Welcome to our Investigations page, and please feel free to read any of the contents of our published reports.Our aim with this page is education - comparisons for you as a client, or you may be someone that is interested in the paranormal, also you may find something in one or more of our reports that you can relate to, also you can  see some of what we have been up to over the years as we are a very active group.
Investigative Year 2009
This is a diary of how we got started as a family owned paranormal investigation group, and the ongoing strange happenings in and around our home, it started when my sister Helen died suddenly on the 22nd January 2009, and shortly after what we noticed what started happening around our home, This diary is updated regularly and we would like everyone to follow us through these strange and trying times for our family.
When Helen died our children, Crissy and my self started to experience a lot of strange things happening around our home, both visual and audio. We tried to get help but we were unsuccessful , so we decided to purchase some equipment that we had seen on tv and in books, and do our own investigation of our home,  and our group has grown into the group it is today. It is disturbing to us that the thought someone may be in need of help in the paranormal way, and not get it, it can be unpleasant going through that sort of thing with out any help as we have experienced in the past, we have grown over the years in knowledge and experience and with a better view towards how to approach the world of the paranormal.
If it is with in our means we will try and help anyone that needs help in this way. 
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Investigative Year 2010
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Investigative Year 2011
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Investigative Year 2012
18th of January 2012
30th of October 2011 Notes
24th of May 2012
Below: First below is a paragraph of our origins and a link to our family home diary page, George And Crissy Shiels are the founders of Core Paranormal NZ investigations, with our clients consent to what we are allowed to publish some choose not to at all, and others have given permission to notes only with there privacy in mind, which we carrie out to the letter, the following icons lead to some of our investigation reports that we have done over the years
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Investigative Year 2013
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