This is a private home investigation in the lower North Island, This investigation was done on 21 February 2015, and our client’s privacy is being observed.
Crew attending:



Equipment used:

1 X 4 channel DVR with screen

1 X 30 meter CCD TV cam

3 X 30 meter CCD TV cams

1 X thermal imaging camera

2 X full spectrum video cameras

1 X Sony night shot video camera

2 X handheld laser grids (tripod mountable)

2 X walkie-talkie

1 X K2 EMF meter

1 X analogue EMF meter

2 X digital audio recorders

2 X standard digital cameras

9 X assorted tripods

4 X 30 meter video, audio, power leads

3 X custom core paranormal NZ tripod mounts
Above Jamie: Checking on a piece of equipment that is reacting  while we were holding a vigil.
Haunting history and brief: it has been reported to us our clients have been experiencing some very strange activity around their home for quite some time, our clients are not sure am not sure how long this activity has been going on for, but it has been very noticeable over the last 18 months. There are children living in the residence so we at core NZ put this investigation as a priority, as none of the others on our books at the time did not involve children. Both the parents and the children have all seen dark figure walking up and down the hallway, this is usually accompanied with the sound of footsteps. Also there are pets on the property as well, several cats and one dog and they all seem to be reacting to some unseen presence in the home. So we made an appointment with our client for the very next day.
George: On the move checking to look for some movement that had just been seen.
Weather conditions: the weather upon arrival was warm with a very slight breeze and at times none at all, these conditions are typical of the month of February in the lower half of the North Island. These conditions remain like this all throughout the investigation that evening.
Set up and investigation start: set up started a bit later forced on this one he started setting up around 8 PM, and it took us about an hour set the equipment up. Set up itself ran very smoothly as there was not a lot of equipment to set up there was a fair bit of the set up time taken up with discussion with our clients.
Our investigation got underway around 9 PM with an immediate hit on our thermal imaging equipment (pictured below), this was outside in the backyard and was a signature of what would appear to be a very cold human body shape, we immediately investigated that very spot and there was no one there, the backyard of this property has a 6 foot high solid wooden fence all around it, so there was no chance of anyone having time to jump over that fence. That torso shape registered on our thermal equipment for only a few seconds and we immediately trained our torches on that very spot, a visual and physical check of the area came up clean. As Jamie and I were on this investigation alone with our clients we had no sensitive backup, what we were able to do was document/video most of what we saw, and the torso thermal image was one of them. We later ran this past the sensitive part of our team who all agreed that whatever it is does not have a good feeling about it. Judging by the build and stance this was a male and it is impossible to tell what age group it belongs to.
Above: This is one of the thermal images that Jamie was able to take.
Above: Another p[ossible hit on the thermal imaging camera.
I will mention in this part of the report that we had a lengthy discussion with our clients, and the children in the house did not seem to be suffering or showing any behavioural changes or distress from the presence of this activity, but they did show a natural curiosity to what they were seeing and could not understand. My way of thinking this would be perfectly normal human behaviour wanting to find out or at least try and understand this activity.
Above: This is the doorway that the movement had been seen at least twice during the evening.
Above Jamie doing one of many thermal sweeps that were done during the coarse of this investigation.
Conclusion: this investigation lasted about five hours, and we did record some very interesting things, both with our standard night shot equipment and thermal imaging. This does not prove that the property is haunted of course but what it does do is add weight to our client’s claims. We are pleased that the children are not frightened by this activity, as I have mentioned before they are more curious rather than scared. I can say that Jamie and I could feel the atmosphere in the house was a bit tense and that is as close as we could get the sensitive side of this investigation.
I would like to thank our clients for inviting us into their home and entrusting their paranormal issues with us, we have spoken with our clients and we may return in the future to see if we can cleanse property for them. If this is going to happen then I will make sure that there is at least some of the sensitive side of our group present while we are doing the cleansing, but at this stage our clients have not decided on trying to get rid of the presence.
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Jamie did report at one stage later in the evening that he saw movement in the lounge doorway, with everyone accounted for that were in the residence this would have been someone else. Upon immediate investigation there was no one else found in the residence?, We did go over the footage of the camera we had set up nearest to that area but nothing out of the ordinary was found. Jamie is adamant that he definitely saw something in the doorway and this was backed up by one of our clients, and I know if Jamie said he saw something, then he saw something he has not one for making up stories.