This is a report on a house situated in Wanganui North Island New Zealand, this investigation was done on the 30 - 03 - 2014
This report is the Internet version with our clients private details removed, also our client has requested that certain parts of the actual investigation not be included in this version of our report

(Report compiled and published by George Shiels lead investor for core paranormal NZ)
Team attending:






Equipment used:

2 X 8 channel DVR with LCD screens

1 X 8 channel DVR

2 X 4 channel DVRís with LCD screens

1 X thermal imaging camera

9 X full spectrum video cameras

6 X Sony night vision video cameras

3 X standard Panasonic video cameras (for documenting)

5 X standard digital cameras

4 X custom modified laptops (running customised core NZ system)

1 X Vortex proximity meter

3 X IR night scopes

1 X word generator

2 X K2 metres

1 X modified K2 meter (EMF)

2 X digital EMF metres

1 X analogue EMF meter

1 X parabolic ear

1 X standard compass

6 X handheld laser grids

3 X mains powered laser grids

10 X portable infrared illuminator flood lamps

8 X portable infrared illuminators

2 X portable full spectrum flood lamps

2 X portable full spectrum illuminators

5 X portable ultraviolet illuminators

4 X tri - torches

2 X wireless digital audio recorders

7 X digital audio recorders

2 X analogue audio recorders

8 X walkie-talkie radios

14 X 100 MTR IRCCDTV cams

8 X 50 MTR IRCCDTV cams

2 X 30 MTR IRCCDTV tri-array cams

18 X core NZ custom tripod mounts

40 X assorted tripods

5 X core NZ custom tripods

34 X assorted power, video, audio leads

6 X assorted custom core NZ equipment cradles
Haunting history and brief: it has been reported to us that there has been a large amount of strange activity and around our clientís home, these reports are from all the inhabitants of the home as they have all witnessed the strange events. Just like many other investigations we have done there are similarities most of the time, and this one is no different. These reports consist mostly of objects being moved without prior knowledge and have turned up some time later out of the blue so to speak, there is movement caught out of the corner of oneís eye; and this is reported by everyone in the home, there have been reported sightings off a black mass in the home, and at times this black mass seems to be taking on an unfinished shape of a human torso. I can say at this point that our client has informed us that the whole family have been experiencing this for the last four years that they can recall. I could feel the urgency when we were contacted by our client, and after a few weeks discussion the client decided that it would be best if you seek our help, I will say at this point we no way put any pressure on our client, this was solely our clients decision to ask for our help which we gladly excepted.
Weather conditions: upon arrival the weather was calm and clear temperatures throughout the investigation averaged around 21 C, we found these conditions to be perfect for the external part of this investigation, as a main part of this investigation was outside.
Set up and investigation start: we arrived at our clientís home at 730 as arranged, after an on-site inspection and a discussion of what equipment we would use and where it would be placed, we all set to as there was a lot of equipment to set up. Set up time took about two hours with only a few minor faults to fix, halfway through set up time I requested Victoria and Catherine and Brenda to do resting readings and get a feel of the place, it did not take long for Victoria and Brenda to tune in to several presences/spirits, and Catherine stated: that she felt that things were not quite right and she could not put her finger on it, she was referring to the feeling of the place.

After all the setup had been done all the equipment turned on and we had our first look around we decided to stop for a break, as this is a multileveled property it took some effort to get some of the equipment into place, so the break that we decided to take was very welcome. During our break one of our clients started informing us about some of the latest activity they had been experiencing, lately they had been witnessing the black form trying to manifest into a torso shape had been seen more regularly over the last few months. Again I asked our clients if this worry or them at all or scare them, witnessing this black mass mainly in the hallway; the reply was that they had gotten used to it but they did not know why this was happening, and they were hoping that we could find out why. We gave no guarantee as one knows this subject is inherently difficult to approach and no one can give any guarantee, and that is why core paranormal NZ exists to try and help people in this sort of situation.

