Here is some of our equipment:
We would like to show you some of the equipment that we use on our paranormal investigations, we have put this page together so our clients know what to expect when we arrive, and the equipment can vary depending on the size of the investigation, also we have put beneath each picture a brief description on its use in our investigation process. We also update our equipment regularly, even though  one can get most of the equipment  in a portable format these day's, we still prefer to do a hard wired  setup with DVR's and video leads when we can, as over the years we have found out that a multi channeled  DVR set up with the right IR cameras for each situation can be more reliable, and our intended use for our portable gear is for those hard to get at places, and  for documenting and as a backup system.
   Full Spectrum Video Camera' This is George using a Full Spectrum illuminater, and a Full Spectrum Video Camera, we use these while documenting on the scene goings on, and stand alone recording in those hard to get at places. They work along with Infrared and  ultraviolet illumination as well as normal day light, and they have a good adjustment in all those spectrums. we carry a good stock of these as we find them a very versitille tool
Sony Night Shot : Here is one of our Sony Night Shot's, these are widely used with most paranormal groups, we find they work better with extra infrared illumination, and they usually give good results on audio as well, we have also recorded some good EVP's this way.
EMF Meter Analog : This is one of our EMF meter's, this model  has a back light analog  reading, as well has an audio and light alert. This does away with the need  to have a torch trained on the meter keeping your other hand free. This is a popular meter with some of our  investigators.
Parabolic Ear : Here Crissy is using our Big Ear, that is its nickname world wide. This smaller sized  Ear if perfect for inside private homes as to avoid knocking things over and damaging presonal effects.
EMF Meter KII : This model is in light scale, This is a very popular meter with Paranormal groups, we carry these all the time while investigating. Again this is handy if you want to have a hand free in the dark , as the scale is in colored LED's.
EMF Meter Digital : This model  of digital EMF meter is not back light, We use this model for resting readings
CCD Cam 30 x 5mm IR LED 'S: These are good for 30 meters and are capable of wireless as well as hard wired. We don't use the wireless function much because the signal is easy interfered  with by other equipment, and there main obstruction is microwaves
CCD Cam 36 x 5mm IR LED'S
Brenda is showing another one of our small IR cams, these ones are hard wire only, these are a great close to medium range cam, about 40 meters are there limit
CCD Cam 12 X 10mm IR  LED'S High Def This is one of our mid range IR cam's with  a zoom lenz, these are very good up to 60 meters, we use these a lot on investigations
CCD Cam 82 x 6mm IR LED'S High Def  : One of our long range IR cams they are good for up to 100 plus meters, they are great for outside use and in some curcumstance's indoors as well, we use these a lot
Digital Audio Recorders :
Best for a clear recording, we prefer these over the analog recorders, we find  that if we get an EVP they are easier to understand with out the white noise that tape recorders have. If one needs white noise one can introduce it to a digital recording on a pc.
Analog Audio Recorder : We don't use these much, they are ok if you are into white noise. Some people prefer to use these for the white noise genarated by the recorder
Infrared Thermometer : Where would we be with out one of these, most Paranormal Groups have at least one of these, there is always one in my jacket pocket when I am investigating.
Laser Grid  Hand  Held : We have these in red and green, they last about two hours on 2 x AAA batteries, we have had some interesting happenings using these, it's an interesting tool to use when investigating, I have made some brass holders for these so we can mount them on tripods
Laser Grid Hard Wire : These lasers are a lot more powerful than our hand held laser grids, these are meant for stationary use and have a larger grid than the hand held grids, this model's grid is red and green and has shown to us, like its hand held cousin they have a place in paranormal investigating for us
Walkie Talkie's : Great for the walk around to set up DVR cam's while some one is at the monitor, also if the investigation is big enough as to keep in touch with each other, also with safty in mind  as well.
Full Spectrum Video Camera :What an all rounder as far as video cameras go, Infrared as well as Ultraviolet and other spectrums,how far those other spectrums go I'm not sure, but they give good quality video and stills
Still Digital Camera : The main part of part of a paranormal investigative kit. This is a standard camera and I use it all the time on investigations, I think most investigators would be lost with out one.
Still Digital Camera : This one has a few  extra features compared to our standard still cameras, and it has taken it's share of
interesting paranormal pic's
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Thermal Imaging : This is our thermal imaging camera, this is an interesting tool to use on investigations, the data we gain from it gives us a good cross reference and possible backup to any theory's we have to present  our clients. They work the same in day time as at night time, they don't recognize light like conventional cameras
Small IR CCD Cams : These are great little cams, there lens are manually adjustable for focus and they also support audio as well. We have used them on our last three investigations in 2012, and we have found them to be in there element in close or tight spaces, in our opinion the video quality  is good if they are set up in the right stiuation. 
Equipment setup: We keep in mind when we are setting our equipment, that we keep it as least intrusive to your family, home or business