On 5 February 2014 core paranormal NZ were invited to investigate a grand old Homestead situated in the Manawatu. As most of our investigations are private this one is no exception the owners would like the location and their identity to stay secret.
Equipment used:

3 X full spectrum video camera

2 X Sony night shot video camera's

4 X infrared lamps

5 X full spectrum lamps

8 X ultraviolet illuminators

2 X K 2 meters 1 X standard / 1 X modified

1 X trigger object meter

1 X standard Met reading compass

2 X laser grids mains powered

4 X laser grids handheld

3 X core NZ custom mounts

12 X assorted tripods

3 X digital audio recorders

2 X wireless receiver recorders

2 X analogue audio recorders

1 X word generator (on trial)

1 X thermal imaging camera

4 X passive infrared motion detectors

1 space X parabolic ear (big ear)
Crew present:





And clients
Haunting history in brief: we were originally contacted by our clients via our website email contact, and from the original contact we were able to organize telephone contact, which led to face-to-face contact. It was explained to us that the security system in this house i.e. surveillance cameras were packing up very strange things. Most of these strange things that were being recorded in this large empty homestead were recorded in the small hours of the morning.

All of these recordings were made available to us to view prior to the investigation, and I can say at this stage that these recordings backed up our clients claims that there was strange activity happening in the Homestead. Most of the recorded activity from the security system was in the form of very large bright orbs anomalies, as far as we know this sort of activity has never been recorded on the system before. The dates on the recordings would suggest that this activity has been over a period of approximately six months.

Prior to the discovery of the activity on the security tapes our clients and their friends were constantly checking for movement that seem to be non-existent, in other words they noticed that but when they investigated where the movement was, noticed noticed there was nothing there. This may have been happening well before the security system started to pick up the strange activity.

We have been checking the public records on the area the Homestead is situated in, and as far as we can tell it was amongst some of the first homes built in the Manawatu area. That would make this building approximately 140 years of age, we are not 100% certain on this as the records from that era are incomplete. Also I would like to mention that our clients have always had this niggling feeling in the background things are not quite what they seem, and they were never able to put their finger on it. And when they discovered the footage on the security system that led them to contacting us here at core paranormal NZ and ask us for assistance, which we gladly accepted and there is a brief description of what happened to follow.
Set up and investigation start: upon arrival at around 5:30 PM we entered the Homestead and surveyed the whole building and the grounds, as this is a large Homestead and had a fair bit of land connected to it as far as suburban goes. As we were inspecting the property we were all totally blown away with the well looked after with all its finery, such as all joinery that was varnished and stained native timber the plaster ceilings and all the old door James and doors, even the grand old staircase which is in three sections is in beautiful condition.

setting up: all our portable equipment as there was no mains power took about an hour. I can say; I am someone that holds no special sensing gift towards the paranormal as I need technology to try and visit this realm, there was always from start to finish of this investigation, I feeling for me to keep looking over my shoulder, as if someone should be standing there and try to get my attention. I can say that the investigation with our recording equipment and all the investigators going around as a group started around 8 PM.

I was approached by the other members of the team that they were feeling much the same way as I was, Victoria and Brenda more so as they were seeing this investigation through their sensitive eyes. We held many vigils throughout the investigation and some names and individual spirits came through via some of these vigils. I am reminded that Victoria and Brenda prior to the start of our vigils that they were picking up on these spirits, they are of the opinion that the spirits came through stronger because of the collective energy put in via the vigils. Below you will find some short video clips of differing times during the investigation, also on the night Catherine was using the thermal camera for several thermal sweeps done on the evening, and she was able to hone in on a thermal signature that had not been there all night. I think it is important to include these pieces of video as it will show you how the activity and the Homestead was approaching our team.
Above: George taking time to explain about this investigation, also some updates to follow.
Above video Victoria and Catherine: explaining about an event that had just happened, they were visibly upset. Whatever they had encountered on the stairwell did not seem to be very friendly.
Above video Brenda explaining: at the beginning of this investigation Brenda was not able to put her finger on what she was sensing, an hour or so into the investigation at dawn on her what she/we were dealing with.
As you can see in the video clips above some of the activity in this grand old Homestead was on our face. Even though the activity is not shown on the video it is obvious that the activity made an impression especially for in our team that is sensitive. I would have liked to show more video and added some pictures of this investigation, but I feel it would be pushing the boundaries of our clients policy and we have promised them that we would not do that. Our clients have asked us back for another investigation of this homestead, and before we had left we had a return visit set I will not go into that at this point in this investigation as it will be posted on our website as its own follow-up investigation. We did use several types of laser grids set up in different areas of the Homestead, the only negative thing about using laser grids whether they are handheld or mains powered, they do not show up on the infrared video footage. We have found over the years that when laser grids are being used it is better to use a standard video camera analog or digital and standard video mode without any infrared present.

Throughout the evening most of the team were using their still digital cameras, as usual Catherine snapped most of the pics of interest from this investigation. The footage from the security system is not included in this report, has some future stage the clients may feel that we can release some of but at the moment they want to keep private. I can tell you that this whole investigation has been awesome as far as paranormal investigating goes, all of our investigators that were there that night can't wait to return.

Conclusion: it is hard to come to even a partial conclusion at this stage as at least one follow-up investigation is required, when all the evidence to date is collected and viewed, it would strongly suggest that there is at least three or more spirits/entities present in this Homestead. I am not saying we have proven this beyond a shadow of a doubt but there are signs and they are as strong as any other we have come across. It will be interesting when we compile the data/findings from the follow-up investigation and we compare the data from both, I would not be at all surprised if this Homestead and connecting land if it needed at least another two follow-up investigations. We have spoken to the owners and they are happy to work along with us for as many return visits as it takes.

I would like to thank our clients for having us on their Homestead and giving us free reign to investigate the whole property, the next time around we hope to get into the servants quarters has this time we were not able to gain access, as the servants quarters took up a whole wing in the Homestead as it may hold/reveal some evidence about the Homestead haunting. We at call paranormal NZ are looking forward to returning to this grand old Homestead to do a follow-up investigation, we did this investigation at grassroots level all with portable equipment luckily we have plenty of it, but we also have generators and portable power packs that are able to power up some of our larger DVR systems so we can cover more of the Homestead and its surrounding land at the same time.

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