I think it is important at this stage to mention that the sensitive side of our group started tuning in to the surroundings even before we started set up, I did notice Victoria was being distracted and seem to be concentrating on the rear part of the property, a little later I found out she was tuning in to a young girl and a young boy. The area Victoria was concentrating on had a large tree to one side, this drew oneís attention immediately due to its sheer size. Some of our equipment that we had placed near and around this area at times would react, and we were able to follow a path via our equipment and each time it would return back to the location of the big old tree, after witnessing this several times we decided to spend a lot more time in this area. We did hold one long vigil using the tree as a base and we did start to see more reactions on our equipment, for a start our EMF metres would go all simultaneously at certain points of our vigil questions, so we took these reactions as an attempt to communicate with us. I can say that most of the reactions were along the lines of questions about children.

As the evening grew on Jamie stated that he had felt that there was someone or something watching us, he was not able to go into that any further but this seemed to be a very strong sensation, this distraction got to the point where at seemed to have Jamie a bit distant and curious at the same time. As Jamie was manning the thermal imaging camera most of the evening he was able to catch some interesting images, some images in particulate that seem to approach the girls while they were gathered together, and then stepped back and disappear. We were able to view this footage on the night and it completely blew all of us away. I am of the opinion that Jamie had just captured the source of is distraction while on the investigation, he did not realise it at the time but he was sensing that presents on the property.

As we had a lot of equipment set up around the property and inside the home we captured a lot of the usual bugs, dust, pollen, and what seemed to be moisture, but mixed amongst that and at times by itself where the odd orb that seem to have its own energy source. This was not picked up on any one particular area as the orb activities seemed to be moving around, fortunately we had a lot of equipment set up so we could map their path, all of these activities seemed to be different and disconnected to the tree area fore mentioned in this report, but just as spectacular.

Throughout the evening the rest of us witnessed unexplained flashes of localised light, this was not at high altitude and was down near the ground level, nothing like a camera flash but like a low wattage lightbulb being turned on and off quickly, we looked into the local bug life and no fireflies or glow bugs of any sort known in the area, but these low light flashes seemed to be stationary and we had witnessed at least five instances within an hour timeframe. We took a close look at any man-made possible sources for these light flashes and none could be found, we asked our clients if they had noticed them before, and their response was they had never noticed them before.

Brenda also on the sensitive side of this investigation and tuned in to at least one young presence, and she was of the opinion that it was one of a young girl, both Victoria and Brenda came to their conclusions separately but this seemed to back up each otherís claims.

My own personal (George) experience throughout this investigation was at a technical level, as I develop and handle all investigator systems we use at core paranormal NZ, and I personally witnessed all of our equipment responding to most of our vigils throughout the evening, at one point I thought I had seen some movement near the big tree while we were doing our main vigil but I could not verify that from our video footage, the rest of the evening for me personally was taken up by attending the equipment, I did do a reasonable amount of documenting on portable cams. Towards the end of the investigation I gathered the whole team together for debrief with everyone coming to the same conclusion; that there were young presences/spirits connected to the property, and it was our opinion that the young presences/spirits were in no way menacing or dangerous in anyway in fact may be playful at times.

Other than chasing our unseen activity via our equipment, and a strong feeling on the sensitive side of our team were getting, and the strange flashing lights that have no apparent source, and the thermal and video images we were able to capture, the rest of the investigation throughout the evening was taken up by vigils and responses, which seemed to be backed up by our equipment.
Conclusion: I can say that most of the activity that we have come across on this investigation we have encountered before, the only difference being here was the presences/spirits themselves. It is our belief that this property has multiple presences/spirits and probably has had for quite some time. Even though this was a serious investigation we felt that the young presences on the property were trying to play games with us, and at times we tried to go along with this. There may be an older presence on the property that seems to be more dominant, but Iím not sure they were coming through as clearly as the young presences/spirits. This has been a very interesting investigation and I am sure there is more this property could reveal, at all times we treated the property and its inhabitants both living and spiritual with total respect. In many ways this investigation also has been a learning curve as the playful nature of the spirits seem to come through really strong, showing us that they are still willing to play.

I can say that the young girl that Victoria was tuning into had a bad time while alive, and there seemed to be a certain amount of sadness connected young girl along with her bursts of playfulness.

We would like to thank our client for asking us to take part in investigating their home and entrusting their paranormal issues with us. We were instructed by our client that they did not want us to try and remove the activity from the property, as they had gotten used to it and did not mind it and they also felt they could start living together in harmony. It has been suggested that we do a return visit in the future to see how things are getting on, there has been no date set but we have agreed to return in the future. Once again a big thanks to our client and we look forward to meeting them again in the future.
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