We received a call for advice from a young family and we set up a meeting for 2nd of March 2014: To follow is some of the content of that meeting, all identifying information and close personal information has been removed for this web publication. Our clients would like us to publish some points from the meeting in the hope it may help someone or even relate to their situation
As this is not an investigation involving our technology as we are at the clients house to discuss with them if there is any need for an investigation. They also wanted to discuss what might be there best course of action
As this is not an investigation involving our technology as we are at the clients house to discuss with them if there is any need for an investigation. They also wanted to discuss what might be there best course of action. To follow is responses to some of our questions.

We arrived at the clientís house around 11.00am: present at the meeting from Core NZ was Crissy and I (George). Both adult clients and there 2 children were home when we started to talk about what was happening around there home. We had been talking for 10 minutes or so about their general daily routine before asking the children to go outside and play.

Q: Is there any particular time this noise is heard?

Both adult clients began to explain some of what they thought might be strange activity around there home. The first thing we talked about was the noises that seemed to start up out of the blue and can be heard any time of the day; they started about 4 month prior.  Our clients had not noticed them before and had discussed them as a family several times. Each time they have heard the noises they have searched for the source but none can be found.

Q: What does this noise sound like?

The Noise has been described to us as: sounding like it has no real substance: unlike a bang or a thump has, and at times when they hear the noise it sounds distant and other times closer by. One of the clients said the noise at times reminds them of a metallic sheet of some sort that is being twisted in a tunnel, or an enclosed space, but with no echo.

Q: How long does the noise last for?

The length of time varies from say 3 seconds to about 8 or 10 seconds it seems to be random.

Q: Have you noticed if the noise lasts for a certain amount of time: say more in the evening than during the day or vice versa?

No we have not noticed, I suppose it could have a pattern even though it appears to be random. We do know for sure we can hear it during the day and at night, even in the small hours of the morning. 

Q: Do you or any of your children have any concerns about the noise, does it frighten the children or your selves?

No: none of the children have shown any fear about the noises, in fact some of the time we have made a game of it seeing how could find the cause of it first. Of course we have never found one

Q: Are you able to give a description of this movement?

No I donít think I can: just like the noises we are hearing there was no real substance to the movement, Iím not even sure of any shape or form it may be in. As I have said it only lasts for a split second. I donít want you to think I am making this up, and I am not sure it is real I just thought it was worth mentioning. 

Q: Please tell us if you think our questions are getting to invasive: Has anyone living in the house noticed any behavioural changes that are out of character, like mood swings or a noticeable change in attention span and alike?

We canít be certain with the children, but they seem to be more hyper than usual, thatís a hard one to answer as far as the children: as you must know children can have energy spirts all the time but they seem happy enough with no complaints.

As far as we go (Parents) we havenít noticed anything out of the ordinary with mood changes or anything else.

Q: Now this is where you might tell us we are getting to private: Are any of the family on any medication for depression or psychiatric reasons?

No that fine we donít mind:  None of us are on that sort of medication. At the moment the strongest medication in the house is Panadol.

There were more questions asked at this meeting but I will not go into those in this publication, as there was more personal information give and I will keep that private.

Conclusion: While we were at the house I asked if I (George) could take a look around, I was interested in having a close look in the attic. Also I had my sights on the crawl space under the floor, and between the two areas I think I found the source of the strange noises.
The water system in the home is very old, I donít think it has been serviced or upgraded since the home was built in the 1920s. I think the noises that our clients were hearing were traveling through the old galvanised pipes.
Some of the mounts that support the pipes under the floor were broken or had just rotted away leaving part of the pipe system floating, this has created movement in the pipe when the pressure changes in the pipes, in other words it flexes but not enough to come in contact with any part of the floor.
One other thing I noticed was in the attic, there was an old galvanised header tank in the ceiling; it has a galvanised overflow tray under it with a pipe running out to the eves of the building. All of these components look as if they need replacing as the ware of use over the years are showing in the form of rust. In fact I am surprised the header tank is still in one piece. I am sure between the noises that the old stop cock makes and there seems to be a bit of cricking noises coming from the tank as it fills.
When one puts all these findings together that were not obvious to our clients: and the pipe system carrying some of these noises around the home, our clients were very pleased to hear that what they thought might be paranormal activity in their home, had a manmade cause connected to them.
We thank our clients for having us in their home and choosing Core NZ to consult with. We have enjoyed looking into this matter for our clients and finding a solution for them. When it all boils down at the end of the day it could have been anomalous activity in the home, one never knows and it is always better to check and make sure.
I will finish this publication at this point as there is nothing else I can add to it, we are pleased there was a good outcome for this family, and there is no need for any of them to feel foolish. This could happen to anyone and sometimes it takes someone else that will take a approach and look at things in a different light.
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