Here at Core Paranormal NZ we have some basic rules and ideals that everyone associated with our investigation group must agree and adhere to before they may join us.  We have listed them below to make them easier to share with you:

*    All our team members, or future member applicants must have a clean criminal record, as were are in a position of trust with all our clients, there are no exceptions with Core Paranormal NZ to this rule.

*     No one knows anything for sure about the paranormal.  Anyone who says they do needs to rethink about that claim - it's a continuous learning curve.
*     No one method or idea is better or worse than anyone else's for investigating the paranormal.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and anyone has the right to ignore said opinions if they choose to.

*     Total communication and full privacy for our clients is paramount.  All our investigations are considered closed and confidential unless we are allowed by our client to publish any pictures or information.

*     Everything on our site, pictures, reports, comments etc remain the property of the clients of Core Paranormal NZ via Core Paranormal NZ and may not be used, copied or distributed elsewhere without express permission from Core Paranormal NZ or their clients.

*     All our investigators agree to total honesty, integrity and openness in everything they say and do regarding client contact and group activity.

*     Our site and the information contained here is provided for anyone seeking answers, wanting to ask questions or wondering about the paranormal.  We invite comments, feedback, stories and ideas - anyone should feel free to contact us.

*     We DO NOT charge for our services in any way, shape or form.  All clients are treated the same and get comprehensive feedback from us, including a written report and copies of still and video footage.
This Is Our Methodology At Core Paranormal NZ
Our investigators like to approach each investigation from a factual and logical standpoint, ideally debunking any activity that may at first appear to be paranormal.  In this way we can be more sure than anything left unexplained may be considered actual paranormal phenomena.  There are two main ways in which we are able to do this; firstly we use a very wide range of equipment to detect activity.  This range allows us to cross reference anything that may occur or be captured and enables us to form a better idea of possible origins or causes.  Secondly, we use the experience and knowledge we and others with us have.  Our team have years of experience in paranormal investigation, including using psychic assistance and years of electronic equipment experience - particularly video oriented.

The experience of people on our team can never be under-utilized, and the trust our team has in each other is vital to our success and safety as a group.  While modern 'ghost hunting' equipment is always being built on and improved, a wide variety is not always necessary to those wanting to start out in this field,  access to the 'human' side of paranormal investigation can be as if not more, important.

Below we have listed what may be considered a basic ghost hunting kit.  Remember to always tell someone where you are going, always ask permission where applicable and never go alone.  Health and safety should be paramount when undertaking this pass time.  See our Equipment page for details of what equipment our group prefers to use.
Basic Kit
*     First Aid Kit
*     EMF Meter
*     Thermometer
*     Digital Camera
*     Pen and Paper
**    Remember-  NEVER go alone, tell someone
where you are going and always ask permission if necessary.
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