This local investigation in the Manawatu area was done on 26 February 2016, this is one of many that we have done in the immediate area.
Crew attending:




Equipment used:

2 X Sony night shot video cameras

3 X full spectrum video cameras

1 X modified K2 EMF meter

1 X Vortex proximity meter

1 X thermal imaging camera

3 X digital audio recorders
Above: This is a snap of the hallway that loud footsteps are heard with no visable culprit
Above:This is one of the house hold pets thatseems to react to the presance
Haunting history and brief: our clients contacted us via our core paranormal NZ Facebook page, they expressed their concerns about some of the activity they had been experiencing lately on their property. Our clients also have animals on the property as of this semi-rural and they are able to keep a small amount of livestock. Our clients were not only concerned about the activity around themselves but also how it could be affecting their animals.
Weather conditions: the weather conditions throughout the whole investigation was typical balmy February weather, as a temperature at 830 in the evening still having 21 C, absolutely no threat of rain and mainly clear skies perfect conditions for investigating inside and out.
Investigation/cleansing start: as we were using portable equipment it was not much set up involved so we were able to get into the investigation fairly smartly. Our clients were on site as well so at the beginning of the investigation we had a good discussion about the activity they were experiencing, as there was a wide variety of ages living at the residence they all witnessed the same strange activity inside and outside of the property. There have been sightings of different kinds of shapes moving through the residence as if walking casually through the house. Sometimes these shapes have taken on a recognisable shape, say maybe as a shoulder with part of an arm, or some other part of a body, and other times he shapes donít seem to take any particular form.
Above: one of the night shot video cameras set up with a portable infrared lamp.
Another concern of our clients was the effect that is having on their animals, they have domestic pets and a small amount of livestock on the property. The domestic pets in particular have been behaving way out of character over the past six months, and they have also noticed their livestock behaving in a rather odd manner.
Jamie was manning the portable documenting video camera and he played that role for most of the evening, he also was there for support and has investigated skills. I can say had another discussion after the investigation had been running for nearly 2 hours we noticed there was hardly any response on our equipment, we did get the odd spike but the only thing that we did notice was the density of the atmosphere it had a very thick feel to it, this was not due to humidity it was just a general feeling of the place.
This investigation lasted for approximately four hours and in those four hours we had our portable cameras running non-stop, but when we reviewed the footage we found nothing out of the ordinary, but we did get the odd reaction from some of our other equipment. It is interesting that we got some very good hits with our proximity meter while we were holding one of our vigils. Our EMF metres barely registered anything at all throughout the whole investigation.
After we had finished investigating with our equipment we started the cleansing part of our visit, I was leading the vigil and Elizabeth was reading out loud our responses, and Jamie and Jessica were backing us up, depending on the size of the home and how we feel about how the cleansing is going to progressing, this depicts how long it will take, this particular cleansing took us nearly 2 hours as we went over it again to make sure. After the cleansing had been done the whole property became visibly light and airy, and the home especially felt much brighter, and that heavy feeling our clients had gotten used to with the activity around, seemed to have gone altogether.
Above: Elizabeth and Jessica at the beging of the cleansing
Above: About half way through the cleansing, It was starting to take its toll  on all of us, very hard to get the words out.
Above: George climbing into the attic as part of our cleansing, leaving no stone unturned.
Above: This pic was taken near the end of the outside part of our cleansing we were really feeling the effects of the ceramoie, but happy with the way it went
Conclusion: even though we didnít get much in the way of data supporting our clientís claims of strange activity, we do feel we had a success with this cleansing. As one would know it is impossible to guarantee that this will work, and when it works as well as this one has we are very happy for our clients, and also gives us confidence and a bit more knowledge towards helping others in this way.

I would like to say thank you to our clients and their trust in us as a team, the team that was there on this night worked very hard as usual, also our clients worked in with us as well, our clients did their part and kept a level head throughout the whole process.
Copyright Core Paranormal NZ 2009
This report was compiled and produced by George Shiels lead investigator for core paranormal NZ