Welcome to our friends page, this page is new to our site as from the 6th of October 2014
Here are some of the paranormal groups from all over the world that we are friends with
Ghostland Society: Bob Jensen and his team are based in Northern Illinois Southern Wisconsin Phone 847-514-8709
Core Paranormal NZ is the Taps Family representative for New Zealand we are based in Palmerston North
Phone George 021850344
Paranormal New Zealand: Mark Wallbank and his team are based in Auckland New Zealand
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Vicki Wed and her team are based in Auckland New Zealand
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Ghost Hunters Holland: John Blom and his team are based in Holland
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Healing Magic Crystals: Brooke and Steve have a wide range of crystals. Take a look you will see for your self.
Mining City Paranormal: Ginnie Lownie and her team are based in Montana
Capital City Ghost Hunters: Josh Stewart and his team are baced in Kentucky
Magical Gateway: The Magical Gateway team are based in the UK
11th Hour Paranorma Reasearch Society:
The 11th hour team are based in California
United Paranormal International: Keith and the team are dealing with members of the paranormal from all over the world, take a look for your self.
Haunted Society Paranormal Network
The Haunted Society Paranormal Network: covers all sorts of paranormal story's, events and forums world wide, Have a look visit the site and you might want to join up.
P.I.M.T aka Paranormal Investigators Moody Texas: is a ghost hunting or truth seeking group in Central Texas.
PARANORMALS RAW TRUTH: We are a dedicated Team that was brought together by our own experiences with the paranormal, to do one simple thing........ FIND THE TRUTH!
Corker Johnson Rush City Paranormal Society: are based in Minnesota, click on the picture to take at look at some of Corkers work
Psychic Medium Sue Nicholson Public Figure: Sue is a world wide public figure she is well known for her Psychic abilities, Sue does readings and shows all over the world and she is one awesome lady. There is a link to Sue's shop via this link.