to prepare for the ceremony. I walked through the house first to see if I could feel the presence in the house. I do not hold any special gift towards sensing spiritual presences, but I needed to concentrate and try absorb the atmosphere that other have felt in the house.

I took some time before I stated the ceremony and I am glad I did, as after 20 minutes or so had gone by I started to get the feeling of being “harassed”. It was almost like someone was up close to me and just about breathing down my neck; it did not feel like physical contact but it could have been some sort of telepathic (spiritual) pressure? As I am not use to these feelings I wondered if I had succeeded in linking with whatever spiritual presence is in the house.

If I had connected then the feeling the presence was showing me was one of disapproval, it obviously did not want me there and I am sure it knew why I was there. As Brenda and Crissy were present as well they were not part of the ceremony they were there for back up if needed. Usually Brenda would be the team member tuning into the surroundings but the ceremony I preform is a solo one. If anything goes wrong: I do not want any of the other team members to be affected as the buck stops with me, I take full responsibility on all of our group events.


Around 12.30pm I made sure I was the only person left in the house and everyone else was outside. I opened the main front door of the house and all the internal doors before making my way to the furthermost pat of the house. The object of this is to start at one end of the house celling each doorway behind as I progress though the house, covering every corner of all the rooms with the smoke from the smouldering white sage, including closets, cupboards, window frames and any other spaces even the loft if the house has one, also the under floor crawl space or basement if there is one, at the same time repeating my chat eventually pushing the unwanted presence out through the main entrance and then celling it of so the presence cannot re-enter the house.

I soon after I started the cleansing I found out that the presence did not want to be moved. I had started to make my way down the main hallway and a closet door opened by its self. I went to open it further and I met resistance, I tried to push it closed and I could feel something pushing from the other side. When I eased up a bit on my hold on the door it pushed outward so I put my keen into it, it seemed that the pressure would take the opposite direction to mine. This went on for maybe a minute and when I was able to gain control of the door I had a good look and there was nothing out of the ordinary to be seen.

After this development I felt I had to stay firm and make sure what my intensions were, as I was nearing the main entrance at one point I did feel the words sticking in my throat, I was trying to say my chant out loud and in affirm manor but nothing was coming out. It took a few moments before I gathered my composure and I was able to carry on. Eventually I reached the main entrance and I sealed it behind me.

Some weeks later:

Apparently after I had performed the ceremony there was a noticeable change in the house, it seemed brighter and everyone in the home family and friends noticed the change. Another bonus was the pets also returned to their normal behaviour and routines.

This improvement in the house sadly did not seem to last, strange things have stated to happen again in the house, I was told this time it was not to the same degree but it still felt negative. Also the client’s pets this time around were a bit more at ease with the presence, but they still show some signs of being upset.


Assuming this activity in the home at the moment is the same as before, and if the power I felt against the door is an indication of the presences strength, then I think different intervention is needed. No one can know if this activity will grow to the same strength as before, I am willing to try my ceremony again but I feel that it may not be strong enough if it is the same presence.

I do have outside contacts that I can approach that have handled this sort of activity before, but even they have told me in the past there is no guarantee of any ceremony will work. I will keep on looking for some way to helping our client and getting the desired outcome for them.  
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