This report is about a call for help via our webpage, our client wanted us to help them so they could do their own home investigation. As we are here to help people I (George) agreed to help them out by being a background advisor on what options they have, and advise what steps to take. The date for this home investigation was set for 15 February 2015, video link set to start at 8:30 PM.
Investigation start: when contact was established via the Internet and cell phone mainly texting, our clients seem to have themselves organised, I had given them a list of home items that may help them without having to go to too much expense, these were the items I suggested; a standard compass, talcum powder or flower as a last resort, a candle, an ordinary digital camera. With these few items that could be found around most homes one can do their own paranormal investigation, I also informed our client that the investigation does not need to be done in the dark, as none of the equipment that they will be using needs the dark to work. But it was there choice to do their own investigation and evening.

As far as I could tell there were five individuals present at the home at the time of the investigation, there was a quick introduction at the beginning but everyoneís names went by me too fast to remember them all. Anyway I can say that our client was taking this very seriously and they soon had their guests under control, and explained what their plan was.
This report was compiled and produced by George Shiels lead investigator for core paranormal NZ
I did listen into as much as I could and it seemed that our client had their first vigil of the evening well underway and under control, the others that were present seemed to be transfixed on the compass that was sitting on a small table in the middle of the room. At times someone would mention out loud I think itís moved and everyone would rush over to have a look for themselves, at this stage of their investigation there did not seem to be much in the way of any sort of response to their vigil. I did notice what looked like talcum powder had been sprinkled near and around the compass. I did try to explain over our link that the talcum powder could be sprinkled near a trigger object, and that they should try using a trigger object so they can at least try and see if they were dealing with a deceased relative or friend, and if they had any objects around the home that fitted this criteria them please try using them, as I explained also you donít have to try it all on the one evening once you have these items together you can use them any time.
I am not sure on the total outcome of this first home investigation by our client, but that seem to run well for them. And there was also a lot of support from our clients visitors and they also showed a lot of interest. I am pleased that I was able to help our client even though it was over a video link, but that is what this is all about ď helping people ďand regardless of the method as long as it works.

I would like to thank our client for contacting us and inviting us into their home investigation, we here at core paranormal NZ are willing to work alongside other people, as we learn we would like to educate others as we go down this very difficult path of the world of the paranormal.
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