This paranormal investigation was done on 10 April 2014, this is a young families home and all their privacy is being observed, all identifying names and location have been removed from this report

(This report has compiled and published by George Shiels)
Crew attending:


Equipment use:

2 X Sony night shot

video cameras

3 X full spectrum video cameras

1 X digital EMF meter

1 X analogue EMF meter

2 X digital audio recorders

5 X assorted tripods

2 X tri torches
Haunting history and brief: we were contacted via word-of-mouth by this young family as they were experiencing some activity in their home that was not wanted, most of this activity seemed to be affecting electrical appliances, example electric jug turning on and off by itself, and television being controlled without anyone using the remote, although this is not unheard of that TVs can play up in this way, upon inspection there seems to be no problems with this television. This strange activity has made our client feel very uneasy while in their home.
Weather conditions: we arrived at the address at 7 PM the weather was overcast but mainly fine, no rain and no wind to speak off only the odd breeze in fact it was warm around 26 C.
Conclusion: we spent 3 Ĺ hours at our clientís home trying to find something that was creating the strange activity around their home, after viewing the footage from all the video cameras we could find nothing out of the ordinary on all the footage. This is not to say that the home is not experiencing the strange activity, it just wasnít showing itself while we were there and as fore mentioned they were probably hiding. It is refreshing to know that this family are moving out of this address which took some of the urgency out of our outlook on this investigation.

I would like to thank our clients for contacting us and letting us in their home and investigating it, also their faith in us and trying to help or at least get some answers which sadly we were not able to do, there is never any guarantees where the paranormal is concerned of getting any answers, at best most of the time one can only give an educated guess. I will also mention that we did not perform any cleansing ceremony at this address.
Arrival and investigation and start: as we were only carrying a small amount of portable equipment it did not take long to set this up, while we were setting up we spoke about the activity that was being experienced around the home, our client did their best to explain what they were experiencing, also it was very difficult for them to go through this as they found it distressing as a young family. We were informed that they had planned on moving anyway but they would have liked to try to find out what was actually happening around them. At this stage no cleansing was planned to be performed at the address, we were asked just investigate
It has been our experience and we have suspected this for some time, that any entity is activity/spirits go into hiding We did include in our investigation discussion with our client, some questions about if they felt the children were being affected by the presence/spirit, especially behavioural wise and showing any out of the ordinary behaviour, the response was that they had not noticed any behavioural change in their children, and they were not showing any signs of distress. We at Core paranormal NZ put private homes with children as a priority over any other investigation, although we do not slack on our commitments to the other clients, itís just that they have two wait.

We had placed all our cameras around the home to catch as much of each area as possible, as this was a small home we were able to cover most of it with the equipment we had. I can say that nothing obvious as far as strange activity happened while we were there. We did however at times notice some large spikes on our analogue EMF meter while conducting a vigil, it is hard to say if this was a response to our vigil questions but it seemed to coincide. Unfortunately we were unable to get any real evidence for our client, but we were sure there was a presence/spirit in the home.

When we arrive, it seems that they know what we are therefore maybe to get rid of them; or at least to try and find them/communicate with them, but we always show respect, and that is what could have happened this time.
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